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luke- chet duke

Chet Duke-Chet Duke








+sheriff little-littleredvicki


BALANDER: It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining brightly, the fish swimming, and the animals foraging in the grasses and trees for food. The sound of a loud engine was able to be heard at a distance. Just over by the old Chanster farm, was the object immiting the sound, a dodge 1969 charger painted hemi orange and built into stock car, with the number 01 painted on the doors, a confederate flag on the roof, and the name "General Lee" was written right next to the flag, above both doors. The owners of the car were a couple of local boys who have always lived in Hazzard County, Georgia. The two young men were named Bo and Luke Duke, who were known for their precision driving, and their good looks. Not to far behind the Duke boys and their charger was a dodge plymouth fury police car. The driver of this car too was a Hazzard County native. His name was Enos Strate, and was known for the fact he was the oldest virgin in the whole county. This is cletus and he's chasing hilery and daisy. Little does cletus and enos know the dukes are on a collison course. This is rosco he is arguing with cooter over the cost of the repair bill for his squad car.

COOTER: Rosco I have to pass on the cost I pay for parts plus the cost of my time and labor on to my customers.

ROSCO: That does not include the police.

COOOTER: Yes it does Rosco, if JDH automotive does not keep raining the price on me every order then id be able to be easier on my prices I have to make a living here too.

ROSCO: Let’s go see boss.

COOTER: Fine, Ill meet you there.

BALANDER: Tipical hazard day starting out, but little did the town know an old face was about to come home. You see that line of trucks that is Maxwell James Davenport’s line of trucks. Max left Hazzard 9 years ago and is finally comin home.

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Chet Duke layed in the dirt of the Duke's farm house drive way with half his body under a white and orange 70" Dodge Charger called Ghost. He was workin on some fine engine tuning and just adjusting a few small things. The sun was extremely hot and swet ran down Chet's head in heavy droplets, he was covered in grease on his face, hands and bare chest.

Chet pulled himself out from under his car, and sat up leaning against the cars front end and staring out acrossed the barren corn field. Chet was there in Hazzard County GA with his cousins because the cornfeild was barren, the Dukes were having some money problems. Bo and Luke Duke couldnt have the General Lee in two differnet races at the same time, so if there was two cars in two different races there was more money coming in for the Dukes. Ghost was what the Dukes called the brother of the General Lee, although the cars had never raced each other it was obvoius that they were both the fastest cars in Hazzard.

Chet had plans of wining a few big races then movin on, although he didnt know where he'd move on to. He had lost his Nascar racing career when he was in a life thretening car accident just under a year ago. The accident had taken his sight in his right eye, leaving him half blind and outta the Nascar circut. There was of coarse know rules against him on a round circle dirt track or over land racing for that matter.

The General Lee roared into the driveway coming to a dirt kicking halt, Hilery and Daisy were right behind them at a little slower pace. Bo and Luke slide out of the General Lee laughing about there mornin' runins' with what was so called the Hazzard County's excuse for the law. Chet now leaned against the front end of Ghost as he watched his cousins, Chet's eyes were calm and showed very little exsperssion as Bo and Luke approached him.

"Hey couz!" Luke said grinning widly.

"Hows the Ghost runin? Hes looking pretty good, welcome back to Hazzard couz!" Bo said shaking Chets hand.

Bo dared not look Chet in the eyes, he had herd what the accident had done to his younger couisn and now he had just decided to turn there conversation to the mighty car. Chet shook Lukes hand and then without a word he walked to the drivers window of Ghost and reaching in he brought the mighty brother of the General Lee to life. The V-10 engine awoke the dead as it came to life with a low toned roar of awakening.

Bo and Luke both steped back at the sudden awakening of the car, neither of them had ever seen the car in person, only pictures and they had been told many a times about the car. Both boys eyes grew wide, they hadnt ever herd such an engine, except for the General Lee's of coarse. The General Lee had a completely differnet build of engine, and completely different life style from that of Ghost's.

{NOTE: The great V-10 engine is known well today by there speed and agility in the famous Dodge Vipers. But the Viper was not yet on the maket at the time that this fic takes place, Ghost was customley built with the hand carved V-10.}

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A line of trucks roll by a farm creating a big cloud of dust and they all blasted their horns as they passsed the farm. Everyone on the farm looks at the line and sees MAD MAX in silver on blue semis.


Max is giving his pilot instructions and asking questions

MAX: Can you find the Duke farm i wanna suprse them with a flyby pass

PILOT: See that cloud of dust those are your trucks and they just told me where the Duke farm was. Now hold on.

