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  1. Take heart, CD. I don't even know who the heck Willow Smith is. LOL Good music will always endure. Music produced today, only time will tell whether it's truly good or not. LOL Believe me, there's a lot of modern music that I just cannot stand to listen to. And with listening to it on the radio at work where they play the SAME songs over and over, day in and day out - makes me even less affable to most of it. There is modern stuff I like but I find most of it is the stuff that isn't played on the 'adult contemporary' format, or is currently burning up the charts. Like Hoss, I listen to a lot of different styles, genres and eras of music (which is why I enjoy taking part in the musical chairs thread LOL). From the 30s through today. Country, rock, blues, disco, swing.... the beat goes on. I could listen to 70's country music all day with Roger. And the Beatles? You bet. You're lookin' at the original weirdo girl who wore a Beatles t-shirt in jr. high when it wasn't cool to like the Beatles. (At the risk of dating myself, New Kids on the Block were the big screaming deal at the time. I hated them. LOL) So, I sympathize with you about modern music, CD. The good news is, there's lots of great music out there from now and yesteryear that finds its audience, folks like you and me and Hoss and Roger...and if your sister would rather listen to the latest boy band, well that's her loss. LOL. In fact, when I first saw this thread, I thought of this great ol' tune by Rush that I thought seemed fitting... Spirit of Radio - Rush All this machinery making modern music Can still be open hearted Not so coldly charted It's really just a question of your honesty, yeah Your honesty One likes to believe in the freedom of music But glittering prizes and endless compromises Shatter the illusion of integrity And speaking of skewed charts, it was recently noted that rapper Lil' Wayne has now had 109 songs in the Billboard Hot 100, beating out Elvis Presley. There's a great big huge astrisk on this tho' - most of the songs were not Lil' Wayne solo, he was a featured artist on somebody else's record. Therefore, I declare here and now that Elvis's record of 108 singles on the Hot 100 chart still stands. Lil' Wayne, please sit back down.
  2. I'll play... LOL Actually heard this one while grocery shopping today... Lonely Days - Bee Gees
  3. Heh! There ya have it, Hoss! Post away! LOL Looks like CD broke the rule before you anyway, posting a drawing of "The Fall Guy" pick up truck. Nice work on the Bullitt cars. Also looking forward to what else you come up with!
  4. Welcome to HNet EG! Glad you could join us!
  5. So, Hoss.... Do You Know the Muffin Man?
  6. I looked at the photos from the last link up to the first. They're still all great pics but that first link isn't even a Charger. LOL I think it's an Oldsmobile.
  7. Great photos! I liked this one too... http://www.flickr.com/photos/guiarepuestos/5258970458/in/photostream/
  8. Do we get three guesses on which one it is? (And the first two guesses don't count? )
  9. Your Momma Don't Dance (And Your Daddy Don't Rock 'n Roll) - Loggins and Messina "Outta the car longhair!"
  10. That was a new one for me too. Of course, I then thought of this one, which you might already be familiar with by the same orchestra. K-Jee - MFSB (I dunno if it's one word since it's kinda sorta not a word. LOL)
  11. You got it K-Duke! HazzardNet's got plenty of... Rock n' Roll Girls - John Fogerty
  12. Actually, I just happen to know that song because I happen to like that... Old Time Rock n' Roll - Bob Seeger
  13. You can be anything you want, Hoss. Because... That's the Way a Cowboy Rocks n' Rolls - Jessi Colter (aka, Daisy's Song. )
  14. LOL. I wasn't either, Hoss. If I weren't a deputy I suppose I coulda been a... Rock n' Roll Singer - AC/DC
  15. Turn it up, Hoss! Because... I Love Rock n' Roll - Joan Jett
  16. Sunflower - Glenn Campbell
  17. Good thing God gave Rock n' Roll to you, Hoss, because I wanna.... Rock n' Roll All Night - KISS
  18. Our September 2012 Fan o’ the Month is JadedPhoenixBurning! Now don’t let that hot handle fool ya, Jaded has been cool addition to our HNet community, joining up in October of 2011. She’s an avid fanfic writer and came to HNet looking to share her stories and meet other Dukes fans and fanfic writers. She’s also taken part in many other discussions on HNet and had the good fortune to attend the 2012 Hazzard Homecoming shindig in Virginia! So join us in congratulating JadedPhoenixBurning for being our Fan of the Month for September 2012!
  19. Couldn't have put it better. It's a NEED. I can identify with that!
  20. Wanted to chime in on this Garrett as I've known you for many years now. First and foremost, deep down in your heart, I'm sure you don't want to give up writing totally -frustrating as things can be with it sometimes. I know, been there myself. So with that in mind, my first piece of advice is simple: Don't quit. I know the frustration of writer's block ("Hooper 3" anybody?) and the time constraints. If you're blocked on a story, just let it be. Shift to something else, if something else comes to mind. Goof around with your characters. Do some free writing, put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and just write something. Ramble! Rant! "If Garrett Duke wasn't such a sonofagun, I'd slap 'em.... " or whatever. LOL. If you're rethinking a storyline, there's nothing wrong with that. Go with it, give it a try. Listen to the muses, as I like to call it. They're trying to tell you something. As for your story being on a submitted site (and I'm assuming what site you're referring to... LOL)... I would have no problem if you decide to redo/replace stories or whatever on DOHFF. You page there is YOURS to display what stories you want. (Those who are keeping track tho' - yes I do have a rule regarding submitting multiple versions. This is more to do with editing/typo stuff to discourage folks from saying "oops, I found a typo, please post this version!" "Ooops, made another minor edit, please post this version!" "Sorry, found another typo! Please post this version!" See? LOL) So, if you're thinking to start over or whatever and want to remove a story and post something new/different that's fine I have no problem with that. And JadedPhoenix is right on that "write what you know" thing. If I wrote what I knew, I wouldn't write anything because I know nothing.
  21. Howdy MomOf4. Welcome to HNet!
  22. Glad you're okay CD! Ya know, I could picture your Rosco bike in that situation, not the General one tho'. LOL
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