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  1. Jesse scoups the little girl up and continues to cuddle her. " there there baby its ok....shhh"He said gently as he rubbed her back. " Ya wanna s ee your cousins?..theyre real excited ta see ya."
  2. Jesse got up and went outside. stooped down abd smiles "hey daisy"
  3. Jesse looked at martha puzzled.." mMartha they're here to drop Daisy off."
  4. Jesse Duke sighs when he heard the car arrive. He had just heard the news that his neice and nephew which ment that he would be getting custody of their only daughter Daisy. He wasn't upset about the custody e was upset about the loss. He looked over to Martha. "social serves is here." He said
  5. Ok so heres whos who Uncle Jesse - Me Martha - DaisyXenos Luke - me Vance - Jami Daisy - DaisyXenos Bo - Jami James - James Coy James
  6. right now im listening to green day
  7. pet society is cool too

  8. How alll the dukes came to be here. joining this rp is by invitation only, however if you wish to join ask me privately. take in mind this also includes Coy and Vance. created characters are welcomed. the time is Luke - 8 Vance - 7 Daisy - 6 Bo - 3 Coy - 2
  9. Happy Birthday! *gives you a cake

  10. Luke takes a quick shower them hads dowmstairs wearing his signiture blue plad shirt and a pair oj jeans. He walks up behind jami and puts his arms around her
  11. "i'll be down in a while I gotta take a shower first." *he said as he gave Jami and Jeremy a quick kiss then headed to the bathroom
  12. Luke smiled. " well we could make it a habit." he began when Jeremy came in. Luke chuckled and picked him up. "morning tiger." He said giving him a quick hug and placed him near jami.
  13. ok this is a round robbin with Jami and me. joining this is by invitation only. In this story Luke and Jami has been married for 3 years and they have a two year old son Jeremy Nathaniel Jefferson Duke. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Luke opens his eyes the sits up he looked at his wife Jami as she slept, smiled a bit then stood up. he opened the two glass double doors that led to the bedroom porch and walked out then inhaled the fresh crisp Hazzard morning air dawn had just broken and he looked at the breath taking country scenery and whispered a soft prayer of contentment. taking in one last sigh he walked back into the bedroom closed the door that led to the porch. He went over to Jamis side of the bed and kissed her softly. "Morning beautiful." He smiled
  14. Wittness jesse duke....its one of my favorites.....
  15. my comp froze then when I was gonna cme back jami left

  16. im not sure but is it lawman of the year??
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