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Max: homebase this is wildchild.

H:go wild

Max:i just blew by a red convertable and it looks like they r headin this way prepare the welcome wagon

H:10-4 wild

lookin at his digital speedometer Max sees he is doin 175 on a country road and the lamb is handling the road great.

All Vicki can do is follow the dust that Max is kickin up.

Vicki arrives at the farm and it now has a razor wire and electric fence on the perimeter. The silver car is parked accross the gate.

Max: I dont know who you are but this is private property and you need to move on.


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Roger drove the corvette slowly across the Chickasaw County line towards the driveway of the Baxter farm.

"Someone has been here recently. That is a nice looking fence someone put up," said Vicki as she eyed the fence.

"And I bet it was expensive too. See all that electric wires all around the top of the fence?" asked Torey, eyeing the fence down.

"Weren't you & Hughie here last week?" asked Roger as he slowed the convertible down.

"Yeah, Hughie & I came up here to check things out before we started our new scheme, and this fancy fence wasn't here. Hughie & I don't have enough money right now to pay for a fence this expensive," said Vicki, brushing her red hair back.

"Isn't this your dad's property that you & Hughie were talking about?" asked Torey.

"Yeah. My dad paid Miles Baxter for this land 5 years ago. I can't believe that someone could trespass on our land. My dad told me that I could borrow his cabin anytime I wanted to," said Vicki angrily eyeing down the silver sportscar in front of them as Roger pulls the convertible to a stop as Max walked over to them.


"I don't know who you are, but y'all need to leave. This is private property," said Max.

"You probably don't know who I am, but I know who you are. You're Max Davenport aren't you?" asked Vicki sarcastically.

"Yeah, how did you know that? You still need to get off my land," said Max.

"You're pushy aren't you," said Vicki with a wild giggle. "The Hazzard side of this land may belong to you, but the Chickasaw side of the land belongs to my dad, Dick Jones. I'm Vicki Lynn Jones."

"I think that I heard of you before. Can you prove that you own that land? Why are you here? You have to have a reason why you want access to that land," said Max sarcastically.

"Here," said Vicki angrily as she handed Max over a piece of paper then added as she raised her gun towards Max's face, "Is this a good enough reason to prove that I own part of this land?"

"I don't believe this. I'd thought that Boss Hogg owned part of this land," said Max as he backed away from the redhead then added, "This paper does prove that you own part of this land, but I still don't like it."

"Boss Hogg does own the Hazzard side, but my dad bought the Chickasaw side so he could stash his moonshine. I'm so sorry that my dad bought the Chickasaw side," said Vicki sarcastically giving Max a smile.

"This old house on Hazzard County side looks like that it has been deserted for a while," said Max as he was walking towards the old run-down farmhouse.

"Well, I used it about a year ago as a hideout after my friends & I robbed the Hazzard Bank and Boar's Nest," said Vicki, showing Max where her friends were standing.

"Did you ever get caught?" asked Max. "No, never did. Only because my fiance' owns part of Chickasaw County," said Vicki with a smile then added, "I hid in a mental hospital for a little while after the robberies until everything cooled off in Hazzard."

"You're too pretty & crazy to be a crook. Then who are you working with? If I give you access to Chickasaw County side then you have to give me a reason why," said Max.

Vicki smiled brightly at Max as she then wacks him over the head with her gun... Max stares in shock at the fleeing redhead & her goons.

"Maybe I'll tell you or show you later who I'm working with, Max." said Vicki crazily then added as she was getting back into the convertible, "If you give me access to MY own land."

Max just stares in shock as he watches the red corvette convertible drive fast out of the driveway...

"That was one crazy lady," thought Max then added, "I wonder who she is working with and why she wants this land?"

CUE: Max or Anyone! Y'all have fun with this post! :wink:

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As soon as Vicki is out of site Max pulls out his cell phone and places a call. Speaking in spanish Max asks his "associates" in California to send him out some 'boys out to Hazzard on his own jet and he will hav their cars brought for them.

BALANDER: These boys that Max is talkin bout is mofia and they are not big fans of Boss Hoggs. Also dont forget bout Bronson he and his sister are comin to Hazzard like a train on its way to a wreck.