The pilot puts the plane in a dive heading for the house then pulls out close enough for the people to read the blue writing on the plane which said "MAD MAX DAVENPORT, STUNTMAN"

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As Max was getting ready to have his mobile homes delivered, 2 cars were chasing each other near the Chickasaw/Hazzard County line. One of the cars was a white volkswagon bug convertible, and the other car was a Chickasaw County patrol car.

Noticing that the patrol car was on his tracks, Hewey Hogg picked up the CB mike.

"Honey, stop following me! I told you earlier that I was sorry for running out on you like that."

Vicki just ignored him as she slightly bump into Hewey's back bumper.


BALLADEER: *Friends & Neighbors, that little lady in the Chickasaw County patrol car is Vicki Lynn Coletrane, Rosco's & Lulu's niece. She recently moved to Chickasaw County to start her life over after having a fallout with the Dukes.

The cause of the fight with the Dukes was due to her fiery temper. She lost that temper when she chased Bo & Luke one too many times, which caused her to have a nervous breakdown after nearly beating Bo to death after she kidnapped him.

Now nearly a year after leaving Hazzard, she got her life back on track when she moved to Chickasaw County where Sheriff Little put her on full time as a deputy. Soon after, she met Hewey Hogg again when she pulled him over for speeding while she was out on patrol. They started talking thereafter, and decided to go out as friends. Hewey then decided to stay around Chickasaw so he could be with Vicki because he fell in love with her and her crooked temper. And now, they are engaged. It wasn't a pretty sight when they came back to Hazzard to announce their engagement when they decided to rob the Boar's Nest during a dance, y'all!*


Noticing that the convertible was speeding away from her, Vicki picks up the CB mike in the patrol car. "Hewey, sugar, can you do me a favor and pull over for a minute? I have a question to ask you."

Hewey laughed into the CB mike. "Princess, I'm not going to answer your question until I get to the Hazzard County line."

Vicki speeded the patrol car up right behind her boyfriend's convertible. "Sugar, I'm not about to let you get across that county line. No telling what would happen if we would get caught crossing that line. Please pull over."

Hewey pulled his convertible over to the side of the road. "All right, Princess. For you, I will pull over."

Vicki smiled as she pulled her patrol car up in front of her boyfriend's car. "Now that I have you attention, sweetheart, I want to ask you a question about Max Davenport."

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Before getting out of the patrol car, Vicki switch the Channel to 22 so she could call Sheriff Little.

"This is Lady Red calling Chickasaw Terror, do you have your ears on Sheriff?"

"Hi, Lady Red. Did you catch up with that little varmit?" asked Sheriff Little.

"Sure did, Sheriff. Do you want me to arrest him?" asked Vicki back into the CB mike.

"You did fine, Lady Red. No, just make sure that he pays you for the ticket. Then you can have the rest of the day off," said Sheriff LIttle laughing into the CB mike.

"10-4 Sheriff. I'll talk to you later! I'm out," said Vicki as she hang up the CB mike.


"Hello Princess," said Hewey as she gave his fiancee' a kiss on the mouth a few minutes later as Vicki walk over to her fiance's car.

"Hello Handsome," said Vicki, returning Hewey's kiss.

"What was that you wanted to ask me, Princess?" asked Hewey as he helped Vicki sit on top of the hood on his convertible.

"About Max Davenport," said Vicki, taking Hewey's hand then added, "I heard it through Aunt Lulu that he was coming back to Hazzard to visit his cousins, Cooter & Hilery."

"So he's coming back to Hazzard, that's nice!" said Hewey angrily, taking a cigar out of his pocket to lit it for him to smoke.

Vicki placed a hand on Hewey's shoulder. "What's wrong?"

"Do you remember that story I told you earlier about me & Max?" asked Hewey.

"Yeah, Max at one time was your best friend, when you & Max were teenagers," said Vicki.

"That's right, princess. It was right before you moved here from Oklahoma," said Hewey as he continued smoking his cigar.

"Aunt Lulu told me that you & Max were involved in a fire, is that right?" asked Vicki, placing a arm on her fiance's shoulder.

"Yeah, on accident, I set Max on fire," said Hewey, turning away from Vicki.

"You've got to be kidding, Hewey!" said Vicki in shock.

"I'm not, Princess! It's the truth! In fact, the Dukes turned me in for Max's accident."

"That figures," mumbled Vicki then added, "They are always trying to mess things up. Even something that happened a long time ago."

The couple were in silence for a minute. "So did the Dukes tried to send you to jail?" asked Vicki sarcastically.

"Well, they tried too, but 6 months later, I got out on good behavior, so I moved back home to finish high school," said Hewey as he gave Vicki a hug.

