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  1. As everyone in the bar had heard what Boss had said to Rosco, Sissy decided that she was gonna go in and do a little persuadin' of her own. Sissy(Opening the door)-"Rosco is everything OK in here?" Rosco-"UuH yeah fine." Boss-"You two are not gettin' married, and that's final." Sissy(vaery calmly)-"Oh really, well I think that acouple of people namely Lulu and Momma might have somethin' else to say about that." Boss-"You maen that you already told them?" Sissy-"Yep, and I don't think that you coyuld say or do anything to make us change our minds anyways, right Rosco? Rosco-'Yeah Boss, if you don't like it tough." Boss-"Well do you like your badge Rosco?" Rosco-"Well of course I do, why? Sissy-"Boss If you start threatin' Rosco's job i'm gonna get Lulu down here and I'm gonna let her take care of you." Boss(defaeted)-"You know what, fine I don't care what you do." Sissy-"That's what I thought, come on Rosco."
  2. Well a couple wekks later Daisy and Enos were married. The wedding went off without a hitch, much to everyone's surprize, but Daisy and Enos were finally married. After the wedding they went off to Boss' cabin in Chickamahoney for their one week honeymoon, which everyone was surprized that Boss even gave Daisy and Enos two days off let-a-lone a whole week. They were back soon enoughand much to their surprize, Bo, Luke and a whole bunch of other people that wanted to help finished fixin' up Enos' house and moved all heir things in, and let Lulu arrange and decorate everything. So when Daisy and Enos get home they got one very big surprize. After they went home everything seemed to be very normal for the first month and a half, but everything was about to change for a couple people.
  3. I'm sorry I haven't updated on my stories , "It's about Time", and "Rosco's Love story". I've been really bussy with work and sports and school I can barely find time to do anything but I'll try my hardest to get somethin' up soon.
  4. My favorites are; 1. DOH 2. Get Smart 3. Hogan's Heros 4. Gilligan's Island 5. A-Team 6. Love Boat
  5. Luke-"Tell us what?" Bo-"Yeah were waitin'." Daisy-"Well this mornin' I got a phone call, as some of you might know, well I had to leave. Well it was Enos, so I went to talk to him, and just a couple minutes ago he pulled me outside to talk to me again" Bo-"Well what did ya talk about?" Daisy-"Well I was just about to tell ya...Well Enos asked me to marry him..and I said yes." As everyone was congradulating them Boss of course had to say something. Boss-"Well it's about time, cause i'm tired of not being able to find that boy on acount of himalways being in the locker room, after he sees ya." Daisy-"Well why was he in the locker room after he sees me?" Bo-"Ya mean ya don't know?" Daisy-"Know what?" Enos-"Come on Bo ya don't gotta go tellin' her." Luke-"Well he's always takin' a shower." Rosco-"Yeah, a real cold one." Daisy-"Well I din't know I did that to ya." Rosco-"At least he always smells good."
  6. Later on that night everone was at the Boars Nest, exept Enos. Daiys was startin' to wonder if he would ever come when someone pulled up and she saw him come walkin through the door. He went up to Daisy and asked if he could talk to her outside alone, so they went out side. By this time everyone had seen them got out and they were all ondering what was goin' on, especially Daisy. Bo-"Wonder where they're goin'?" Luke-"I don't know but he did look awful nervouse." Boss-"Well they better not go anywhere, Daisy is still working ya know!" Outside, Enos looks at Daisy and takes both of her hands in his. Daisy-"what are you doin' Enos?" Enos-"When you said you loved me earlier..did ya mean it?" Daisy-"Of course,I did Enos." Enos-"Well do you love me enoug to marry me?" Daisy(in shock)-"Of course Enos, nothin' would make me happier." As Enos slips the ring on Daisy's finger they begin to passionatly kiss for atleast a couple of minutes. Well everyone inside was wondering what was goin' on they all went outside to see if they were there, but when they opened the doors all they saw was Daisy and Enos makin' out. Luke-"Wonder whats gotten into them two?" Uncle Jesse-"Ok everyone just go back in and leave them two alone." As everyone went back in Daisy and Enos were still kissin', but they finally, but reluctantly let eachother go. Enos-"Are ya sure you want to do this?" Daisy-"Of course Enos, we've both waited so long, especially you." A big grin came over Enos' face as they held eachothers' hands and went back into the Boars Nest. Uncle Jesse-"Where in tarnation have you two been, did ya get lost or somethin'?" Daisy-"NO" Rosco-"I wouldn't ant to come back in either if ya had me in a liplock like that." As everyone giggles , Daisy gives Rosco a look. Daisy(turning towards Enos)-"Do you wanna tell em or do you want me to?" Enos-"You better do it Daisy."
