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  1. Howdy Y'all...I thought of Hazzardnet when I seen this picture....I had borrowed a box of my grandmas pictures to scan through them to make a slideshow for the next family reunion...and then I found this one...the first thing I noticed was the shirt...The picture was a bit worn and out of focused but it brought a smile to my face....It's my cousin and his Dukes shirt!! It is sooo cool cause everytime we have a family dinner at my Grandmas and it lasts till 7..I always turn the Dukes on and basically anyone near the TV turns around and watches it!! I love it!!
  2. Hola!! I'm in chat now...you should come by and say hi!! lol

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......Well Opps....I see I royally messed that up....My color pattern is out of line...and it does kinda blend in to the background.... hahaha here we go: GO STEELERS!! Maybe that will show up...
  4. Howdy Howdy!! Hola Hola!! Long time no talk to!! How have you been??

  5. Howdy....I'm on chat now...And I have been ok I guess....been really busy with college...and I LOVE it!! It is a lot of fun and I've met some great people...They are all really nice....

    OOO SNOW I LOVE SNOW!!We was posed to get 10 inches last night but pfffft didn't get nothing...The road were a lil slick in the mornin but it was gone shortly after...but we are in the in the winter warning...I know what you mean bout it changes depending on what you hear? Most of the time nothin comes of it...lol...How much snow have you gotten?? And spring??? NAWH!! The only reason I want spring is cause the baseballl games at college will be starting and I will have something to do...hahaha....but I like Winter....

  6. Well I'm gonna say it... GO STEELERS!!
  7. Howdy Howdy!! Hola Hola!! :p Long time no talk to what have you been up to? How have you been?

  8. Due to some things that came up...I won't be able to go to Canton...talk about dampening a persons great mood.... I was really lookin forward to goin but unless somethig changes I wont be going... It would have been nice to meet some of the fellow hazzardites...and of course John....well maybe by chance he will show up for the Hazzard Homecoming in Virginia!! I can hope....lol.... Well to everyone going to Canton...have fun and take lots of pictures to share!!
  9. Thanks again Daney for the links to the websites and information!! I would like to go to the Football Hall of Fame...and make a day of this!!
  10. Thanks Daney...I was just wanderin if I do end up goin...if I should go extremly early or just normal...but if your thinkin there might be more people there it would probably be good to get there early Ok so with dial up it is hard for the whole page to load...least mine is....So how much is admission to get into the car show thingy??
  11. Thanks HossC and Roger...I will have to print that map off tomorrow when I got somewhere it will load the whole way...I will have to go google it...if my internet will bring them up... I LOVE football... (GO STEELERS!!) hmm anyways...is the Hall of Fame thing close to The Civic Center?? We usually go to these kind of things on Saturday but it really depends this time...Its not set in stone yet that we are goin...but I sure hope so!! So it might be Sunday...it would be great to meet some of the Hazzardnet members!!
  12. Howdy Y'all!! I was just wandering once you get to Canton...is the Canton Memorial Civic Center easy to find?? There is a chance I might get to go...depending on the weather...I really do hope I get to go...But I was just wandering if it was easy to get to or if it was confusing? Is it a big building and do a lot of people show up for it? Sorry if my questions are dumb but I'm curious... And at the Comic Con in Pittsburgh last year Johns Autograph was $25 I think...A polaroid picture and autograph was $35...I don't know if that is the same one DaisyMae is talking about or not...
  13. Howdy Y'all! I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to cause I might not be on here Thursday...so... HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! So what are you all going to do this Turkey Day? First off I am going to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade...It is kind of a tradition for me...Then I am going out with my parents for a Turkey buffet dinner thingy in the early afternoon...Then later that night I am going to my Grandmas for our family dinner...but other than that I am going to take it easy.... How bout you all??
  14. Oh my gosh! Really? I use to watch that all the time...but after a couple years and they switched the times and channel around I started not watching it...and now I found out that John is on it!! I think that I am going to start watching it again. So what part does he play on it? Is he in it a lot?
  15. Howdy Howdy! Hows you? I'm pertty good...haha not really missin high school...I LOVE college...it is a lot of fun...and I find it a lot easier than high school....Everyone is so nice....I can't say enough good things about it!!