"Now you're rich & powerful, just like your Uncle JD," said Vicki laughing.

"And the richest man in Chickasaw County thanks to some investments I bought," said Hewey laughing as he gave Vicki a hug then added, "Including buying out the Chickasaw Bank!"

Vicki smiled meanly at Hewey. "So would you be interested in going to Hazzard to visit Uncle JD?" "So I could accidently bump into Max Davenport?" asked Hewey.

"Only as long as I don't bump into the Dukes," said Vicki sarcastically.

"Sure, Princess! Let's go to Hazzard! Maybe I'll have some friends of mine meet me there so we call have some real fun there!" said Hewey laughing meanly.

Vicki giggled at Hewey. "Sounds good to me!" she said then added as she gave Hewey a ticket, "By the way, darling. You owe me $100 dollars for reckless driving or you have to spend the night in jail."

Hewey laughed at Vicki. "For you, my sweet princess, I'll spend the night at the Chickasaw Jail as long as you're there with me!"

"You're on, sweetheart," said Vicki as she slaps the handcuffs on Hewey's wrists then added smiling sweetly, "Let's go spend the night in jail so we can be ready to rule Hazzard County tomorrow."


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MMD2: This is MMD2 to MMD1 what's your status

MMD1: Boar's Nest as ordered

MMD2: 10-4. MMD2 to MMD legal

legal: GO 2 land in our possession, now go secure it as ordered

MMD2: 10-4. MMD AIR status?

Max: just buzzed Duke Farm, I think I have some people to deal with tho especially hilery.

MMD2: 10-4, MMD2 out

Hazzard net this is MMD any one home, till cooter to get to the Boar's nest asap

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"Well couz, ya' wanna head over to the Boars Nest for some fun?" Bo asked as he steped back ove to the General Lee with Luke by his side.

Chet didnt say anything, he just shook his head yes and sat on the door of Ghost watching as Hilery and Daisy got ready to leave for the Boars Nest as well. Without a word all of them pulled away, Ghost and the General practically side bye side. They arrived at the Boars Nest in a matter of minutes.

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There was something about the boar's nest that wasn't all that applealing to Bo Duke that day. He didn't know why but something in him wanted to look for some trouble. Now the young man of course was bored. Bo had this characteristic about him that always was looking for a new experience.

"Luke, I want to have some sort of fun today. I want to play detective or something," Bo commented as he looked at his cousin with those deep blue eyes. Luke knew how impaitent his cousin was. Everything about him was full of life. Today was too nice to just sit around.

"Look cuz, we will spent a bit of time at this place and soon after that we'll go and look for some trouble. I know that it has been too quiet around here," Luke replied. There had to be some trouble when the most exciting place on earth is being overrun by complete and utter silence.

Bo and Luke walked into the Boar's Nest and looked at Uncle Jesse just sitting there talking to Daisy. "Nice of you boys to finally join us here," Uncle Jesse said as he took a drink of his beer. The light fiz stuck to his whiskers and made them appear whiter. Bo giggled softly as he saw the sight. Of course he was aching for a drink. Bo didn't want to drink all that much afterall he was the one that loved to drive.

However, Boss Hogg's drinks don't really do much to him. if your beer was as watered down as his...well you wouldn't get that good of a reaction either. "Daisy, get me a watered down cold one complaments of Boss Hogg," Bo calmly remarked.

"One beer comin' up. Sit down and stay awhile Bo," Daisy replied. He couldn't sit. Bo had this sense of restlessness come over him. Something was going on and he could feel it in his bones.

"I don't know what it is about today but man I feel restless."

"Bo you have got to pull yourself together, come on and sit down," Uncle Jesse said. His nephew was always pulling some sort of new adittude. This one wasn't anything out of the ordanary.

"I don't want to."

"Bo, you know you're acting mighty weird."

"Well I am bored. Lately everyone has been quiet. For weeks I haven't even seen the law break out a chase on us. Something has to be going on...something I don't know about. Rosco has been so nice to me. Enos and Cletus smile when they pass by. I don't know if it is just me or what but this whole thing seems odd...even for Hazzard."

"I don't notice anything going on."

"Exactly." Bo wondered about this but didn't feel pressuing it would be a good idea.

"Here's your beer honey," Daisy states as she hands Bo the lightly coloured beer. Bo chugs it down and wipes his face on his tan shirt.

"Thanks Daisy, that was great," Bo answered his cousin.

"Wow, you want another one?"

"Naw, you can just relax a while 'cuz. I know you have had a very long day." Daisy pondered over her cousin. No one could understand why he was feeling the way he was...except for Luke of course.

