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  1. Thanks for sharing those! It was great to see them.
  2. November and thanksgiving go hand in hand.
  3. Ok. I knew they had to have a lot of sponsers to keep everything in good shape I just thought that they partially owned the car then too. Lol shows what I know. Why the cut off at four cars? Thanks for the info. God bless!

  4. Hey Roger! How are you these days? Good I hope. I've been really busy so I haven't been on as much as I'd like. I hope things will slow down and then I'll be around again. Hope to chat with you again soon. God bless!

  5. Thanks for the info. I didn't know that one driver owned another racer's car or part of it. Pretty intersting. I thought that the companies that sponser the car owned it. Lol tells you what I know.

  6. Yeah JJ is my favorite. I'm still learning about all of the drivers including JJ so lets see how I do. Hopefully I'll be able to catch a few more races. I hope my busy stuff will slow down and then lets see if I can settle in for a good race. I'd love to know who ownes his car.

  7. Same here, Roger. By the way Garrett, Jimmie Johnson has got himself another fan.
  8. Pawtuckett County Illinois 500 Amos Stigger
  9. texasdaisy09


    Yeah have ya'll noticed the initals for the little sweetie, Garrett? They happen to be GM. Cool huh? There's a link to a pic of the little angel on the Yahoo homepage. After you click on the story of her initals scroll down and you'll see it. Congrats to them!! God bless
  10. Kitridge Mine Pine Creek Road Widow Baxley
  11. Thanks for the compliment, Garrett! Yeah I enjoyed being fan of the month very much. We didn't get to see any fireworks because it was to rainy. If they did have any then I would be very surprised. They were going to have them on Saturday originally but they got rained out so I'm not sure what happened with that. I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. God bless.

  12. So much great country music, and so little time...
  13. Eat an apple a day to keep Doc Applebee away...
  14. Roger you have no idea how much I enjoyed it. Every minute. Thanks again for thinking of me. Means a lot. God bless.

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