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  1. It's been a while! How have you been? I've not been on here for almost a year I think! Which is CRAZYYY!!!

  2. A belated happy birthday to you and a belated thank you for wishing me a happy birthday back in march. lol :D

  3. hey :) how are you? congrtats on the fan of the month back in november!!!

  4. hey :) I'm doing great. Things are starting to settle down for me a little. How are you?

  5. hahaha Man, I missed you guys!!! I'd love to stay and tell ya'll just HOW much I missed ya, but I'm gonna clean that barn now instead. tehe
  6. Hey guys lol I've been soooo incredibly busy between finishing up the summer workshop and writing the screen play and doing shows and coming to a new school and all of our performances we do here that I never got a chance to tell ya'll how the script writing went. lol It ended up being set in present day New York. It centered around a rich family who loaned money to a guy, Troy, to open up his burlesque club. Troy didn't pay the family back so they hired a hot dog vendor, Jamey, who frequently set up shop outside the club to keep an eye on Troy. Jamey, an aspiring musical theatre actor, who a
  7. haha no problem. It seems like I'm sooo used to introducing myself to other people. Thats all the first few weeks at a new school consists of. But it's also fun to learn about other people and see what we all have in common. I forgot how much I missed Hazzardnet. We really are like a little family. But thats bound to happen when you get a bunch of people with a common interest together! I'm never going 4 months without getting on and seeing what's hoppin' on the net ever again!! lol
  8. It most certainly has. I like most of today's country, but I grew up on Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck and all those guys so I really appreciate them as well as many current artists.
  9. well, i'd love to stay and chat, but i have to go :( hopefully i will talk to you again soon. :) i will try to get on more often. lol

  10. they're a dying breed. lol but you can find them if you look hard enough. :)

  11. haha. me too :D he's sooo sweet and such a gentleman.

  12. aww. i might have a man soon. lol i really like him and everyone says that they think he likes me. i've only known him since school started though but we're pretty close already.

  13. i have some tough teachers too. awwww :) lol. what's his name?

  14. so other than being a little crazy, how is high school treatin' ya? lol

  15. I've been to many different schools and it was hard every time. But I'm sooo happy at my school now. It's great :)

  16. I've been here for a while. I have been super busy though and haven't gotten a chance to get on in a very long time. But I'll just introduce myself anyway. lol I'm Ashley, I'm 16 and a junior at a performing arts high school. I love to perform and always have. I hope to work in the film and television industry someday. I grew up on the Dukes and they have been a big part of my life. I don't think I would be who I am today without them.
  17. I know how you feel. I'm at a new school this year and I LOVE it soooo much.

  18. I've been busy. lol OMG!!!! High school!!! It can get pretty crazy. How is it so far?

  19. LADY A!!!!!!!! gotta love them. I'm a big Tanya Tucker fan myself. lol
  20. heyy :) how's it goin'? i haven't been on in soooo long it's crazy.

  21. ya i know how you feel.lol i'm only 5'2" if that. i think i put that i was 5'4" but i don't think i am.lol but then again, i never really had a good chance at being tall. my mom isn't even 5'!! lol
  22. i agree. his songs all have a strong meaning. i think thats why people like him. he's real. and a great singer, and HOTTT:wink: lol
  23. i really want to see them in concert and maybe even meet them. i almost did last summer. they came to a county fair not far from me. we were gonna go, but my dad had to work so we didn't get to. but they must have been good cause i went to the wal-mart near where they played like the week after they played, and their cd was sold out!!!!! so they got some new fans on that show.lol have you ever seen them?
  24. my signature is a Taylor Swift song too.lol i loove all her songs. Fearless is a Daisy and Enos song.=]]]
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