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While everyone was gathering at the Boar's Nest, Vicki & Hewey were in a jail cell, sound asleep. Vicki was having a nightmare that has haunted her for several months.

This nightmare was due to her wild past in Hazzard County.

Vicki started mumbling in her sleep which awoke Hewey. The dream was about the final confrontation she had with Bo nearly a year earlier after she went crazy. "Leave me Alone! ... What do you mean that you want it to be over between us? Only because you saw me rob the Hazzard Bank ... I'm not going to let that happen ... So you want me to put down the gun, well sugar that is not going to happen right now, is it? ... Get inside right now! You're not going to get away until I'm long gone out of Hazzard County!"

Hewey started rubbing on Vicki's arm, trying to wake her up. "Honey! Wake up! You're having a nightmare!"

"I was?" mumbled Vicki as she was opening her eyes slowly.

"Yeah. Are you all right now, honey?" asked Hewey, hugging Vicki tightly.

"Well, if I still wasn't having that nightmare, I would be a lot better now!" said Vicki with slight anger in her voice.

"Well that is the same with me & Max Davenport. I can't believe that he & the Dukes put me in jail. It wasn't even my fault!" said Hewey.

"I know, sugar. Maybe what we need to do is to go to Hazzard to take care of them once and for all. Then maybe we won't have any more nightmares like that!" said Vicki as a tear fell down her face.

"Honey, let me use the phone for a minute. I'm going to make a phone call to some old friends of mine, then we will go to Hazzard to take care of some business!" said Hewey with a smile as Vicki unlocks the jail cell door.

BALLADEER: Friends & Neighbors, this isn't looking too good for the Dukes is it? Once these two comes back to Hazzard, everything will turn upside down for everyone!


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After settling the dispute of the repair bill for the patrol car....actually, after leaving Cooter and Boss the settle the dispute over the repair bill, Rosco dutifully headed back out on patrol. He had seen the cloud of dust caused by Max Davenport's semi's and knew where they were heading. Boss had mentioned the sale of 20 acres about a mile and half outside of town. Rosco wondered why Max Davenport had decided to come back to Hazzard now? The Sheriff recalled the incident between Max and Hughie Hogg and the whole mess that involved the Dukes as well. And if what Lulu said was correct, that Max was only here for a visit...what was with all the trucks and the purchase of land and the mobile homes comin' in....

Overhead, a plane buzzed. Rosco looked up through the windshield and saw the blue lettering on the underside of the wings. "MAD MAX DAVENPORT, STUNTMAN."

And the plane.

"Mad Max...Crazy Cooter...I wonder if they got a cousin named Louie. Looney Louie. KHEE!" Rosco giggled at his own joke. Flash barked, not necessarily amused.

"You didn't like that one darlin'?"


"I thought it was pretty good...."

The patrol car continued along the dusty roads of Hazzard County. Eventually Rosco found himself heading towards the Chickasaw border. He sighed, realizing he was going to have to turn around. He figured maybe he'd stop at the Boar's Nest, seeing as he wasn't that far away. He slowed down and was about to turn the patrol car around, when a cloud of dust on the other side of the county line caught his attention. He turned the Plymouth Fury around, pulled to the side of the road and stopped to look in his rearview mirror, seeing the car coming closer to the county line. Whoever it was, they were sure hell bent on getting to where ever they were going.

(Cue anyone)

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Hilery meanwhile was just arriving. She had had Daisy drop her off at the Davenport farm to get Jumper. She just had an odd feeling she might need it. There was also another odd feeling like an old friend was comming to Hazzard, but she just wasn't sure. You see, Hilery and Max had caused a lot of mischief each time Hil and her parents came down for a visit before that fateful day, when she was thirdteen. Infact, Hilery had taken over where Max had left off, in a way (infact, Hilery had just gotton out of the Hazzard jail a few days befroe for detinating a stink bomb in a patrol car :lol: )

Hilery looked up once more before going inside and seen Max's copter go by her, for the second time today. That boy, Hilery had learned, was quite the trouble maker.

Hilery finally opened the door and entered. She seemed to have something on her mind, which was very clear cause she ran right into 3 chairs on her way in. Everyone just laughed. Hil though wasn't in the mood to start a fight. Rosco and boss had said the next fight she started would get her kicked out of the boars nest completly.

"Hey, Daisy, could I get a rootbeer," Hil called out to her friend over at the bar. She then sat down with the others.

"Hey guys, sorry if i am late, but i wanted to get jumper."

"You drive that car everywhere, infact you go crazy when you don't have your car with you," Bo said.

