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    Roth Potter got a reaction from Hobie Hartkins in Cooter's Book   
    Im not much of a reader. I dont have many books.
    I read Donald Duck magazine every week a new one comes out though! 
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in The last 24 hours   
    It's definitely got colder here since the middle of the week, and although parts of the UK have snow (reports say it could hit -12C (10.4F) tonight), so far there's no snow here. I did, however, find this rather beautiful frost pattern on my car roof this morning:

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    Roth Potter got a reaction from Hobie Hartkins in Tom Sarmento in the Netherlands   
    I guess this goes here.
    You probably know this guy, but if you don't. Tom Sarmento is one of the guys who prepared General Lee's for the show and is full of great stories about it. Hoss has a great video of him, I cant find it at the moment... But anyway. He met up with two big Duke fans from my country twice now and they have recorded some footage of him driving in their almost perfect replica General Lee which I thought was worth sharing. 
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in Word Association   

    (I didn't google that!)
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    Roth Potter got a reaction from GeneralLee_440 in Tom Sarmento in the Netherlands   
    Ooh... That one is new to me! I did see the Afsluitdijk picture of his car on the trailer.
    Better to have a tranny leak then a crumpled car. 
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    Roth Potter got a reaction from GeneralLee_440 in Tom Sarmento in the Netherlands   
    Thats so cool @GeneralLee_440! I wonder if this is the Lee of Alma or Serge, never seen either myself. Maybe I should someday hire the car? 
    Serge has the actual front valance from LEE1 I heard.
    EDIT: This is Serge's car comparing numberplates.
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in Word Association   
    I've never heard that before, but in a quiz show I watched last week, the contestant was asked "Viking Leif Erikson established the first permanent settlement on which island?". Her two guesses were Iceland and Alaska, and she eventually went for Iceland. Why the host never told her that Alaska wasn't an island, I don't know. The answer is actually Greenland!
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in The last 24 hours   
    I'm old enough to have learned both of the common scales, but have been using Celsius (or Centigrade as we were originally taught it) for many years now.

    Some useful conversions are: 0°C is 32°F, 30°C is 86°F and 100°C is 212°F. If you go somewhere really cold it gets very easy because -40°C is -40°F. I'm sure you've got an app to do the conversion, but otherwise you'll need to subtract 32 and divide by 1.8 (subtracting 30 and dividing by 2 gives a good approximation at normal temperatures and is easier to calculate in your head).

    I found a 2016 article which suggests that Fahrenheit is now only used by the United States (and associated territories), the Bahamas, Belize, the Cayman Islands and Palau.

    Don't forget that your car will measure speed and distance in miles because the United States (and Myanmar and Liberia) are still using Imperial measurements. Of course your gas will still be measured in gallons, but US gallons are only about 3.8 liters instead of the 4.5 liters that used to be in everyone else's Imperial gallon (so the fuel consumption isn't as bad as you thought!). At least you'll only be paying about €0.60/liter, which is about 40% of the price in the Netherlands (even Ireland is cheaper!)
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    Roth Potter got a reaction from GeneralLee_440 in Narrow Push Bar template   
    Sorry, I hadn't seen this post.
    There are unfortunately no official push bar measurement. As you might know, the early pushbars were actually of a truck. Not sure which. But good luck finding one of those. The Valuzets who made the early California cars created new pushbars or very similar ones from the cars they have gotten from Georgia, but they dont let you take measurements.
    I think your best bet is to contact @CornDog through his RealGeneralLee Instagram account. I believe he has one with original measurements.
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    Roth Potter got a reaction from GeneralLee_440 in Narrow Push Bar template   
    @rnkibbe still has that pushbar? Didn't know that. Heard them talk about a light weight version on the show some time ago.
    Smith Bros. makes sense, they make stuff like the jump Lee's seen at Cooter's last stand and John's event.
    I know this is not what this topic is about but the wide push bar pretty much has at least the width easy to know as it's welded to the outside of the frame, I've laid under a car in a museum to verify this. 
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in Narrow Push Bar template   
    A couple of forums have a very rough sketch of the wide push bar with measurements, but I can't see any plans for the narrow one. Having said that, the Smith Bros. site still appears to offer a narrow push bar for $299, which includes shipping to the lower 48.

    I'm sure you've probably searched the internet, but I found an interesting discussion about the pros and cons of each type of push bar, and advice on fixing methods, at www.dodgecharger.com. It looks like the steel push bars weigh somewhere between 30 and 45 lbs, and several people expressed an interest in getting push bars made of aluminum if they could get plans. The dodgecharger link above also discusses the best way to paint them.

    I never joined CGLFC, but did browse it many times. If there's any information you need from that site, you may be still be able to access it through the Wayback Machine.
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    Roth Potter reacted to GeneralLee_440 in real or not?   
    Tag for an update!!!!
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in Forum Software Update   
    Roger, you reminded me of this old Tim Vine joke:

    I saw this advert in a window that said: “Television for sale, £1, volume stuck on full.” I thought, “I can’t turn that down."
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    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in Post Christmas Blues   
    Surprise! That station was still playing Christmas music today. I wonder if a lot of people were calling in and requesting they play it longer. I didn't but I wouldn't be surprised if others did. 
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    Roth Potter reacted to Meadowmufn in Forum Software Update   
    I'll look into it. Looks like there's an update to the software, so I'll try to get that done this weekend to see if it fixes any of the issues.
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    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in Forum Software Update   
    If you need any help with it just ask me MM. I'm getting pretty good with technology. Just the other day I figured out how to adjust the volume on the remote that works our TV. It really wasn't that hard. Pressing the + means that the TV gets louder. And here's where it starts to get a little more complicated.....The longer you hold the + down, the louder it gets. There is a limit though. After a while the volume seems to hit a peak and won't get any louder. I know because I held it down for a solid 2 minutes and it didn't get any louder. My wife yelled louder though so I guess it did work in a way. So let me know if you need any help. 
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in The last 24 hours   
    I attended two remembrance services today to mark 100 years since the World War I Armistice. The first was held in the cathedral where I sang last month. From 11:00am until 12:30pm, 35,000 paper poppies (roughly the number of Irish deaths in WW1) fell from the hole in the center of the ceiling. I helped to cut a few of them, as did many other volunteers and local schools.

    By the end, the floor was covered - it was pretty moving.

    This evening there was a second service, which was followed by a procession from the church to War Memorial for wreath laying. The procession included 100 people carrying candles. Somehow, I got to be at the front, bearing one of the Allied flags (no prizes for guessing which one was left for me!)
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in A Birthday Saal-ute to Meadowmufn!   
    To wish Mufn a happy birthday (and a merry Christmas), I've arranged for another banner to be put up in Hazzard Square. I hope your health improves in the new year.

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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in The Mean Green Machine   
    Here's the Mean Green Machine from season 5. For those of you that don't watch the Coy and Vance episodes, it first appeared in 'The New Dukes', and returned in 'The Return of the Mean Green Machine'. This was one of the easiest projects so far due to the body being mainly straight lines, although I only had screengrabs to go by.
    Like the camo patrol car I did recently, the paint job is not indended to be an exact copy, I was just going for the general look and feel. I based this version on its second appearance in 'The Return of the Mean Green Machine'. The only differences (that I spotted) are the wider flap on the front to allow for the magnet, and the scoop and spiked wheels are rustier.

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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in Famous Movie and TV Cars   
    While I'm doing movies with Chargers, I guess I should do 'Christine' (1983). Of course, it would be impossible to do 'Christine' without doing Christine herself. I can tell you she's a 1958 Plymouth, and is usually referred to as a Fury, although she has characteristics from a Belvedere too. I normally do the windows some kind of green/blue color but it only seemed right to do Christine's windows black. For those who don't remember, Arnie bought Christine from a guy whose "brother bought her back in September '57. That's when you got your new model year, in September. Brand-new, she was. She had the smell of a brand-new car. That's just about the finest smell in the world..." (and I'll leave that quote there!).

    Here's the Charger that belonged to Arnie's friend, Dennis. Apart from the wheels it looks like a pretty stock 1968 base model. There aren't any clear shots of the tires, so it took me a while to identify them. Earlier this week, over on the Facebook page, Brian Burgett asked "Was it a repainted General Lee?". I have no inside information, but based on observation, I'd say no. I can't believe they'd convert a General from a '69 to a '68 and replace the vinyl roof when an all blue '69 Charger would have worked just as well. On the other hand, since this car is almost unique in movie history - a Dodge Charger that makes it to end of the movie in one piece! - it could have been converted to a General afterwards.
    The movie provides an unusual scene for us Dukes fans when Arnie first arrives at Darnell's: a Dodge Charger following a Plymouth Fury! The Charger's horn is required to open the door, but sadly it's stock, not Dixie.

    I have the 1:18 Ertl model of Christine (Autoworld are rumored to be reissuing it at the end of 2012), and Danbury Mint made 1:24 models of Christine and the Charger, but they always leave out Buddy Repperton's car. It was a '67 Camaro with black stripes and a shiny set of Corvette wheels. Watch the movie carefully and you'll see that the engine is removed before the car meets its fate. I never got a clear screengrab of the emblem on the front fender, so I had to guess what it was and put something plausible there. If it's wrong and anyone knows what it should be, I'll change it.

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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in Famous Movie and TV Cars   
    I'm breaking two rules here: one of HazzardNet's and one of my own! I'd promised myself that I would try not to create any more threads in 'Fan Art' (I figured I was being greedy), but here I go with a new one. Not only that, but the artwork isn't even related to the Dukes of Hazzard (I hope the mods will be gentle with me ).
    Seeing as I had updated vector art for a Dodge Charger and a '68 Mustang I couldn't resist the urge to do this project, so I'm kicking off this new thread with the two cars from possibly the greatest chase in movie history. If you haven't guessed, it's 'Bullitt'. The baddies had the black '68 Charger (I had to change the front end, rear end and side markers), while Steve McQueen chased them in a highland green Mustang. For those of you unfamiliar with the chase, you can see most of it here.

    I've got a few other movie cars in mind, and will add them as soon as they're done.
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    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in Favorite Women In Daisy Dukes   
    I wouldn't trade my wife in a million years for that lady...but I would trade my car in a millisecond for that one. 
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in NASCAR news   
    And he nearly got away with driving Lewis' car
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    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in Daisy Dukes   
    I've often wondered that myself. Personally, I wouldn't want to be caught in either. Although I do remember seeing Boss and Rosco in a dress once. 
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    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in The last 24 hours   
    I would love to visit the castles and cathedrals over there sometime but I probably never will. 450 people is a big audience Hoss. To update my injury on this thread it hasn't had a happy ending yet. My surgery was October 18 and the recovery will take at least 3 months....that's a best case scenario. 
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