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Christmas 2018


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I love the lights and everything else when I am off work. But Cycling to and from work when its snowing and dark? That's not so much fun... No, we don't ice skate to work. There not enough waterways where I live and usually it isn't cold enough (luckily) for thick ice. :lol:

We do not do Halloween much here, but that doesn't mean Christmas comes around early. You can be 100% sure there will not be a christmas tree in this house before December 5th! There's a different celebration/feast the slightly over 2 weeks before the 5th of December. The first day of weekend after the 5th I always try make sure the tree and everything else is up though. :D

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I just finished watching "The Great Santa Claus Chase". I think the scene in the Duke house at the end is my favorite scene in all 7 years. Also, a scene earlier at the Boar's Nest, I love the line when the narrator says "and with Lulu away, 'ol Boss was as lonely as 'ol Waylon on the night of the Country Music Association Awards." LOL....I actually remember the controversy then. Waylon wasn't making that up. He really did get snubbed. Also, I forgot about the line when Luke was pretending to be the ghost of Christmas past on the CB accusing Boss of dipping sparrows in peroxide to sell them as canaries! 

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I grew up with December 26th being called Boxing Day, which seems to be restricted to the UK and former British Empire countries. In Ireland, today is St. Stephen's Day. Most of the shops where I live were still closed today, although one clothes retailer started their sale at 6am and apparently had a queue outside. I can't imagine what bargain made it worth getting up that early. After calling in on friends at lunchtime, I took a spin over to a neighboring town which had a few more shops open and a bit more choice in the sales. To their credit, the staff all seemed friendly despite only getting a single day off.

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