"Luke, do me a favore and smack your cousin up side the head," Hilery said, just to crack a joke. Bo didn't like it though, grabbed a glass of water that had been daisy's, and he dumped it on Hils head. She was not at all happy. She just sat there. No way would she dump something on bo, but she would have dumped something on Luke if it had been him who had dumped the water on her. She finally couldn't take the laughing so she walked out of the 'Nest for a breath of fresh air.

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Dewey answered the phone in room 11 at the Hazzard Hotel.

"No, Hughie. I ain't interested in what ever scheme you up to this time. Aunt Lulu was gracious enough to forgive me for the last time we was here and Uncle Boss had that heart attack...Hughie, you gonna argue you like that, I ain't got nothing else to say to you. You could give me all the money in the world and I still won't team up with you. That's final. Goodbye, my former brother." Dewey hung the phone up with a look of disgust.

He headed out to his brand new corvette and headed toward the county line. If Hughie thought for one minute, he was gonna get one foot in Hazzard soil, well he had another thing comin'. He then radioed his cousin Cletus who took off for one of the other county lines.

Cletus was the one to relay the message to Boss and Lulu.

Boss was furious and made a call. He meet his nephew Dewey at the county line. Hughie would be no problem. After all he had more importnant things like Max Davenport to be concerned with.

Cletus smiled as another vehicle came screamin' by. It was Louie... the younger sister of Hughie and Dewey.

Folks, you thought her brothers were trouble makers...You ain't seen trouble till you've met Louie Elizabeth Rachel Hogg. She's as mean and nasty as her uncle is crooked. In fact, Bo and Luke'd rather eat a plate of Cousin Alice's pecan cookies before messin' with the orney southern belle.

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BALANDER: Well friends this is the boar's nest and u see that speck on the horizon, that is Mad Max finally comin home.

Max: Breakir 1 breaker 1 anyone copy this flyboy im comin home ill be arivin at the Boar's Nest in 5 min.

BALLANDER: Plane circles the Boar's nest and u see 2 objects come out one from the underside of the plane and one from the tail. a parashute pops on the item out of the tail after bout 3 minutes of free fall. During the 3 minutes you see a spot come off the item that came from under the plane and you see it drift over to the square object and disapear. You see one object pic up speed headin for a spot in the parking lot bout 10 feet from the Boar's nest.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goes the last item from the plane. Yep folks Max just dropped a bomb on Hazzard to announce he was home. The box lands as everyone comes out of the Boar's Nest and the box falls open and a silver car tears off down the road

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Cooter pulls up to the Boar's nest and sees something fall from the sky and hit right where bosses caddy and a squad car is parked.


Cooter ducks the debrise that is flyin from the spot. Bits of caddy and squad car land all over the parking lot. A pair of horns and the flashing police lights land in the back of Coter's tow truck. He sees a silver lamber racing away

BALANDER: Now my friends that was an enterance. Here we see Billy Bronson who is max's brother but they don't know it cause Billy was adopted at the moment of birth from the Hogg maternity Clinic by a couple from california. Billy is comin to find out who he is and is in for more then he bargened for.

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Racin out of the parkin lot Max almost hits Cooter's tow truck and races down the road.

MAX: This is roughrider to legal eagle you copy

LAWYER: Item secured and a fleet of roadrunners are on their way there.

DRIVER1: This is road runner 1 we are onsie and settin up

MAX: Has house fly made it yet

DRIVER2: This is house fly im within 3 clicksof home base

MAX: 10-4 im in route meet you there

Races away to meet up with the rest of hes group

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NEAR CHICKASAW COUNTY LINE: (at the same time)

BALLADEER: Friends & Neighbors, I told y'all that Vicki Lynn Coletrane wasn't the same redhead little lady like she once was. Here's where y'all will find out why...

As "Mad Max" was running off from the Boar's Nest to meet his friends, a classic early 70's red Corvette was traveling at a high rate of speed towards the Hazzard County line.

*The personalized license tag on the back of the Corvette reads CherryRed*

Inside the sportscar were 2 gentlemen and a young woman. The gentlemen were friends of Hewey's and the young woman was indeed Vicki Lynn Coletrane. They were heading towards Hazzard to start their latest string of schemes.

Wearing dark sunglasses, Vicki looks out the window, wondering if this is a mistake going back into Hazzard County.

The last time she came here, it was Christmas, and no one except her family and the Coletrane family knew that she was here. She had sneaked into Hazzard County from the north out of Tennessee so wouldn't be seen by anyone else, especially the Dukes.

While Roger was driving her Corvette, Vicki gasped outloud when she noticed a white patrol car about 1000 feet in front of them. "Roger, Stop!!"

Roger slammed on his brakes. "What's wrong, Red?" asked Roger.

