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  1. saw them on you tube typed in dukes of hazzard bloopers same as you just to see what it would come up with.
  2. swamp road hazzard bait shop double dukes
  3. thanks roger duke we will have to go to the boar nest to celebrate
  4. the ghost of the general lee season 2 see you there 6pm your time and 11pm my time.
  5. it ok daisy if u cannot make it roger want to know that all if i want to do it early because i can not make it later.
  6. that sounds ok roger duke that would work better than 1am my time see you about 11pm my time which is about 6pm your time on monday if that suit you roger. me and bo are in the same time zone daisy
  7. sorry daisymae i cannot make it on monday as it will be 1am where i live i might pop in on sunday if there is a chat
  8. i will try to be there daisymae. trying to work out what time i need to be on here at
  9. is it uk time or america time we are chatting in? i was there at 8 my time but no one came on. i was just wondering that all xxgeneral_lee01xx
  10. are we starting tonight. c u all there
  11. i have seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6
  12. i like your idea daisy mae i will be there when you start it
  13. it was only like that at the end of the show to catch the bad guys
  14. where was a 4x4 general lee on the show it was one of the espoide that bo is not in but luke was it will get back to u when i find out
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