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  1. Hey how are you? I'm back I hope, so what's new around here?

  2. We're doing good! Had a rough summer but it's all back to normal now. Lol or as normal as it's gonna get. We're hoping to start building a house soon. I'm soooo very excited. What's new around here?

  3. Where have you been hiding?

  4. Hey my computer cooperates when it wants too but I will be hanging around more as long as my computer lets me....lol but it's great to be back I've miss all of ya'll so much!!

  5. Hey its great to be back! How have you been?

  6. Wow it's been ages! I I have been computerless lol. The its been very frustrating. How you been?

  7. Hey I'm glad to hear all is well. So what have you been up to? I've been trying to keep up with everything too, but I love sleep so I make sure I get that in there somewhere. Lol. Hope to talk to you again soon!

  8. Hey girl how've you been? Looks like you'be been MIA for awhile like me. Well get back to me sometime soon. Hope all is well with you. God bless.

  9. Hey sorry I haven't been around, I've been sick and all kinds of stuff has been going on. Hopefully I'll be on more often now. How've you been? God bless til we talk again.

  10. My son is doing much better, thanks for asking. I'm the one who got stuck with a horrible cold now. Well I gotta run. God bless.

  11. WELCOME! WELCOME! Things can go from 0 to 80 around here pretty quick, so hang on tight!
  12. Well Roger, cleanup was actually no big deal. Ya just gotta have a system see? I was the last one out the door, with Daney leaving just second before me. I plan on being there next week too. Had a blast last night and I'm sure it will be again next Saturday. Til we chat again, God bless.
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