3 hours later::::::::::::::::::::

25 humvie limos pull up at MMD Production and 250 big boys get out and await Maxes orders

Max: OK now i want 50 of you of the chicasaw boundry of this property and after 8 hours an equal number will take your place this will be done in 3 shifts, the rest of you will be doing other things. 5 of you will be my bodyguards.

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BALLANDER: Friends you remeber that mobel home that we saw before well it has arrived in Hazzard.

Billy: So this is Hazzard, i think that I should go to the court house and find out what I can. (The female with him just nods)

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BALLANDER: Friends the lady with Billy Bronson is "SwitchBlade" Sandra Bronson who is his adopted sister one of the toughest girl around.

Billy: Now Switchblade Im goin to the courthouse to find us a place.

SwitchBladeSandra: Ok we can go get a place and find this family of yours.

After 30 min Billy and Sandra are walkin out with the deed to a condemmed warehouse.

Billy: Sis are you ready to go clear our new property?

Sandra: Sure bro

The 2 walk by Cooter's garage and u see Cooter scratch his head

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While all of Hazzard seemed to be turning into Hell breaking loose, Rosco and the Dukes boys traded notes. They were able to confirm a few things:

1. Vicki was back in Hazzard...even if she had just escaped into Chickasaw. And if Vicki was back that meant Hughie wasn't far behind.

2. Mad Max Davenport was back in town, and had apparently brought a lot of friends with him.

3. If Max and Hughie were to meet up at some point.....eeeeek...

"Daisy told us on the CB that she saw Dewey in town too," Luke said.

"Yeah," Bo concurred. "Does Boss know that?"

Rosco shook his head. "No, I don't think he does. I wonder just how many of Boss's kin are gonna show up?"

"Not to mention Cooter's totally wacked cousin, Max," Luke added. He looked at Bo. "Ya reckon Cooter knows it's HIS kin that's causin' a good deal of the ruckus?"

"If he don't, he's gonna find out right quick."

"Listen fellas, maybe Hazzard's in for something that we all need to be prepared for."

Luke nodded. "Yeah. Why don't you follow us over to the Boar's Nest. Maybe we can find out some more over there from Daisy."

Rosco nodded. A moment later the General and patrol car headed down the road to the Boar's Nest....

(Next! LOL)

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"Country Girl callin' the Duke's and Crazy C, y'all got your ears on guys?" Hilery called over the CB. She was on her way back to town after loosing Max.

"This here is Lost Sheep, whats up Country Girl?" Luke answered to her call.

"Don't know if y'all are aware, but Coy and Vance are back. They are about a mile from the Nest in a ditch. I am heading twards town now."

"Coy and vance are what!? Looks like Hazzard is having a regular home commin!"

"Judas Priest on a Pony! I thought they left for good!"

"Hey countrygirl, sorry I am so late getting to the CB, something caught my eye over at the court house, but I have been listening. Are there any more suprises comming at us?"

"Yes, Max is back. Lost him over on Hogg road about 15 minutes ago. Passed red while i was at it."

"Are you sure it was about fifteen minutes ago? A few ago I think I seen him up here walking with some lady."

"Coot, i am very sure cousin. It takes atleast 20 minutes to get from where i was to town, so it might not have been him. I looked at hte clock on my radio when I ran out of gas cause somebody didn't fill my gas tank yesterday like he promissed."

"Cooter, you forgot to fill the gas tank? but yeah, we know 'bout vicki." LUke burst out laughing.

"LUke, shut up." cooter said flatly. So he made a mechanical mastake, oh well. aint' like it he forgets to put gas in a car all the time.

"Listen, I'm heading to town now, see ya in a bit."

Hilery put her mic donw and sped up. She was going the speed limit and just out of no where an RV pulled out. Hilery pulled hte wheel hard and remembered rosco had knocked the stop sign out htat had been at that corner the day before. She pumped her breaks and finally slid to a stop after making a dent in her rear fender from the near by tree.

Hilery climbed out a little startled adn slightly daized only to see a young woman get out of hte RV.

