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    NASCAR news

    Yeah I think he had something to prove . At least the best driver and team won this year unlike last year. Not knocking Chase Elliott's championship but Kevin Harvick should have been the champ last year.
  2. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Front Row Motorsports to continue to run a two car team in 2022 and stick with Ford, driver line up to be determined but most likely Michael McDowell will return to the #34, Anthony Alfredo is looking elsewhere for a ride https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2021/11/09/anthony-alfredo-michael-mcdowell-front-row-motorsports-nascar-cup-series-2022-season/ Speedway Motorsports acquired Dover Motorsports https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2021/11/08/speedway-motorsports-acquires-dover-motorsports/ Here's the schedule for the Clash at the Coliseum https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2021/11/09/kyle-larson-kevin-harvick-joey-logano-denny-hamlin-bubba-wallace-2022-clash-format-includes-heats-last-chance-qualifiers/ Dodge is eyeing a return to Nascar
  3. Learned something new about tire pressure monitor sensors yesterday... they not only monitor tire pressure they also let the air out of your tires once they wear out. $75 dollars for what is basically a smart Schrader valve, without the stupid sensor the valve would've been just a couple bucks charge. Thank you Ford and Firestone for pushing the government to force automakers to put these in every vehicle since 2008. I read yesterday that by 2026 automakers will have to put in anti drunk driving technology in vehicles so your next new vehicle will most likely have a breathalyzer in it.
  4. Yesterday was fun. "Helped"(as in I did all the work) my dad put plastic up over his windows. His helpless I can't do anything alone act is going to drive me to . God knows if I don't "help" him he tattle's to my uncle . He either acts as helpless as a newborn baby or stands there and tells me I'm doing it wrong. And let me tell ya when he starts that crap it's really hard to hold the birdie from coming out of the nest. When I finally got home the wife's car had a flat tire. Pumped it up to 5lbs over so I could drive it to the tire shop to drop it off so they can fix it some time today. Didn't get to enjoy the almost summer like weather yesterday. Today I was going to take care of some of the rust spots on my car but the wife had to take it so guess that will have to wait till next spring unless it gets above 60 degrees again before winter sets in.
  5. We usually buy DVD's and bluray's during black Friday sales as they are usually 50% off, in fact that's how I got all the DoH seasons.
  6. Spike

    NASCAR news

    To Kyle Larson capped off an amazing season by winning his 10th race, 11 if you count the All Star race, and the Cup Championship. The Hendrick cars had the speed early in the runs but faded on long runs between pitstops and that's where the Gibbs cars mainly Martin Truex Jr's car came to life. Kevin Harvick and Ryan Blaney also had strong cars each leading multiple laps. Caution came out with around 30 laps to go when overheated brakes on David Starr's car literally exploded and everyone pitted. Kyle Larson's pitcrew earned their paycheck by getting him out 1st and he kept the lead from a hard charging Martin Truex Jr. This is the 14th Championship for Hendrick Motorsports which leads in overall Championships but is still 5 race wins short of Petty Enterprise's 268 race wins. This is one heckuva comeback story for Kyle Larson who you may remember was blackballed for saying a slur in an online video game race last year. Some crybaby's still say he hasn't earned his redemption because he didn't get thrown in the worst Cup Car for a season or two before getting a top tier ride again like the path to redemption Kurt Busch had to do. Speaking of Kurt Busch he once again shown how much he has matured by anonymously bidding on Anthony Alfredo's pink window net to gift it to Anthony's mother. Brad Keselowski and Penske toasted each other in post race interviews, Brad using the glass from his 2012 championship. Top 10 1 Kyle Larson 2 Martin Truex Jr 3 Denny Hamlin 4 Ryan Blaney 5 Chase Elliott 6 Aric Almirola 7 Kyle Busch 8 Kevin Harvick 9 Christopher Bell 10 Brad Keselowski In what might be Ryan Newman's final Cup race he finished 23rd. Rick Ware Racing managed to not finish last in Owner points among Chartered teams so gets to keep their Charters for 2022, still unknown if they will run a 4 car team next year or consolidate and sell off two charters. Starcom Racing finished last in points but sold their Charter already. Silly season should really heat up now and I'll post updates when I see them.
  7. Roger you see Barbed Wire and first thing that pops in your mind is Barbie doll Pink Corvette
  8. Thanks Roger and Hobie. Hazzard family is the greatest family What a strange Black Friday sales month it is this year. Sales start and end on weird days until they go back on sale for Black Friday. This tv I was going to get had a price drop for the past 2 weeks but as of midnight price went back up for no rhyme or reason. Salesman I talked to at Best Buy yesterday when I went to see the tv in person thought the price would stay the same through Black Friday but he also said some of the sales ended on weird days like Thursday's this year. He also couldn't guarantee that price drops before Black Friday would come back for the Black Friday sale. Oh well guess a new TV wasn't in the cards this year.
  9. One of my Aunt's passed away yesterday . She was as much a smart aleck as I was and when we got together we ribbed each other as much as possible , the only Aunt I could do that with, heck the only family member I could do that with without hurting anybody's feelings. I remember this one time we were impersonating each other and cracking jokes and Grandma/her mom yelled "you two are so terrible to each other" and we both cracked up laughing and Grandma said "I'm being serious not funny" which made us laugh even more . Man I'm going to miss that.
  10. Spike