  7. About twenty minutes later Daisy was pulling up to Enos' patrol car, as she got out she had seen that while he was waiting for her he had fallen asleep. So she quietly opened the door and got into the passenger seat. As she put her arm around him and lay her head on his shoulder he woke up and jumped in his seat , and his hat fell off. Enos-"That wasn't ver nice Daisy" Daisy-"Ooh Enos I'm sure you can forgive me." Enos-"Yeah" Daisy-"So what do you need to talk to me about Enos?" She saw a worried/nervouse look on his face that she had never seen before. Daisy-"Are you alright Enos?" Enos-"Yeah...uh...I just wanted to talk to you about...well...about us." Daisy-"Enos yer so cute when you get that look on your face." Enos-"Well Daisy what I want to ask ya is..well if you..." Daisy-"If I love you?" Enos-"Well yeah." Daisy-"Well ofcourse I love you." Enos-"Really?" Daisy-"Of course, is that all you wanted to talk to me about?" Enos-"Well for now it is." Daisy-"Are ya gonna be at the Boars Nest later?" Enos-"You bet." Before Daisy got out of the car she gave Enos a little kiss on the cheek and he turned beat red. Then she got into Dixie and went back to the farm to change for work. The rest of the day was kinda dull, no one got a ticket, Rosco didn't even bother chasin' the Dukes. Which was kinda his hobby.
  8. One moring at the Duke farm, everyone was just getting up as Uncle Jesse and Daisy were fnishing making breakfast. After evryone was dressed they began to eat. Then the phone rang and Daisy went over to answer it. Daisy-"You got the Duke farm this is Daisy Duke....Ow it's you, how are ya?....How can I help ya?...OK, is everything Ok?...Sure thing, see ya soon...bye." Uncle Jesse-'Who was that Daisy?" Daisy-"Uncle Jesse I gotta go, but I'll tell ya later..OK." Uncle Jesse-"Ok Daisy you just go on." As Daisy leaves she leaves the boys and Uncle Jesse wondering about what's goin' on and who she's goin' to see. Luke-"Wonder what that was all about?" Bo-"I don't know, but she sure was in a hurry." What they didn't know was that Daisy had just gotten a phone call from Deputy Enos Strate, who was just about the most nervouse sounding person on the phone. Since Enos and Daisy had been goin' out for quite some time now they were gonna mett and have a little discussion, at speed trap number 1.
  9. Bo-"Yeah ya nearly scared Enos half to death." Sissy-"Yeah, I kinda figured on that, but now Rosco and I need to go and tell J.D., which ain't gonna be fun." Rosco-"How about you let me go in and tell him, then if I need any help i'll just holler." Sissy-"Ok, good luck." As Sissy said this Rosco was already half way to Boss' door and was kinda worried at what he was gonna say, but he got over it and knocked on the door and opened it. Boss-"What do you want Rosco can't you see i'm busy?" Rosco-"Well Boss I wanted to talk to ya about somethin'." Boss-"Well what is it, are ya gonna make me guess or are we just gonna sit around all day scratchin' our heads?" Rosco-"Well Boss, I wanted to tell ya somethin' about me and Sissy." Boss-"What did ya fire her?" Rosco-'Well No." Boss-"Then what?" Rosco-"Well were gonna get married." Boss(noticibly angery)-"Yer gonna what!?!" Rosco-'Well ya see Boss......" Boss-"Rosco P. Coltrane you are not gonna get married, especially not to her!!"
  10. So everyone was in the Boars Nest waiting for Rosco to come and tell them why they were all there in the first place, but two people that were there namely one Lulu Hogg and Momma Coltrane already knew the good news and were just overwhelmed with knowing that no one else knew. But they kept their mouths shut and waited for Rosco and Sissy. Quite some time went by and everyone was getting anxiouse to know why they were there when a very worried looking Rosco came in the door followed by and even more worried looking Sissy came in right behind him and went to sit next to Rosco and his family. Lulu-"What's the matter baby brother?" Rosco-"Well I don't know what to tell Boss, he's gonna flip out when we tell him." Lulu-"We could tell him if you want us to Rosco." Rosco-"No, me and Sissy'll do it after we tell everyone else." Bo(Overhearing their conversation)-"Spaeking of telling people things why don't you tell us why we are here?" Rosco(Standing up)-"Oh yeah, well we both have something to tell you." Sissy-"That's right, Rosco why don't you tell them." Rosco-"Oh, well were gonna get married." Uncle Jesse-"But what was that, that happened earlier today?" Rosco-"Well that was just a little trick that Sissy and I played on ya to make ya more surprized when we told ya we are gettin' married." Luke-'Well it worked, we thought she killed ya when you guys were in the house." Daisy-"Yeah I thouht for sure she broke somethin' when she hit ya."
