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  1. Legs ( all I could come up with,...lol)
  2. hahaha, Roger , ok, got ya, I won't get used to it.
  3. You're question were great, not your fault I am a Canadian...lol
  4. yeah , but Roger, as much as it hurt to see luke being so mean, especially to uncle Jesse and his cooking, the thing I liked is, Uncle Jesse did not give up on luke, they stuck together to help luke in spite of his attitude. Proving once again , that family values is what the dukes stood for , and making this episode even more important in teaching such values.
  5. I have 14 out of 20, but could be 16 out of 20, if not for #3 and #5
  6. Ok I answered and I only have one thing I must mention, # 3 and # 5 is not fair for those who don't come from the states, ain't no way I could ever attend dukefest of meet any duke cast.... Now what do I do with my answers????
  7. Ahahaha DaisyMae, bet Roger gets a kick out of you all the time don't he????
  8. Oh oh, "fight" "fight" as one ninja turtle said to the other ninja turtle....lol
  9. ok, it's tonight, and I am still waiting..????*taps feet frantically on floor*
  10. Yeah me too, we got to see another side of Luke, and Tom played him well, not to mention it showed us viewer the true meaning of family values, never give on your loved ones.
  11. This is getting hard DaisyMae, got any idea how to make it easier??? Engine.(as in the new motor for the General when being rebuilt.)
  12. I agree with Tim, and of all the things I thought I paid attention too , detail wise, that is the one thing I missed and never thought to look at, the odometer... The reason I probably ignored that detail is, I ignore it even when I a buy a used vehicle. Odometer means nothing to me when buying a car, it's what the engine sounds like, does it burn oil on start up and things like that.
  13. Thanks for the invite Garrett, I will need to catch up for sure now.
  14. Oh that is nice to hear, if they can't find any cancer, then he should come out ok with time, IO am praying for him.
  15. LOL mufn, I barely hang out on fb, hate that site really, but one girl keeps me there, and now Hazzard hauled me in too...lol:)
  16. hahaha, good one Cousin Daisy, love that movie too. Mater clunker
  17. I had to fix my boo boo, was thinking of Richard Petty, but I wrote tom instead...ooops
  18. Not my fav version for sure, however, just goes to show how far and wide The Dukes of Hazzard go, gotta love that, ku ku ku~
  19. Ooops , me bad cousin Daisy, I meant Richard Petty, ooops, I feel dumb now...lol Crasher
  20. Wonderful cousin Daisy,you got it right...the title was Jackal and mr.duke.
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