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  1. The old QUARRY (in “A Baby for the Dukes”)
  2. KILLER KANE (Jud Duke’s prizefighting name)
  3. "My ILLEGAL liquor money!!!" (Boss in "The Big Heist")
  4. Ok, got a nice Resistol at a decent price under guidance of a local hatter (Arizona still has good hat stores!). Then I had same hat shop shape it to his unique twist. Looks great, thanks for the pointers everyone!
  5. Blessings and healing! Ain't fun....as a famous veteran survivor I know often says, "If you've got your health and money, you're doing fine. Then again, I wouldn't know about the latter...."
  6. Think I found the right belt on Ebay; just not the holster, which hangs 'way below the gunbelt. Might take photos and go ask at an actual armory/gunshop.
  7. Can't believe I don't know. Did Rosco and the rest of the Hazzard law wear boots, or black police shoes?
  8. “CHICKABIDDY!!” (Lulu’s pet name for Boss in “Bye, Bye Boss”)
  9. Great! So....wonder what a close replica would be of a 15 in the toy line....? I can paint, easy, just the general outline....
  10. K, think I've got this covered now... But what about his pearl-handled revolver? Type? Size, in inches?
  11. Looking for suggestions for police belt/holster setups to match the Hazzard law. My head is swimming after over an hour on eBay looking at vintage stuff, I just don't know. And tough to tell from the DOH show photos I tried looking at....
  12. Thank you! I had started looking at Stetsons after your earlier post and hadn't liked anything I'd found, but the Resistols really look the part!
  13. WILBUR Fudge (County Controller, and unlikely deputy in “The Legacy”; dang, but I wish they would've used him more!!)
  14. “I’m gonna skin him alive and have me the UGLIEST throw rug in Hazzard County!” (Boss in “Luke’s Love Story”)
  15. “STEP one, STANLEY!” (SMUG criminal leader in “Double STING”)
  16. Boss’ Chitlin PIZZA (in “New Deputy in Town”) Thanks Roger; been a tough year, had to refocus on almost everything else....
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