"Oh my God, I am so sorry, My brother dont' know how to drive at all sometimes!"

"It's ok, that is a blind spot and the stop sign that was there was knocked out yesterday." She said gesturing to the red octigon on the ground.

"Listen if yo need a tow truck or anything we can pay for it."

"Listen, its really ok, cause you see, i work at the hazzard garage with my cousin who owns it."

"A lady machanic?" Hilery shrugged and was a little starteled when a man that looked like max came out from around the side of the RV where the tire had popped.

(cue Bomber.)

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Comin round the rv Billy looks at the tire.

Billy: Son of a b***h a flat tire now it will take longer to get to our new home.

Switchblade and the local girl look at Billy cussin

Switch: watch ur language there Bomber there is a young lady here :x

Bomber:sorry sis

Sandra"switch":ok bro (turnin to hillery) my name is Switchblade Sandra and the cussing one is my adopted brother Bomber Billy.

Billy: Switch get over here and get my the tire while i get this one off

Sandra: ok Billy

Sandra and Billy change the tire and go back to talkin to Hillery


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"Anyway, I am so sorry. I should have remembered that was out before barrelling through that intersection."

"its quit OK ma'am," The one called switchblade said.

"yeah sorry about my big mouth."

"Eh, it's ok. Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself" Hilery smiled. "My name is Hilery Davenport. You may call me Hil or Hilery." She said and offered her hand.

"Nice to meet you."

"yeah. Listen, could you point us toward the old ware house on hogg road, its right by the lake. We just bought it."

"Sure just follow me, i'll show you which way. . . You know, you like just like my older second cousin max. Only difference is he has a patch on his eye."

"Hot Dang, Max is your cousin? I've worked with him before. Both of us are stunt men."

"You guys look like you could pass for identical twins."

"They have been told that before Hil." The other woman said.

"Oh, by the way, Max is in hazzard. I think he bought the place just up the road from y'alls property." She smiled then walked over and got into Jumper. "Just don't git lost and try to keep up! And stay tuned to channel 20 on the CB" She called out as they all took off towards the destination.

While they were driving, Hilery called Cooter on the CB.

"THis is country girl calling crazy cooter, you got your ears on come on?"

"I might be crazy but i ain't dumb, this is crazy cooter comming back at ya countrygirl, whats up? Your a little late getting back to town, come back."

"Well, I'm gonna be a lot longer, boss sold the old ware house on hogg road an dI am helping some folks find it. its just up the street from where i think max is hiding."

"Ten four."

"well, I'm gone cousin. Talk to ya later, Over and out."

(cue anyone who feels like posting LOL and thanks max for the info used in this post)

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**Y'all, you probably think that I'm crazy (my character Vicki is in this story), but I'm going to add a little spice to this story.**


BALLADEER: Y'all tell me if this is a bad dream. Hughie Hogg getting married?? :o

Meanwhile, at a seculded hideout near Mountain Creek Lake in northern Chickasaw County, Hughie Hogg was pacing back-n-forth waiting for Vicki & her goons to show back up.

"Where the heck is my bride to be? She should have been back by now," thought Hughie, holding his hands behind his back as he paced in front of the rustic, but newer cabin. "I have everything set up... I've picked up the ring...I've picked up her dress from the alterations shop...and the precher is here. Where is she??"

Going inside the cabin, Hughie picked up the phone in the living room and started dialing a number, but he then smiled when he notices a red corvette pulling up outside...

"What has Hughie been doing this time?" asked Vicki as she stepped out of the corvette, looking around the rustic cabin in awe.

Before Roger could answer her, Hughie stepped in front of him, placing his arm around the redhead. "Waiting for my bride-to-be to show up. I can't wait another day to be without you, Princess. I want to marry you right now."

"What did you just say, cowboy? You want to marry me right here?" asked Vicki, swaying slightly in shock as Hughie held her then added, "I thought that you wanted to have a small family wedding here this weekend."

"I did, sugar. But I thought we could speed things up a bit. When we go to Hazzard tomorrow to visit, I want you to go there with me as my wife," said Hughie as he reached into his pocket, and got out a jeweler's box.