"Are you all right, Red?" asked Torey, putting an arm around the trembling redhead.

"We had to time it just right, didn't we?" asked Vicki sarcastically, as she glared at the patrol car. She noticed that Rosco was staring at them.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Roger, looking at Vicki then added, "Why are you trembling?"

"I'm just a little nervous. In front of us is my Uncle Rosco's patrol car!" said Vicki as she scrunched down in the backseat of the classic Corvette.

"Why are you so jumpy?" asked Roger.

"Did you & your uncle get into an argument or something?" asked Torey.

"Well, he seemed allright when I was here for Christmas several months back. He thought that I might have changed some while I was in the hospital for some tests, but I think that he might still be upset that I helped Hewey steal some money out of the Hazzard Bank a year ago," said Vicki, brushing a tear away from her blue-gray eyes.

"Yeah, I remember that day. I captured that witness that saw you & Hewey going into Hazzard Bank after hours, and held him while y'all escaped into Tennessee with all that money," said Torey, smiling meanly.

Vicki rolled her eyes, remembering who that witness was. "Too bad you got caught by those Dukes, Torey. But I'm glad that Hewey bailed you out of jail the next day."

"That happened in your past, Vicki. I wouldn't worry about it right now," said Roger, smiling at the redhead. "Maybe you're right," said Vicki, sighing loudly.

"So what do you want us to do, Red?" asked Torey, watching the white patrol car in front of them.

Vicki smiled slightly as she was dialing Hewey's number into her car phone. "Go ahead & drive. Just drive 55 exactly when you cross that county line. Not one over or one under or my uncle will try to stop you for speeding."

"Sure thing, Red," said Roger laughing then added, "Let's see if the Sheriff will follow us now."

*If Rosco reads my license tag right, he'll know this is my car* thought Vicki as Roger drives the Corvette across the Hazzard County line. :p

CUE: Rosco, Maryanne, or Anyone Else

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"Oooh jit!" Rosco watched the car come to a sudden stop and sit there for a moment, dust swirling around it. They obviously seen him and he grinned. He had somebody's attention.

When it started moving again, he kept his eye on it, watching it approach the county line at a more subdued pace. As it got closer, he identified it as an early 70's red Corvette. The car rumbled past him and he looked straight into the cockpit, noticing two men and one woman.

The woman looked familar and upon seen the license plate, Rosco had a positive ID. It was his neice, Vicki.

He clocked the Corvette doing exactly 55. But he followed anyway. No lights, no siren, just an annoying white speck in the rearview mirror of Corvette. Rosco snickered. Vicki may have been his neice, but it was time to dispense some justice....

(cue...anyone! :) )

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After Roger drove the red Corvette across the Hazzard County line, Vicki looked back behind her. Sure enough, Rosco started tailing them.

"Just as I thought, y'all! My uncle is following us," said Vicki angrily as she looked behind her at the nagging patrol car then added into her car phone to Hewey, "Darling, we have a tail behind us. And it's not the Dukes. Do you want me to turn around and head back until it gets dark?"

Hewey laughed into his phone inside his room at the Boarding house in Chickasaw. "Let me guess. Is it a white patrol car?"

Vicki frowned as she looked back behind her. "You could say that. I'm tempted to pull over just to see what Rosco wants."

"Princess, if you want our plan to follow through tonight, that might not be a good idea right now for you to pull over," said Hewey.

"Maybe you're right, darling. We're only about 2 miles inside the county line right now. How about if we meet you at my dad's fishing shack on Mountain Creek Lake in about 30 minutes?" asked Vicki into her car phone as she noticed behind her that Rosco was speeding up a little more.

"Princess, let me remember...That was the hideout that we used a year ago after that robbery at the Hazzard Bank, is that right?" asked Hewey.

"That's right, sweetheart. Other than money, we left something here by mistake," said Vicki, laughing meanly then added, "This is the 1st place I went after I left Hazzard County. You were there with me after you bailed yourself out of jail."

"That's right, sugar. I'll meet you there. See you later," said Hewey as he hung up the phone. "Bye," said Vicki as she hung her phone back up then added to Roger, "Turn here to the right. This road will take you to Mountain Creek Lake, and back to Chickasaw County."

"Sure thing, Red," said Roger as he turned the red Corvette onto Mountain Creek Road, heading towards the lake. Vicki glances behind her as she noticed that the patrol car continued to follow them...

CUE: Anyone! Have fun y'all! :p

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"Howdy boys," Louie walked up to the car that Coy and Vance were in. "Just what are you two side winders doin' here?"

They looked at her. "Boss called us."

She narrowed her dark eyes at them. "He didn't tell me about it."

