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Daisy's Song

Hobie Hartkins

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This was one of the early ones...they have a completely different kitchen etc. in this one! Ever notice the comment Waylon made, about how " For those of you ignorant of good music, Jesse Colter is one of the world's best singers, but I'm partial to June Carter myself!" Jesse was Waylon's WIFE and June Carter was Johnny Cash's wife.  I'm sure this joke was lost on a lot of people who don't know country music.

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One of my fav. quotes in the series ( used only 2-3 times) was in this one. " The Dukes revenge on property, not people." They used it in this one. Also, it's overcast outside like in the other early ones too.....still never figured that. When they moved their settings ( diff. Board's Nest, city hall etc.) it was always sunny. ( hard to be a farmer in an area where it never rains!! :) )

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50 minutes ago, Hobie Harkins said:

Well, we'll see about this coming Sat. at 11:00 A.M.! ( Be there or be square! :) )

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That just might work for me. I won't know until later this week. It depends on the possibility of having to work overtime.

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