Looking at her engagement ring, (which was a 1/2 carat princess solatire with platium band) Vicki smiled again. "You know, the happiest I have ever been in the last year was with you, Hughie."

"The same here, Princess. Even when you were at the mental institution from having a nervous breakdown courtesy of the Dukes, I was there helping you get better."

"So you're wanting to do this just to make me feel better?" asked Vicki, pulling away from Hughie.

"No, sweet princess. I'm doing this because I love you more than anything, and my love can't live without you another day. I love you, Vicki," said Hughie sincerely pulling Vicki back into his arms.

Vicki just stared back at Hughie, as the tears of happiness falls down her face.

"What's wrong, princess?" asked Hughie, brushing a tear away from Vicki's eyes then added, "Why are you crying?"

"Hughie, I'm not sad, I'm happy," said Vicki, ignoring her tears as she kissed Hughie hungrily on the mouth then added, "And I'm falling in love with you more every day."

"Princess, don't worry about us ever. We'll always be happy together running Chickasaw County, and later Hazzard County for our enjoyment," said Hughie, picking Vicki up off the ground, and swing her around in his arms.



Walking outside the cabin, Vicki nearly floats down the stairs in a daze, but somehow, she makes it to her NEW husband's gray truck. On the back windshield in white letters, a sign says "JUST MARRIED"

Opening the truck door without waking up her new husband, after checking her wrist watch, Vicki dials a number into the car phone.

Lulu Hogg answers the phone on the 3rd ring. "Hello."

"Hi, Lulu. Guess who this is?" said Vicki with a slight giggle in her voice.

"Well, hello, young lady. How are you and Hughie doing in Chickasaw?" asked Lulu.

Vicki giggled loudly. "I know that my mom is still there playing cards with you & Boss. Why don't you just put her on, and she can tell you in a few minutes."

"Okay," said Lulu into the phone then added to Mary, "It's for you."

After a few minutes, Mary puts the phone back in its cradle. "I don't believe it...but I have to be happy for her. I always thought in the past that Bo was perfect for her, but this is a shocker," said Mary in shock.

"What's wrong, honey," asked Dick as he picked a card up off the deck.

"What is it, Mary? Did something happened to Vicki?" asked Lulu.

"WHAT! Lulu, why was you talking to her? She's with that low-down varmit Hughie right now!" said Boss angrily.

"And Vicki just married him in Chickasaw County!" said Mary in shock.

"HOLY HANNAH! I HAVE TO CALL ROSCO AND TELL HIM THE SHOCKING NEWS!" said Boss as he rushes to the phone...

BALLADEER: Y'all, I can't believe it. What a shocking event! What's going to happen now in Hazzard??

CUE: WHOEVER WANTS TO ADD AND HAVE FUN! Hughie Hogg married?? YAY! :lol:

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BALLANDER: Friends, I'm curious. What is Billy and Sandra doin here in Hazzard County?

Billy, Sandra and Hlery drive up Hogg Road to the old warehouse, and they stop.

Hilery: This is it. How much land did you buy out here?

Billy: We bought all the land in a 5 mile radius of the warehouse.

Hilery: Damn that is a lot of land.

Sandra: Yes it is. We have plans and we can't talk bout them yet.

Billy: I'm gonna go in and look around.

Sandra: What can you tell me Bout Mad Max?

*************CUE HILERY************************

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BALLANDER: Friends “Max’s Boys†have spread out and are takin care of their jobs.

Max: Jester we need to fix our property line with Chickasaw County.

Jester: Yes sir, we are busy fortifying this property as we speak.

Max: Good, nice anticipation. Track down Hughie and Vicki and report to me on what they do and where they go.

Jester: Getting someone on that now

Max: (nods as he reaches for the cb mic) Breaker 1, breaker 1Hazzard this is Mad Max I’m back a word of warning to all Hoggs and Coletrains, BEST STAY CLEAR OF ME. It’s been 10 years since I left Hazzard. Anything that happens between Hughie Hogg and myself is between us. !!!SO JD HOGG AND ROSCO STAY OUT OF THIS. Mad Max out.


