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  1. boss did not want to give up the money so he got cletus to petend to burn it to get the insurance money
  2. i am a fan of classic and model cars as i have a general lee, mini (old), ford escort and a ford cortina.
  3. thank you for wishing me a happy birthday redneck :)

  4. thank you for wishing me a happy birthday daisy :)

  5. if u are in the uk www.starcarhire.co.uk hire out general lees for weddings
  6. in mary kate baby luke drive the car then bo is driving and then luke is driving again (it all happens in one scene) luke is driving the car in that scene but some how bo is in driving seat in parts of it.
  7. happy birthday redneck. Hope u have a good day

  8. Hoggs's Fertilizer Company don't know the second one Sheriff Emmit "Spike" Loomis
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