  11. I finally have time to start posting my Enos and Daisy story probably tonight...hopefully.
  12. so before they left they told Momma and Lulu to meet them at the Boars Nest in about an hour. After they left the house Rosco called Uncle Jesse on the CB to make sure he got everyone at the Boars Nest within the next hour. The next thing they had to do was call Boss Hogg, who wasn't gonna be happy with what they had decided to do. So they were gonna tell him in his office after they told everyone else, because they knew he was gonna put his two cents in even if they didn't want it.
  13. About three hours later Mama and Lulu had come home and Sissy and Rosco were at Boss' house tellin ' them all the good news, exept for Boss. Rosco-"Well me and Sissy are gonna get married." Lulu-"OOH my baby brother is finally gonna get married." Mama-"I'm happy for you Rosco, at least you know who your marryin' this time." Sissy-"Me and Rosco would appreciate it if you wouldn't tell anyone until we tell everyone at the Boars Nest tonight." Rosco(With his usual grin on his face)-"Yeah everyone thinks that we broke up." Lulu-"Ok we promiss, as long as we can make the wedding plans." Sissy-"I would love for you to make the arrangements for us."
  14. Everyone was sitting at the same table or neighboring tables trying to figure out where they could have gone off to, since no one had see either of them since that moring. Bo-"I just don't have any clue to where those two could have gone off to?" Luke-"Well, lets see they could have gone shopping for a wedding dress, or a tux." Uncle Jesse-'No, I don't thnk they did any of those things." Rosco-"Well did they leave a note Jesse?" Uncle Jesse-"No, they didn't that's why i'm so confused." Just then the telephone rang, and Uncle Jesse went over to answer it. "This is Jesse Duke speakin'.....where are you?....you're where?....you did?.....Is he ok?..that's good.......ok see ya in acoulpe of days." Bo-"Who was that?" Uncle Jesse(with a big grin on is face)-"That was Daisy." Luke-'Where is she?" Uncle Jesse-"Well her and Enos went over to Chickamahony, and go married this mornin', and they won't be back until saturday." Rosco-'That figures, that dipstick didn't even ask for those days off." Well finally Daisy and Enos had gotten married after a big ordeal, and everyone was happy for them. Enos had left a note on Rosco's desk in his office, but Rosco didn't find it until they came back and Enos had asked him if he had found the note. Since Enos left a note and hadn't used any of his annual three days of paid vacation they still had to pay him, which made Boss really mad, so he took it out of Rosco's pay. ~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~
  15. Now everyone was happy, especially Enos now that Scalon thought he was dead, and now with Scalon in jail Enos and Daisy could get along with their wedding plans. Now Enos and Daisy han't been around for a whole day, because Boss gave both of them the next day off because of everything that had happened, and people were starting to wonder where they had gone. Later on that night everyone was gathered at the Boars Nest like usuall and were all still wondering where in the world Enos and Daisy had gone off to, but they wouldn't have to wonder much longer.
  16. Atleast it's somethin' thanks alot for a summary, even if it is kinda short
  17. I would like to see one more where Enos goes back to Hazzard, because Rosco retires from being Sheriff, but is still Boss. Enos runs for Sheriff, and of course wins in the end, but some bad people have their own ideas of who should be Sheriff. I also want to see Enos and Daisy Finally get married, because that buggs the heck out of me!!!
  18. I like the beginning of this episode because no one believes what Enos saw , and he was obviously scared out of his mind.
  19. Diva, I'm glad someone else has been writin' Enos stories, from the nmae of the title it sounds very interesting. But could ya give us a little descrition of what it's about.
  20. I just ordered it so i'll have to wait and see what my favorite is, but I'll let y'all know later.
  21. Luke-"I think they're doin' alittle more than that...listen." While they were listening to the fight they could hear them yellin', well Sissy yellin' and Rosco pleadin' with her when they heard a crash. That sounded like someone was throwin' somethin at someone but they missed. Then they heard another. Bo-"Sounds like she's throwin' stuff." Just as he said that something else came flying through the windowand hit one of the patrol cars. Then after that they heard a door slam and Rosco's usuall cry out in pain afterwards, and they didn't hear a word after that. Meanwhile in the house Rosco and Sissy were talkin'. Rosco-"It seems to have worked." Sissy-"Yeah, but I'm sorry that I hit you with the door and that I hit yourpatrol car with the vase." Rosco-"That's ok...I'd give anything to see the looks on their faces when you hit the car, I bet it scared Enos half to death." Sissy-"Yeah, remember when I yelled at Boss that one day, he was scared to talk to me for a week." Rosco-"Well if I were him and I listened to what just happened I would be scared too." Sissy-"Well you don't have to be scared because I would never do any of that to you." As she says this she reached up and grabbed his tie and pulled him into a deep and passionate kiss, that more than made up for a scuffed nose and a broken patrol car window.
  22. For me it would either be Rosco or Enos, but I couldn't choose between the two of them. They're both too cute in thier own ways.
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