JD: How dare Mad Max tell me to stay out of this. Rosco get the county ordenences and laws to see what you can find to stop Mad Max and go back 10 years to find out who this Mad Max is

Rosco: Boss no need. This Mad Max is Maxwell Davenport, the one who had your nephew locked up 10 years ago.

JD: THAT MAX!!! Find any thing you can to lock him up right away.

Rosco: Sure thing Little Fat Buddy.


Casper’s voice: Mad Hatter this is Friendly Ghost

Max: Go Casper

Casper: The Fat one is looking to lock you up.

Max: Damn Hogg can’t keep his fat nose out of my business. Well I’ll teach him and that damned Rosco.


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Rosco came out of Boss's office and found the Dukes (Coy and Vance included....they'd been pulled from the ditch and brushed off) along with Daisy at a table. He walked over.

"Bad news, bad news, I think we're in trouble."

"What's going on?" Luke asked.

"Mad Max just broadcasted on the CB for me and Boss to stay out of his way while he's looking for Hughie."

"You know, if it weren't for all these out of towners that are running around here, I'd say let Max and Hughie go at it," Luke said. He then shook his head. "I've got a feeling there's something bigger going down."

"So what do we do?" Bo asked.

"Well, as much as I ain't too keen on saving Hughie's hide I figure if we can get him out of the way for a little while and find a way to neutralize Max's posse, then we'll let them two slug it out. But we're gonna need some reinforcements tho'..." He looked up at Rosco with a grin. "Reckon that cousin of yours in California could help us out?"

"Khee! I bet he'd be delighted."

"Awright, here's what we gotta do in the meantime....." Luke's voice dropped low and he shared his plan with his cousins and the Sheriff.

(Next! Khee!)

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Luke looked at everyone who were now gathered outside the Boar's Nest around the General. He pushed the talk button.

"Did she say who they are?"

"Yeah. Fellas name is "Bomber Billy" and his sister Sandra, who goes by Switchblade. Apparently they's stunt people too. They're curious about ol' Max. I tell ya, ya think there was a half price sale a Rhuebottoms or something with all these folks comin' into town!"

Luke laughed. "She mention anything else about them?"

"Naw, that was it. Remember y'all, all that land's over by the Chickasaw border. If you head over there, you best tread carefully."

"We will Crazy C. Thanks for the info."

"Anytime. Hollar if ya need me."

"10-4." Luke dropped the CB mike back into the General.

"That reminds me," Rosco said. "Another piece of news for y'all...Vicki just got married in Chickasaw. To Hughie Hogg."

"Man this just gets better, don't it?" Bo said.

"If Vicki's not careful, she's gonna git caught in a crossfire," Daisy said.

"Which means we need to get movin' quick," Luke said. "You better git a hold of your cousin, Rosco."

The Sheriff nodded.

Luke looked at Bo, Coy and Vance. "We got some scoutin' work to do, so let's get going."

(Cue anybody! :) )

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About the same time in Chickasaw County...

"Sugar, where are you heading?" asked Vicki as she followed her new husband Hughie Hogg down the steps of their cabin.

"Princess, why don't take a ride with me. We're going to head towards Hazzard," said Hughie, opening the door for Vicki to their dark gray truck.

"Why?" asked Vicki, getting into the truck as she slide over to the passenger side.

"I didn't like what Max was saying just now over the CB. It makes me think that he wants to have it out with me, and he told Uncle Boss & Rosco to bug off," said Hughie angrily as he pulled out of the driveway.

"So why are you going there? Don't you know that your Uncle Boss & Rosco might throw you in jail for coming back to Hazzard?" asked Vicki sarcastically as she looked out the window at the wildflowers then added, "They might even try to throw me in jail too for trying to side swipe them yesterday."

"Vicki, I want to confront Max myself. I want to get some sort of revenge on him for what he did to me 10 years ago by sending me to jail for something I didn't do."

"Like that fire he started," said Vicki as she squeezed her husband's hand.

"That's right, princess. When I get down in his throat, before I squeeze it, I'm going to ask him why he sent me to jail," said Hughie angrily as he turned the truck onto Hogg road.