  16. Ok this isn't exactly a funny sign but it did make me laugh....I was comin home from a friends house and then all of a sudden my mama stopped the car and backed up the road....So I could take a picture of this... And for a closer look at the bottom..... I am really not sure why someone felt the need to duck tape the trunk of the tree but they did!! It cracked me up!! Maybe it is just me cause I love duck tape!! lol
  17. Howdy! I saw that you was on...n Im on here really quick..just wanted to say hi! I've missed this place..just wanted to check n see what was new!!

  18. Howdy Howdy! Hows you? Long time no talk to! What have you been up too? Hope yer doing well!

  19. Ok well I got to go...I gotta go write an english paper bout myself...lol....A Character Sketch she calls it....So have a great day...hpe to talk to ya sooon!!!

  20. hahaha...he made ya sit on his lap if you got a picture with him...and you could take as many as you wanted....andhe was just so nice and he was really funny....

    Then on Wednesday I started college....I LOVE it! It is sooo much fun....Everyone is ooo nice...all the teachers are nice......and the guys all of them I have met so far are so polite and descent(sp) and nice....I was stunned! They even hold the doors open for you...even if yer halfway down the hall......

    Then there are some from other countries...I just love listening to them to talk...I love their accents...:D lol....But I really like it so far...I have a good bit of work but Oh well! lol...

  21. And then like 2 weeks ago I got to see Buddy Jewell...I don't know if you are fmailar with him or not...he was the Nashville Star 2006 I think...he sang Help Pour Out the Rain and Sweet Southern Comfort and so on....he put on a great show also...and he is really sweet...he was at a truck show it was a free concert...and there was a bunch of singers....The VanLears....The Pistols....The Girlz in Black Hats...And then Buddy was the headliner...and then after the show he met his fans and signed whatever you wanted him to sign and you could get pictures with him...

  22. Darryl is soooo nice....and he does some great music...he has a new song out Keep the Change...Its political I guess you could call it...I think that is has a good message in it...and I like the song....He put on a great concert both times I seen him...He makes a lot of jokes..and he is really fun to watch...And he is really nice..I got to meet him at both shows...he manager person kinda killed my good mood..I don't appreciate being shoved out of the way while Darryl was in mid sentance...Nor do the other people he was talking to..or him tellin them that their picture was good enough with no flash..and Darryl was there sayin retake it..there was no flash but the manager dude said it was fine and pushed them away too..But anyways Darryl is really sweet and nice....and he has such a pretty signature.

    It was cool we went to see him the first time.and then like two weeks later he was where we went to see the Oak Ridge Boys last year, so we got to go see him again.I was soo happy!

  23. Howdy! Hows you? What have you been up to? Awww thats too bad bout the concert...I hope you get to go to one sometime...They are fun...I've never been to a really big concert...all the ones I got to are either under at fairs or at places where is is $10 or less to get in and the concert is included....or they are free....lol.....But...

  24. And then on Wednesday I started college...I love it! I like it better than high school....Tuesday was orientation....and they had a bonfire that night....and the lady made us mingle and everyone was so nice...and all the guys that me and my friend met were so polite and nice and decent(sp)....and then the first day was fun...and the second and then today I only had one class...But the teacher are nice...and the people are nice...the guys hold the door open for you even if your halfway down the hall....I was really impressed....and then we have people from Serbia, Australlia, and Venezuela.....Their accents are AWESOME!! lol....and they are nice....And then there is a girl from England or Swithzerland(sp) or somewhere over there....but I am having a lot of fun...so yea....

    So whats new with you? Well I shall talk to ya laters...have a great day!

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