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  1. There is a song John sings, it was on a Xmas country song album, which the tape got eaten up a few years ago:cry: I can't remember the name of the song he sang, just some of the lyrics. bells will be ringing the sad sad news, oh what a christmas to have the blues. my baby's gone That's all I can remember, if anyone could tell me the title of this song, maybe I can find a copy of John singing it. Thanks:lol:
  2. I ended up giving my copy of the DVD to my niece who is 25 and loved the movie. At least it's gone to some use.
  3. Hello and welcome to the Hazzard net. Hope to see you around soon.
  4. Hello and welcome to a real nice site. Kick off your cowboy boots and have some fun. Btw, Luke is my favorite too
  5. Hello.... And welcome to Hazzard County. Have some of Jessie's shine, a cigar from Boss Hog, some of Daisy's home cooking and have fun
  6. I'd be a girl who dated Luke. Or if I can't be that, I would want to be Rosco, he just looks like he's having fun, even if he gets his vehicle scuffed
  7. Luke all the way. I saw the show for the first time and fell for Luke and that is how I became a DOH fan. After twenty years or more, Luke is still sexy and just drop dead good looking.
  8. I enjoy old time rock and roll. Elvis is my favorite, along with Roy Orbinson, Beach Boys Beatles, Jan and Dean, and on and on
  9. I think it would make a good movie, a good comedy.Owen would be good. It does have a good story, only thing lacking would be the songs Elvis sings. Just don't put Jim Carry in there...Ugh!!!!
  10. I enjoy this movie, a cute little comedy.. Heck, Elvis's character could have been Rosco's son. Would have been another dipstick for Boss to lose more hair over. This is one of Elvis's better movies. His character is so innocent and southren homebody he could have been a Duke too.
  11. John just keeps getting better and better looking. He's like wine, gets better with age.
  12. Gotta be Rosco. I love it I love it:lol:
  13. Welcome to Hazzard. Hope you have a good time and make new friends. My favorite is Luke too
  14. Hello Holly and Daisy. I hope you enjoy this place, it's great and the people are nice and friendly. Welcome to Hazzard County.
  15. I'd have to say both. Some of Boss's foods just looked so damn good, especially his desserts..All except his pigs knuckles and raw liver *Shutter* But I wouldn't mind chowing on some of that fried chicken, pizza, donuts... Someone hand me a napkin, I think I'm drooling now
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