"Well, that's one way of getting even with him," giggled Vicki wildly. :p

"Honey, aren't we on the road that crosses over that land that Max thinks that he owns?" asked Hughie a few minutes later. "Yeah, we should be coming up to the turnoff that goes to my dad's moonshine still site & cabin. Hopefully, Max hasn't run across it yet," said Vicki as she brushed her auburn red hair back away from her eyes.

"Uh...oh. We have some company in front of us. Take a look," said Hughie as he slams on the brakes. "Well, I knew that our timing couldn't have been much better," said Vicki sarcastically, glancing at the cars stopped in front of her near the county line.

"I'd thought that Roger & Torey were supposed to keep an eye on them," said Hughie angrily as he pulled the gray truck over behind a large tree. "They were. I don't know why they let them leave the Boar's Nest. They were supposed to call us," said Vicki angrily as she gets a small suitcase out from under her seat then added, "I guess we're going to have to use these so no one will be able to recognize us."

As Vicki opened the suitcase, Hughie laughed. "Yep. This should do the trick. Maybe we can outfox them with these disguises."

"It should work, sweetheart. Considering that we will be using these disguises later when we start our rash of trouble across the county," said Vicki as she was pulling her long red hair back into a ponytail then clipping it up so she can put on the brown wig.

Hughie laughed as he pulled his new bride into his arms. "Then we can frame Max Davenport into giving us the land."

"Yeah, but only if no one knows who we are, sweetheart. I definitely don't want anyone to start snooping around us or our hideout. It will spoil everything!" said Vicki excitedly.

"Princess, calm down. You're thinking of your past again. I'll make sure that everything will work out fine. Don't worry," said Hughie as he gave Vicki a hug.

"Are you sure?" asked Vicki as she pulled away from her husband.

"I'm positive, Princess. Everything will work out for us. Maybe by luck, maybe those idiots from Hazzard will think that we're a honeymooning couple just passing through," said Hughie as he slowed the gray truck down as he drove towards the cars in front of them... :wink:

CUE: Anyone! Y'all have fun with this post, and have a great night! 8)

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While all that was going on... Daisy had went to the courthouse to investigate the land that Max had bought. It turned out, he didn't own the land at all. The land he had bought, did not exsist. There was no such area in Hazzard County, but there was in Chickasaw County.

The four Duke boys meet her there and they all went over the discovery and the fact that the land Max was on really belonged to their uncle Jesse.

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Cooter: Breaker 1, Breaker 1 Lost sheep this is crazy c. Things are gettin busy near Max's. The newlyweds are over the line and headin for the lions den

Max: Thanks for the news Cuz I'm ready for them i hav my boys but they were told not to jump in less someone else jumps in. My place if not easy to get in, let them try

Cooter: Max let it pass that was over 10 years ago

Max: No cuz I can't let it pass he crossed the line then and i plan to make him pay for makin me a torch. His bride better not stick her nose in or it will get put out of place.

BALLANDER Friends this is like a power ceg in a fire. get ready for the explosion.

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BALLADEER: Tell me they're not about to do anything crazy y'all! :o

"We did it, sweetheart! No one recognized us when we drove past Max's compound!" said Hughie excitedly as he drove slowly into Hazzard.

"Yeah, baby. So far so good. These disguises finally worked!" said Vicki, happily as she clutched her husband's arm.

"What about what Max said on the CB a little while ago?" asked Hughie as he turned the gray truck onto Maple Street.

"I don't like it at all," said Vicki, as she looked out her window then added, "I'm worried for your safety. Max doesn't want to forget what happened 10 years ago."

"I know, sweetheart. The way he was talking, he was wanting to keep you out of the way," said Hughie worriedly, stopping in front of the Hazzard Bank.

"Sweetheart, I'm not about to let anything happen to me or to you," said Vicki as she moved closer to her husband, then added, "I'll make sure that no one will hurt us or worse."

"Yeah, with these disguises on, sugar, we can do anything," said Hughie laughing meanly as he helped Vicki out of the truck then added, "Since no one is around, let's go inside the bank and take a look around."