"Uh, well maybe it was a bad idea we came here." The blonde said.

The brunette nodded in agreement.

"I suggest you fellas get the hell out of here inless you want to go to the slammer for a long time." She took a pack of cigarettes from her pocket, took one out.

They watched as she put that back and got a lighter from her other jeans pocket, then lit the cigarette and took a puff of it before she looked at them again.

"I'm willin' to make sure you fellas are paid well if you leave and don't come back," She paused and smiled. "Enough money you will never have to work again. Just give me a week to send it to ya."

Coy and Vance looked at each other. What a dream come true. "Ok, you got a deal."

Louie threw the cigarette down and stamped it out with her boot. "Take care, boys."

"You too." One of them said as she disappeared.

(cue anyone)

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Boss sat in his Boar's Nest office and looked at his pocket watch with a scowl. "I shoulda known better than to try to make a deal with Dukes. What the heck is keeping Coy and Vance??" They were a good 20 minutes late to their appointment.

If that wasn't bad enough, somebody went and bombed his caddy, along with somebody's patrol car. Figuring things could only get worse, Boss picked up the CB mike. "Rosco! You gotcher ears on? Over..."

Rosco was still tailin' Vicki in her Corvette. "That's a big 10-4 lil' fat buddy! Khee! Over."

"What in tarnation are you up to out there? Over..."

"Well right now I'm tailin' a lil' red Corvette....hmm...wasn't that a song? Anyway, I'm tailin' this Corvette that just rolled in from Chickasaw. Over."

"So? Over."

"So?? I'll have you know that I know that Vicki is in that car and if Vicki's back in Hazzard yer lil' piglet of a nephew known as Hughie can't be far behind! Over..."

Boss groaned. He was right. Things were gonna git worse.

"Well you keep tailin' her then! And if you see Hughie, so help me, you haul 'em outta Hazzard, ya hear?" Boss clicked the talk button again. "Over."

"That's a big fat affirmative! I'm gone! Over."

(cue anybody!)

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Now you see, Coy and Vance were heading back towards the county line, Vicki was back and Hughie wasn't going to be that far behind, Dewey Hogg was in the Hazzard motel, Louie was in Hazzard, and Mad Max Davenport was back. Boy things are gonna hit the fan sooner or later, aint they?

After the bombing Hilery had gotten into her beloved 1968 Ford Shelby Mustang SE, Jumper, and had started tailing the silver vehicle at a distance. When she seen the yellow car swerve to avoid the silver car, she had gotten a good glimpse of the drivers, and she was not fond of them one bit. she down right hated them. Just when they went to get out of her own way, she pulled hard into the stearing wheel and knocked them into the ditch. Cooter would have to come out and give them a tow. There was no way in heck they were going to get away with comming and going without everyone knowing.

Hilery stopped and checked to make sure they were ok then went on her way. She sped down the road and when she was able to see the lambergini again, she slowed down to a steady forty five as was the speed limit on that particular road.

When he turned onto Hogg road, an alarm went off in her head. She had heard one of his transmissions on the CB about home base and there had only been one farm that had been up for sale in the area. It had been forclosed on about a year ago.

She darted up an old cow path that served as a short cut which cut about five miles of the road. Max was gonig to get a wake up call on the penalties for loosing touch with family.

As she neared the road Boss had named after his family, Jumper bagan to buckle suddenly.

"Oh no, Jumper, please don't do this to me now sweet heart," she pleaded. Suddenly the engine stopped completely. "Great! This is just great," Hilery shouted in frustration. She had just bearly gotten onto the road when it quit. Hil looked down at the gas guage adn realized the problem. When Cooter borrowed her yesterday, he never put any fuel in her like he was asked. Muttering something about her second cousin never being as reliable as most would think, she filled the tank. It was while she was filling it though, Max seen her and stopped wondering who she was and if she needed any help.

"Hello ma'am, ya need any help?"

"Well howdy yourself Max." He looked at her questioningly. she looked very familiar. Then he felt something that felt like a two ton bolder drop on him. It was Hilery. Now he was in for it.

"Um, hi Hil. How have you been?"

"real good, but you have ten seconds to run before I beat ya half the death for loosin contact with us and just dissappearing," she said as a tow truck pulled up. Hilery had called him on the CB to tell him what was going on and the fact she wanted to talk to him, namely about his not fillin jumper up with gasoline. She wouldn't have been able to reach him if it wasn't for Boss being at the boars nest wiht his CB on. . . granted it cost her 5 bucks for him to deliver the message which was proptly put on her tab.

