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  1. Last night I seen on fb someone shared a Crown Vic painted half General Lee and half Hazzard County Sheriff . It's amazing how many different cars all over the world are painted like the General Lee, from Fiat 500's to Ford Escort's to Lada's, heck even Ural motorcycles etc.. I don't think there is any other TV series or even movie car that gets so much love and reproduced on so many vehicular things.
  2. Here's your pic Roger Got my winter hair trimmed off Saturday, back to my spring, summer and fall buzzcut. My hair grew out to about shoulder length over the winter so my head feels a few lbs lighter now lol. Caught some interesting things on the dashcam Saturday. Anymore it seems the worse the weather is, the worse some people drive.
  3. Spike

    2 Broke Girls

    Yep watched that entire series. Was pretty good until the 3rd season when they hooked up Max to the millionaire dumpster diver who was about as funny as watching paint dry. Glad that story line didn't last long, it was way to unbelievable even for an out of left field sitcom. The St. paddy's day episode is one of the best of the series, especially Brian Doyle Murray French kissing everyone .
  4. Spike

    NASCAR news

    I watched the F1 Bahrain highlights, looked like a very exciting race. Glad to see a Haas car in the top 5 and a Ferrari 1 2 finish. Hopefully this means there is better parity this year instead of just 2 or 3 teams. Jimmie Johnson finished 6th in his Indycar oval race debut at Texas yesterday. Looked like Jimmie Johnson of Nascar championship form yesterday. The Cup Series on the revamped and repaved Atlanta track set a bunch of new records yesterday. Most different leaders, most passes for the lead and one unfortunate record... most cars out of the race since Atlanta Motor Speedway's first race, a dozen cars were loaded back on the haulers due to wrecks. Since the new Atlanta track races like a superspeedway there were a few big ones due to the narrow deeply banked track. A good chunk of the race was a 2 lane drag race with the upper lane gaining the advantage on one lap while the lower lane got the advantage on the next lap and back and forth. William Byron ended up winning and becomes the 3rd Hendrick Motorsports car to win a race this season. Chase Elliott has yet to win this season but that could change next week at COTA. Christopher Bell forgot about the passing below the double line rule on the last lap and even though he finished 2nd he was scored as the last car on the lead lap in 23rd which knocked him down to 30th in points standings. Corey Lajoie scored his first top 5 of his cup series career. Top 10 1 William Byron 2 Ross Chastain 3 Kurt Busch 4 Daniel Suarez 5 Corey Lajoie 6 Chase Elliott 7 Chris Buescher 8 Martin Truex Jr 9 Joey Logano 10 Alex Bowman
  5. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Nascar, Chevrolet and Hendrick Motorsports are going racing at LeMans in 2023 https://www.jayski.com/2022/03/17/nascar-hendrick-motorsports-announce-pursuit-of-garage-56-entry-at-le-mans/
  6. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Tyler Reddick apparently signed a contract extension with RCR through 2023 https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2022/03/15/richard-childress-says-tyler-reddick-is-under-contract-for-2023/ Nascar is looking to trademark the defunct ASA series Might use that as it's Electric Exhibition Racing series, that way if it bombs it's not tied to the Nascar brand.
  7. I hope we don't get that Hong Kong variant that was mentioned on the news the other day. Guess that city is #1 in Covid deaths in the world at the moment.
  8. It's amazing his career survived the goofy gimmicks that WCW came up with for him such as Gator and later the Diamond Studd before WWF called him up. Vince and the creative team would at least let wrestler's have a say in their character in the WWF unlike WCW at the time. Kevin Nash and the Undertaker as well both had goofy gimmicks in WCW before hitting it big in WWF. Scott passed away last night after several hours off of life support Since AT&T is turning off 3g network this month tracfone sent my dad a smartphone to replace the ancient phone he had. I had a fun 3+ hours yesterday showing him how to at least make calls on it. Why the couldn't they have just sent him a flip phone. And he makes everything out to be harder than it actually is and boy did I have a banger of a headache when I got home. He should've been happy they sent him a $100 phone for free and that he finally has a phone that has a signal away from the interstates instead of the whole time.
  9. Just be careful riding it. God knows why but drivers seem to think motorcycles can stop on a dime. Watched a dashcam video on YouTube last night that gave a riders view of flying through the air after a lady did a U turn right in front of him. Shockingly she didn't get any charges against her and to top it off she was uninsured because of past dui's and was driving her parents Audi. Apparently the insurance on the parents Audi won't cover her driving it because of those past dui's so the motorcycle rider is S.O.L. The rider ended up in a wheelchair for a while but has regained the ability to walk again. Yesterday was an interesting weather day. Morning started off snowing temps were in the teens, got about 1/16th of an inch total, then by 1pm the sun was out and in the mid 40's. Today it's supposed to be sunny and 70 degrees. Unfortunately it looks like the years of alcohol and drug abuse finally caught up to wrestler Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon. He's on life support after suffering 3 heart attacks after hip surgery.
  10. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Chase Briscoe won his first cup race at Phoenix yesterday, it is also the first time a car carrying the #14 won at Phoenix. At the end it became a battle of the young guns with Chase having the strongest car. The Hendrick Motorsports cars looked strong early in the race and to possibly dominate the race with William Byron winning stage 1 and his teammates finishing in the top 7 in that stage. Stage 2 all the Hendrick Motorsports cars finished in the top 5 except for Alex Bowman. It all fell apart for stage 3 though with none of them finishing in the top 10. Kyle Larson had an engine blowup. Chase Elliott spun out after the handling went away and changes didn't make the car better but still managed an 11th place finish. JGR equally didn't have a good race with only Kyle Busch managing a top 10 finish. With Kevin Harvick getting his 18th top 10 at Phoenix he becomes the only current driver to match that achievement with Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Sr who both did that at North Wilkesboro. Top 10 1 Chase Briscoe 2 Ross Chastain 3 Tyler Reddick 4 Ryan Blaney 5 Kurt Busch 6 Kevin Harvick 7 Kyle Busch 8 Joey Logano 9 Daniel Suarez 10 Chris Buescher
  11. Spike

    NASCAR news

    No. The automakers are most likely pushing this especially GM since they are going to go all electric by 2030.
  12. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Nascar looking at doing an all electric vehicle exhibition series https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2022/03/10/steve-odonnell-nascar-to-take-a-look-at-electric-exhibition-series/
  13. It's actually Moat, Mote is a tiny particle Crocodile
  14. I liked this one guy that worked at a store gas station, he'd warn you before changing the price. He'd come out and yell "ya got 5 minutes then the price goes up so hurry up and fill up". Unfortunately he doesn't work there anymore, he went on to greener pastures.
  15. Spike

    NASCAR news

    I think it has more to do with the new 18 inch rims this season and the whole parts supply problem. I think teams were limited to 6 new sets of tires for the race. I don't know Roger, I assume they still do. It seems the new cars are too rigid. Driver's have complained about being rattled so much that they're teeth hurt and some are actually losing feeling in their feet and legs.
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