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It also appears to be available on DVD from Amazon and eBay ($11-$15, Cooter's is $20). As far as I know, Moonrunners has never been officially released on DVD, and all the versions you can buy are likely to be VHS transfers, probably on DVD-R. There are dozens of listings on YouTube which claim to show the full movie, but they all seem to be plugging links to other sites, which I don't trust. I think I originally saw the movie on YouTube, so keep an eye out - a genuine copy may get reposted.

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You can get JS Torrent for your Chromebook, but it looks like it might cost you around $3. I don't know which version of Linux you're running, but there's probably a BitTorrent client available - just Google it!


Obviously, you should only use these to download legal items like Ubuntu ISOs, and not illegal music and movies. You can often get the DVD for just over $10 on eBay - I recommend saving up :).

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