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Spot the prop!

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No to all previous answers.

I suppose by process of elimination, the correct answer will come just by guessing; there weren't that many 'standing' sets that were around for all 7 seasons. But really I was hoping for someone to actually spot it in an episode. If you watch the show occasionally, keep an eye out for it and you will spot it; it shows up pretty frequently.


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Hint: don't let the pink color throw you.

A little info on the object itself: This is a GE model C-407 clock radio from the late 50s (AM only). They were made in 2 different colors: pink, and two-tone gray. It must not be all that valuable as I was able to find one each color on line (one on ebay, one on etsy). The gray one worked (mostly), and the pink one didn't, so I swapped the 'guts' so I could have a working version of the one seen in Dukes. The thing buzzes pretty bad though- not really pleasant to listen to; maybe I'll find somebody knows how to repair radios with vacuum tubes.

Thinking of taking the shell of the gray one and putting an IPhone speaker dock in it.


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Can't believe I forgot Cooter's Garage!

Your going to do more of these guess the prop? I like it a lot!

p.s. This screencap is from 'The Ghost of General Lee' no?

Not sure which ep that's from- you probably would know better than me. I've been researching Cooter's garage for my model and not keeping very good track of which episodes the caps are from.

I was going to do more 'spot the prop' posts, but then I realized all of these 'nuggets' of trivia I've come up with are in the garage, so it wouldn't be very challenging!

So maybe I'll just post some of the things I've discovered in the garage for the sake of being interesting. There is actually a lot of 'set dec' on that one set even though there are changes from season to season. I've taken to collecting some of the bits and pieces that I've ID'd just for fun; my own DOH collection that nobody else has!


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