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AUTHOR NOTE: This is just a short post, Max. It won't be much, but it should work into the story okay. I probably won't add again for a little while due to me back in college. :wink:


BALLADEER: Friends, there had been delays from Hughie Hogg. I wonder what is going on with the little marshmallow this time??

At an Apartment in Chickasaw...

"I don't believe this!" said Hughie as he slams down the phone.

"What wrong, sugar?" asked Vicki as she rushed into the bedroom after hearing her husband's angry outburst on the phone.

"I just found out that fighting is going to be legal around here, and they want me to fight in some dome arena too!" said Hughie in a frightened, but angry voice.

Vicki tried to soothe him as she held him in her arms. "Sugar, can you tell me why you're being asked to fight?"

"Princess, I think that it was that land that we were fighting over a few months ago. I really don't want to fight either," said Hughie angrily, as he held his bride.

"You don't have to fight for that land, Hughie. You could leave them alone about that land. We really don't need it right now anyway," said Vicki, brushing her red hair away from her face then added, "Where & when is that dome supposed to be ready?"

"It's where our land & Max Davenport's land intersects each other. Near one of our hideouts on the Hazzard/Chickasaw county border. Some guy named Billy called me to tell me about it. All he said was that dome would be ready soon," said Hughie.

"I knew that you were more of a con man than a fighter right now."

(**I have never seen Hughie fight in a Dukes episode ever. I'm thinking that he was more of a con man anyway.**)

"Maybe we'll fight with them later on in that dome/arena. Why don't right now, we just worry about us. Okay?" asked Vicki as she held her husband then added through her thoughts, *I'm NOT interested in seeing violence right now.*

"You're on, Princess." Hughie laughed as he playfully grabbed Vicki as he kissed her lightly. He then added with a snicker, "We'll let Max and his friends fight each other or ANYONE ELSE for a while. Maybe later, we'll join in the fun too." :p:p

CUE: WhoEver wants to add... :wink:

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Max: Huey Hogg!!!! It's time to settle our fued once and for all!! Meet me at the dome in Hazzard Square in 3 days or you will be branded a COWARD The only thing Bronson has to do with this is that he built owns and runs the arena we will be at.

Ballander: vFriends I think huey will not take this layin down but you never can tell with him.


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Meanwhile at the garage

Cooter: Breaker 1 breaker 1 I may be crazy but i ain't dumb Crazy Cooter comin at you!! Any dukes home on the Hazzard net? I got some news on the fued between Max and Huey. Max told Huey that he wants to settle their fued in some dome in Hazzard Square, and Billy Bronson built owns and runs it. This is goin too far now.


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NOTE: I won't be on this storyline again for a while due to me being back in college, and completely burned out from writing. Sorry for any inconvenience! CUE ANY DUKE, COLETRANE, WHOEVER AFTER THIS POST! :o


At an apartment in Chickasaw...

Vicki's blue-grey eyes grew angrier as she listened to the CB. Someone was wanting to kill her new husband for no aparent reason. This just didn't make any sence to her at all.

"I don't believe this, sugar. What are we going to do now?" she asked as she approached Hughie.

"I guess that I will go to that dome, but I'm NOT going to fight. I DON'T CARE ANYMORE ANYWAY. Max can have that land. It sounds like he wants to take over Hazzard County anyway," grumbled Hughie angrily then added, "If I do see him, I'm going to tell him that. He can buy my half of the land for a nice hefty sum."

"Even if he did call you a coward," joked Vicki, giggling as she put her arms around Hughie.

"Even then. Although it made me mad, I'm still not going to fight. I'm NOT a coward, I'm a common criminal/conman," said Hughie.

"Only in Hazzard County though. Boss & Rosco or the Dukes aren't real thrilled about you being around here anyway or me either, especially since I married you," said Vicki laughing.

"I'm more powerful in Chickasaw County anyway, especially since I own nearly all of it now," said Hughie as he picked up the telephone then added, "Who needs Hazzard County anyways?? Uncle Boss & Rosco shouldn't have let anyone build an illegal dome in the county. I bet that they don't have official papers for it either."


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Max: (on cb) Hughie Hogg I wanna settle a score from yerars ago when you turned me into a human torch at the homecoming game I did not turn you in then but I hav been thinkin on how to settle our fued from high school. Hughie I wanna settle this face to face, once and for all or is a Hogg a Chicken?

Ballander: Now friends this is a look back into thepast of Max and Hughie. I wonder how this will end.


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