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You know something I don't understand about Chucky? In film Bride of Chucky, why did he not knock out Tiffany's boyfriend Damian, and do soul transformation from doll into Damian? He had his chance to become a human again, but didn't even think of it. He only killed Damian by ripping out his lip piercing and smothering him with a pillow instead. I would've knocked Damian out and made him the vessel for a soul transformation from doll. Dumb doll wasn't thinking. Lol.

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(Bride of Chucky) 

Jane(Holding gun on Chucky who is in his grave with his corpse. Jesse pulled the ladder out, trapping Chucky in the grave, after Chucky retrieved the Heart of Demballa soul transferring amulet from the neck of his corpse, in hopes of becoming Jesse, and Tiffany becoming Jane. Jane(Holding gun on Chucky.):"Don't move!" Chucky "Go ahead and shoot! I'll be back! I always come back! Ehhh. But dying is such a b***h."


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