    NASCAR news

    It's funny that it's for the "R" word and not all the cuss words he spewed in post race interviews.
  11. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Kyle Busch's tantrum in post race interviews just got him automatically signed up for sensitivity classes before the 2022 season and if Nascar doesn't think he passed the "training" he will not be racing https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2021/11/01/kyle-busch-required-to-do-sensitivity-training-before-2022-season/
  12. Spike

    NASCAR news

    The final four are set. It will be a Hendrick Motorsports vs Joe Gibbs Racing fight for the championship. Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott for Hendrick Motorsports vs Denny Hamlin and Martin Truex Jr for Gibbs Racing. Alex Bowman spoiled the win and your in party for the other contenders. He overcooked one of the turns and sent Denny Hamlin spinning and went on to win the GWC restart. Denny about threw his championship chance out the window throwing a tantrum and using his car to keep Alex from celebrating his win. His crew chief screamed on the radio to cool it and reminded him he's already in the championship 4. In post race interviews Denny went on to blast Alex Bowman and then Chase Elliott fans for booing him. I really hope Denny doesn't win next weekend. Top 10 1 Alex Bowman 2 Kyle Busch 3 Brad Keselowski 4 Martin Truex Jr 5 William Byron 6 Aric Almirola 7 Kurt Busch 8 Erik Jones 9 Chris Buescher 10 Joey Logano
  13. I see the Astros made a heckuva comeback last night. Just read an article about some Atlanta pastor that's says that the Braves are abandoning the black fans and that going to the games feels like a Trump rally. Someone always has to in the Cheerios when things are going good . Heard on the local news this morning that someone nutjob was handing out candy bars with sewing needles jammed in them last night. Wife and I went to the Shipshewanna on the Road flea market over the weekend. Spent a lot of money lol. Couple of the woodcraft vendors there are really talented. One made 3d wood paintings, another American flag cutting boards and a family made wooden animals. I also snagged Kyle and Adam Petty hot wheels cars, it's rare to come across Adam Petty cars these days. Yesterday we seen two head on accidents on I75, one apparently hit one of those metal collapsing guards that block the end of concrete walls, then on the way home around a curve someone spun head-on into a concrete divider, firetruck just arrived and blocked 2 if the 4 lanes so we all scrambled to the right 2 lanes to avoid the firetruck.
  14. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Kyle Busch is going Rally crossing while in Phoenix for the final Cup race https://www.nitrorallycross.com/post/kyle-busch-joins-nitro-rallycross-for-phoenix-event
  15. Yesterday for the 4th time this month an Amazon driver left someone else's package at my door. I'm getting sick of dropping packages off to the apartment office so they can contact the person it's supposed to go to. Told the wife maybe we should keep the next one to see if the delivery driver comes back in a day or two to get the package and deliver it to the right address.
  16. There's a Knight Rider game for the PS2? I know of a PC version put out in the 2000's that turned out to be a flop due to compatibility issues. I had one for the original Nintendo in the 80's which was fun.
  17. Some parts are now being made in America again. I was checking out automotive light bulbs and see the Sylvania brand is mostly American made now. If you have a reflector type lens I can recommend their Zevo line of led bulbs. With the rain we got that finally ended last night we are now close to setting a new record for rainfall in October, right now it's the 2nd wettest October on record but we're forecasted to have another 1+ inches of rain Thursday-Saturday.
  18. Oh yeah with the chip shortage driving up prices even on used cars dealerships can actually make a profit on cars that would otherwise go to the junkyard if they have an in house body shop to repair them as long as they can source cheap junkyard parts. If you buy a used car these days definitely get a report on it and have it checked out by a mechanic. I brought all but one cactus in Saturday, I figured it would enjoy the deluge of rain today. Yesterday morning the low got down to 35, a few degrees lower than was forecasted so I kind of wish I brought that last one in but it should be fine.
  19. Catherine Bach Sofia Vergara Selma Hayek Penelope Cruz Jennifer Aniston Jenna Fischer America Ferrera Valerie Bertinelli Cindy Crawford Julia Roberts
  20. For a kid they'd probably be entertaining but as an adult I didn't enjoy the PlayStation ones, just too easy to beat. And the physics sucked to put it nicely, the cars drove too easy and had way too much grip especially on dirt. The 3d animated cutscenes were the only bright spots of the games.
  21. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Kyle Larson once again joins an elite class of Nascar driver's by winning his 3rd race in a row for a 2nd time in a season. The last time this was accomplished was Dale Earnhardt Sr in 1987. This is also his 9th win this season. Kansas was not a good race for most of the playoff contenders. All the Penske racing drivers had issues ranging from contact damage to engine temperatures. Ryan Blaney looked to be the one Penske driver that would come out of Kansas above the cut line but hard racing on a late race restart with Austin Dillon sent Blaney's car to the hauler and finishing 37th. Joey Logano managed to crack the top 10 with a 9th place finish. Kyle Busch earlier in the week whined about non playoff drivers racing playoff drivers too hard. Let's just say the non playoff drivers raced him probably harder than usual and of course he was screaming like a two year old throwing a tantrum about it . He also hit the wall a few times and ended up several laps down finishing 28th. NBC played a few seconds of his radio and most of it was bleeped. Top 10 1 Kyle Larson 2 Chase Elliott 3 Kevin Harvick 4 Kurt Busch 5 Denny Hamlin 6 William Byron 7 Martin Truex Jr 8 Christopher Bell 9 Joey Logano 10 Austin Dillon If you missed it F1's Daniel Ricciardo got to drive one of Dale Earnhardt Sr's Wrangler Monte Carlo's around COTA https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YIZItRqlzwg
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