(cue the characters of Max and or Cooter)

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Max seein his cuz Hillery dives back into hes lamber and peals off throwin dirt and rock the deirection of his cuz. Mad Max pickin up speed seein a 45mph sign he passes the sign at 90.

Max: Lets see the locals catch me. and that other car that was followin me

Max blows by a red convertable and squadcar at 90 mph and heads for his new home and the sight of Gemini Stunts Inc.

Cooter returns to his garage and calls the farm and gets no answer.

Max: Home base this is wild child everything set?

'Homebase' :10-4 wild child waitin for u

Max ok Homebase I had picked up a tail; but lost it. could be a local


BALANDER: Folks here come trouble, Coy and Vance did not take the warning and now they end up in a ditch near the Boar's Nest

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Near the Chickasaw County line, Roger swerved to the right as the silver sportscar passed them like they were nothing.

"What the world was that?" asked Roger.

Vicki glanced in front of them. "A sportscar that could beat the Dukes in any race," giggled the redhead then added, "But I do believe that it was Hughie's old friend Max Davenport."

"Wasn't Max the one that put Hughie in jail when they were teenagers?" asked Torey. "Yeah, that happened just before I moved out here from Oklahoma," said Vicki, brushing her red hair back then added as she looked behind them, "Roger. speed up! That crazy Sheriff is trying to catch up with us."

"No problem, Red," said Roger, looking into his rear view mirror then added as he noticed the General Lee behind them, "Vicki, I know that you're not in the best of moods right now, but take a quick look behind you, behind that Sheriff's car."

"DRAT! DANG! Max's cousin must have told them that I was back in Hazzard County," said the redhead angrily as she reached into her purse for her small hand gun then added, "Roger, if they try to run up beside us, run them off the road. I don't want them following us into Chickasaw County."

"What about the Sheriff?" asked Torey. "Don't worry about him. Rosco can't follow us into Chickasaw County. It will be out of his jurdiction. We'll have to come back later with Hughie anyway," said Vicki then added to Roger, "Up here on the right between 2 large trees is a old dirt road. I want you to take that road. It will take us back to the hideout and right into Chickasaw County where we'll be safe from the Crazy idiots in Hazzard County." Torey & Roger died laughing from Vicki's remark.

"Vicki, you better duck down. That orange car is trying to come up beside us," said Roger, noticing in his rear view mirror that Luke was trying come up beside them.

"Hey! You crazy redhead! Pull over! I want to talk to you!" said Bo into the CB mike. Looking vengeful at Bo, Vicki picked up her CB mike. "No way, plowboy! If ya follow us into Chickasaw County, I'll have Sheriff Little arrest y'all for breaking your probation!"

"You are crazy, Vicki! Sheriff LIttle only gave you that job because we sent you to a mental hospital, and he visited you there!" said Bo back into the CB mike.

"Yeah, thanks to you, I'm much happier now than I was when I was working in Hazzard County," added Vicki back into the CB mike then added, "Why don't you leave me alone. We're just here taking a drive. I don't want to be bothered by you right now."

"Fine with me! Go back to Hughie! See if I care!" barked Bo back into the CB mike. "With pleasure, plowboy!" yelled Vicki angrily into the CB mike.

"Vicki, are you all right?" asked Roger as he was swerving, trying to avoid contact with the General Lee.

"No! Force them off the road, now. We're less than 1000 feet from where we have to turn to go to the hideout," said Vicki as she glared meanly at Bo & Luke then added, "I'm in no mood for any tails right now."

"Sure thing, Red. Just calm down. I'll get rid of that orange car," said Roger as he cuts sharply in front of the General Lee, causing Luke to swerve and go off the road and right into the mud.

Vicki giggled into the CB mike as they drove past them, "I hope that y'all enjoy the mud. Have fun!"

"Vicki, that sheriff is still on our tail," said Torey, looking behind them.

"Don't worry about it," said Vicki as she noticed that Roger turned onto a dirt road then added, "This is where we lose that Sheriff."

Sure enough, Rosco turned his patrol car around and started headed towards the mud covered General Lee.

After skidding into the mud, Bo & Luke looked in shock as the speeding corvette passed them, and made a sharp right turn between 2 large trees.

"You all right, cousin?" asked Luke, looking at Bo concernedly.

"No! I can't believe that we were side-swiped off the road by that crazy redhead, and we can't do a thing about it! She's out of control!" said Bo.

"Bo, calm down. Vicki's hasn't went crazy. She's just working on the wrong side of the law. Besides, her goons were the one that forced us off the road," said Luke as he was trying to calm Bo down.

"I know, Luke," said Bo sighing loudly as he noticed that Rosco was pulling up beside them after turning around from chasing the crazy redhead... :p


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