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Hello,I am a diehard Dukes Of Hazzard fan.All started with my step father whom has been into my life giving my mom and I a better life,he introduced me to this show when I was a little girl watching the reruns.Being a diehard Mopar fanatic,my favorite has been the General Lee.Have my collection of my Dukes Of Hazzard collection as well,latest one added to it was the sound track.Adding another one to the collection,building a tribute car using a 1969 Dodge Charger.Already have the color figured out which was mentioned in a couple episodes of Graveyard Carz.So far I have the car ready for the body shop and almost have a 440 almost done I built.Can't wait to drive it when I get it done.

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You definitely sound like a big fan and we're excited to have you here. We know what your favorite vehicle but how about your favorite character? Your step father sounds like a great guy for introducing you to the greatest show to ever grace a television set. We look forward to hearing more from you. 

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22 hours ago, DOHfan said:

 He also inspired me to enlist in the Marines, did 10 years in there. He did his time in there too

Thanks for serving. I was in the USMC Reserves for 6 years. (1978-1984). Of course I didn't see as much as a full time Marine but still got to do a lot. I live in Pennsylvania and am not much of a traveler but thanks to the reserves made 4 trips to California and 3 trips to the Carolinas....and one trip to Atlanta around the same time they were filming "Daisy's Song"

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