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  1. I don't plan on going to Canton. You know me. I don't like to travel. I expect pictures on the HN though. I hope you're doing well.

  2. Welcome to the HazzardNet

  3. It sure was nice to see you log in again!

  4. I logged into our league tonight and the "sign out" thing is missing. Have you ever had that problem? It's a first for me.

  5. I could use a little help on this trivia question. Go check it out. Thanks

  6. Congratulations on the Seahawks win. If they were playing any of the other six remaining playoff teams next week I'd be rooting for them but I'm going for the Falcons.

  7. Hey! You're logged in!

  8. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  9. Hey, it's been 2013 here for 3 minutes so Happy New Year's!

  10. Hey, it's been 2013 here for 3 minutes so happy New Year's!

  11. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  12. Hey, I see you're logged in now too. Santa will be here (EST) in 20 minutes so I'm going to go pretend I'm sleeping or I won't get any presents. Merry Christmas my friend!

  13. Thanks so much for posting that about the 15th anniversary of Denver's death.

  14. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  15. Did you see my screengrab request on the Christmas thread?

  16. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  17. Welcome to HazzardNet! Are you a dirt bike rider? I have a Yamaha TW 200. It's kinda tame but I'm 52 so I've gotten a little tame myself.

  18. Welcome to the HazzardNet

  19. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  20. Thanks for informing me of Sir Patrick Moore's death. I wasn't aware of it. Science has lost a true legend.

  21. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  22. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

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