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  1. Roth Potter

    NASCAR news

    Wasn't able to watch the whole thing. Just too late. Harvick won so I enjoyed that coming out of bed Monday morning though. Was amazed at the amount of tyre failures. That was more than anyone bargained for I bet. I have to say that I'm very surprised since really starting to watch nascar since late last year at the amount of tyre failures that actually come with oval racing. I heard its just the continued stress a tyre has to indure in the banks but I'm just surprised by this. If This would have happened as much in F1 the manufacturer would have changed the tyre structures 3 times alre
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  2. Wow Yahoo has two story's about this on their main page https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/the-dukes-of-hazard-car-confederate-flag-remain-display-illinois-auto-museum-174630054.html Why do I get the feeling Volo is now going to be either protested or vandalized.
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