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  1. Very sad the Duke's farm is/was in danger. Update please.
  2. Lol yea he is.....he can have a bad attitude with other dogs.
  3. I have 2 Chihuahuas one is Daisy Mae Duke and the other is Lexie Lynn after Loretta Lynn. Daisy is sable (red/brown) Lexie is tricolored.
  4. Yup that's it Hoss, guess I should've looked harder. Thanks
  5. How many posts does it take to change your status?
  6. Thank You for all you do Hoss. Keep up the great work!
  7. Such GREAT quotes....I love them all. I was wondering which ep. this one is from: Bo: "I ain't perfect, just pretty!"
  8. Dying to find the perfect signature....looking for a quote from Dukes....clever and funny. Now taking suggestions if you don't mind. I know there are a ton of great one but I can't think of any. Thanks!
  9. I LOVE country music old and new. It would be easier to list my least favs that my many faves. I don't much care for Rascal Flats and Darius Rucker....idk why.....other than that I love my country including John and Tom.
  10. ok then guess I didn't post them right but you can click on them to enlarge. if you want more i added an album.
  11. I got some of my own pix now. Here are some for anyone else who wants to see them.
  12. Thanks for the welcome! Been a Dukes fan forever but finally decided to sign up here the other day.
  13. Thanks for the welcome!

  14. The only Bo I know is John! I boycott the movies 2005 and 2007.
  15. Carnival of thrills, ghost of the general lee, and brotherly love get to me....but they aren't the only ones....dukes is just so heart felt and true.....to me the dukes are family
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