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    • I'm not ashamed to say I cried when Boss Rosco did his tribute to Boss Hogg who had passed on. Meadowmufn just mentioned in another thread how everybody here is like family. That is true but the actors are also like family and when one of them passes on to Hazzard Heaven it hurts like it was a real family member. 
    • I'll second that!, when I first discovered the Dukes of Hazzard it had been off the air for a good thirty-five years or so, I lived (and still do live) in a small, almost forgotten town in the middle of the UK, and I thought I was the only Dukes fan left in the world, fast forward seven years and I discover that I'm not the only fan left! Thanks MM for allowing me to be in a family I never knew existed 
    • I don’t like them as much as I do the original series, but they’re okay. I especially like the first one. Uncle Jesse wasn’t that fragile or decrepit yet (although Denver Pyle was ill with lung cancer by this time). He was still strong and able!   By 1997 the boy’s probation would have been years over and they & Daisy would have eventually moved on in their lives. I’m sure they visited and kept in touch, Uncle Jesse chose to originally keep the law suit & problems with Mama Max a secret—none of the family or Cooter knew until they arrived back home to help with the Hazzard festival. If Jesse had let the family know I’m sure they’d of come home earlier.  I thought it was pretty good for a reunion movie, and all the characters were there except for Boss. I forgot that Emily Procter from CSI: Miami was in it, lol!   As for the Hollywood one, I didn’t care for that one as much. Most of it took place outside Hazzard, in Hollywood, and some of the plot was a little too silly—even for DOH.  But, they had an “accurate” General Lee this time, and it was still the Dukes with Cooter, Rosco, Enos & Cletus.  There’s nothing like the original series...and never will be again. That show was perfect for its time and is one-of-a-kind. But, the reunion movies did a good job of trying to recreate it as much as possible—especially the first one! 
    • Well said cousin. Being here has been an amazing experience and always feels like family. When you get together for family reunions the only thing that everybody has in common is that they are related by blood or marriage. Here we have something better than DNA in common. We have the love of jumping an old clunker car over a creek with a corrupt but lovable sheriff behind us shouting "Hot pursuit!. I love it. I love it. Khee Khee!". I can think of nothing better or more meaningful than that to bring a bunch of people from all over the world together. Khee Khee. Thanks for making that happen MM!
    • I hated the reunion movies. There is no way all 3 younger Dukes would have left an old fragile Uncle Jesse alone like that. I watched them once and will never watch them again.  I should add though that I understand the appeal of them to other people and would never criticize other fans for liking them. They're just not for me. In my mind Hazzard County is no different than it was 40 years ago.....thank goodness my mind thinks those movies were never made. Aren't fantasy worlds great!?
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