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  1. Was one of those days...my car was dead this morning, wouldn't turn over then it went dead, dash lights and all. Thinking it's either battery, battery cable or alternator. Then while at work I get a Ring notification and it's the neighbor's buddy who's banned from the property but they don't give a , and why should they as rules and laws don't apply to them they only apply to decent, God fearing, law abiding citizens. Have a good night y'all.
  2. On our anniversary the wife and I went to see The Lost City. It was hilarious. Speaking of the wife a coworker and I pranked her the other day by putting a bunch of empty boxes in her car . We took separate cars to work that day because I had to go mow a yard after work and I get out earlier than she does. The day before she went to Wendy's and got herself some lunch and didn't get me anything so the other guy that works in the assembly building said we should prank her for that lol. Her coworkers had a good laugh when they all got out. I hope in the next election Toledo can get a mayor that will actually do something about all the crazy that's going on instead of just forming committee's or hiring non police goobers and giving them fat paychecks for doing nothing. Shootings almost every single day. Hooligan gangs on ATV's and dirt bikes taking over city streets. Last night street racers shut down multiple intersections and caused accidents. It's sad when the highway patrol has to come in and try and clean up the city's mess. Can't wait to move out into the countryside.
  3. If these Gen Y Z or millennial's, or whatever they want to be called, don't get their act together the USA won't make it to 2100. Don't want to work or the ones that do think $15-20/ hr should be starting pay for entry level jobs. Giving them advice is like talking to a brick wall too as I found out earlier this week as they think they know everything.
  4. Happy belated Birthday. Hope it was a good one. Was going to do maintenance on the mowers yesterday but we had lunch with a friend and lost track of time. Didn't get home till 4:30. I'll just get to it next weekend, hopefully the weather will be warmer by then.
  5. Spike

    NASCAR news

    William Byron bookended Martinsville winning both the trucks race Thursday night and the cup race last night so he got two clocks this weekend. It looked like Chase Elliott was going to dominate as he led from the 1st lap till the end of stage 2 winning both stages. William Byron's pit crew got him out ahead of Chase after the stage 2 end pit stop and he led till the end of the race. Top 10 1 William Byron 2 Joey Logano 3 Austin Dillon 4 Ryan Blaney 5 Ross Chastain 6 Kurt Busch 7 Kyle Busch 8 Aric Almirola 9 Chase Briscoe 10 Chase Elliott The Xfinity race was the most exciting of the weekend ending with a fist fight in pit lane. Joe Gibbs grandson Ty was driving like a jack*** the whole race and at the end was moved to the outside by his teammate Brandon Jones, who went on to win the race, and Landon Cassil went to the inside of Sam Mayer in turn 3 and pushed him into Ty. Ty didn't realize it and decided to take his tantrum out on Sam Mayer. Ty hit him on the track after the race and followed him into the pits and confronted him with his helmet on threw punches after Sam took his helmet off. Both had a long talking too in the Nascar trailer.
  6. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Richmond Toyota Owners 400 Denny Hamlin broke his winless streak and what was a bad start to the season with a win at Richmond. William Byron was trying to win on pit strategy and old tires but the grip of newer tires eventually caught up to him and passed him. Top 10 1 Denny Hamlin 2 Kevin Harvick 3 William Byron 4 Martin Truex Jr 5 Kyle Larson 6 Christopher Bell 7 Ryan Blaney 8 Alex Bowman 9 Kyle Busch 10 Austin Dillon
  7. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Sorry I haven't gotten around to posting race reviews been really busy helping out at the wife's work catching up on back orders the past few weeks. Ross Chastain showed that he was a good student when he was AJ Allmendinger's teammate at Kaulig Racing. He pulled out the win at COTA after some chrome horn bumping between the two of them and led the most laps. Top 10 1 Ross Chastain 2 Alex Bowman 3 Christopher Bell 4 Chase Elliott 5 Tyler Reddick 6 Ryan Blaney 7 Martin Truex Jr 8 Austin Cindric 9 Erik Jones 10 Austin Cindric
  8. With the way they painted the car half & half I think half a flag would look weird. Yeah it's going to be a cold weekend here in NW Ohio too. I guess next week on the 31st or April 1st the weather pattern is going to switch to spring.
  9. Driver's/left side was General Lee, right side was Sheriff's. Had the 01 and General Lee above the door and sheriff's decal on the right side. No flag on the roof though.
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