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I can't find the original post for this story with its synopsis (and I'm not sure it ever was posted in this part of the forum), so forgive me for reposting.

Halls of Stone and Iron - by wenn9366 (Fanfiction.net), EnosIsMyHero (Hazzardnet)
Rating:  High T (teen) for violence/psychological trama
Tags:  Crime/Suspense/Psychological Trauma/Adventure *no sexual assault.
Chapters:  73/70,  220,000+ words.  Currently 'In Progress' with about 6 chapters left.
Characters:  Enos centric, but involves all characters.  Enos/Daisy pairing, but a very slow burn.
Summary:  When Enos is arrested for a murder he didn't commit, his life will never be the same. Remanded to the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta to await trial, how long can he hold on to his sanity in a world where the only good cop is a dead one? 

So...It's been a long time, readers!  Sorry, life grabbed me and sucked me in.  But..I'm back and so is Halls of Stone and Iron!! This is almost finished, and remaining chapters will follow ASAP.  This has been on my plate to finish for a long time, and I am so grateful to everyone who has continued to read and leaves reviews!  Love you guys!!!

Link is to the whole story, since it's been so long...   Halls of Stone and Iron

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Wanted to do a quick update since a lot of people are seeing this thread!  And thanks so much for making this the top followed/favorited Daisy story on FFnet!! (Not to mention the top rated story featuring Enos!)   :wub:

Chapters 74-79 are up and Chapter 80 will be up within the week.

There are only a couple more chapters, so now is the time to start reading because it's long (don't worry, it's not stuffed with a bunch of mindless filler...90% action, 10% getting to the action).  I see this being finished within the month!!!!

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