"Okay," said Vicki as she followed her husband towards the front door of the bank.

"Just think, sweetheart, after we 'borrow' some money out of Uncle Boss's Bank, we'll plant the money in Max's car, and make it think that he stole the money instead of us!" said Hughie, laughing as Vicki gave him a lock pick set.

"And by the time anyone figures out that it was us, we'll be across the state line," said Vicki giggling crazily as she & Hughie walked inside the dark bank... :p


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BALLANDER: Folks here is Max flyin down the road on his cycle, this one is a racing bike and he sees enos and blows him by. Enos starts chasin Max but is left in the dust, and loses max within seconds of Max passing him. Max is headin right for Vicki and Hughie. Pullin up outside the courthouse Max enters the courthouse to notify the county that he is gonna be usin explosives on his property.

Max leaves the courthouse and sees a grey pickup and goes looks at the engine and tinkers under the hood and then closes the hood and deflates all 4 tires(the engine will appear to blow up 5 miles from where the truck is sitting right now) Max walks over to Cooter's Garage and walks right in


COOTER: Ill show you old man Maxwell James Davenport

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About 30 minutes later, Vicki & Hughie walks out the back door of the bank.

"Well, that went well, princess," said Hughie as he gave Vicki a hug.

"It sure did, sweetheart. Now what do we do?" asked Vicki.

"Let's move our truck, then we'll get us a room at the Hazzard Hotel for the night," said Hughie as he & Vicki headed towards the front of the bank.

Vicki gasped outloud. "Sweetheart, I don't think that it is going to be that easy. Take a look."

"Good Grief! Look at what some idiot did to our truck!" said Hughie, looking at the gray truck closely then added, "Someone must have been following us all the way to town."

"I know, Hughie. I think that I know who it was," said Vicki, showing Hughie the silver paint on the hood and driver's side door.

"I think that I know too," said Hughie angrily then added, "We'll have to go call Dave in Capital City and have him tow our truck in. That way, he can see what else is wrong with it."

"Then what?" asked Vicki sarcastically, "I'm not in the mood to stay in Hazzard very long. Especially with everyone mad at us right now."

"Sugar, don't worry about it. We won't be here very long," said Hughie as he & Vicki walked across the street towards the Hazzard Hotel then added, "As soon as Dave gets here, we'll go back home and get another set of wheels."

"Okay, I hope that everything will be all right," said Vicki as she & Hughie walked inside the hotel...


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BALLANDER: Friends we have an idea of who messed up Hughie's truck, but there is no proof.

Billy: Sandra and Hilery I'm goin to town i have a truck of steel comin and I'm gonna build something. walking to his car Billy climbs in and pulls away Breaker 1 this is Bomber and this is for Mad Max and Hughie, I'm in route to Hazzard Square and I'll build someplace where yoou 2 can have your final battle. Think bout it and be in the square 3 days from now and ill show you my project and let you 2 go at it

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BALLANDER: Friends Hughie and Vickie are looking at the WRONG man the one they want is in the square and he was laughing hard.

MMD: What is Billy up to? What is this guy doin gettin into my battle? What is this project he is working on?

SS: Hilery let's get into town before my brother gets himself into trouble

Meantime Billy is working on his project and it is starting to take the shape of a dome, the main dome has 36 bent steel beams that form a 150 foot in diameter circle on the ground and closes on the top. steel bands wrap around and criss cross the done with room for people to hang on

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BALLANDER: Friends Billy is gettin ready to put Boss in a spot creating a sports authority for the thunderdome and step on Boss's toes. Billy is filing paperwork thru his lawyer in Atlanta with the state sporting commission.

Lawyer:(on phone) Billy paperwork is done you are the sole Thunder Dome Authority in Georgia.

Billy: Good, now hogg can't step in I have state power on this matter.

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Ballander: Friends as we see that metal dome is almost done and Billy is puttin the final touches on that thing

Billy:Huey hogg and Mad Max this is Bomber Thunder Dome is done it is time to battle and Boss Hogg cant step in cause I hav state sport commission authority over the Dome.

Max: ok Bomber tell me when.


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