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Super Bowl pick


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On 1/21/2017 at 8:24 PM, RogerDuke said:

LOL That's funny. Winning the Super Bowl would be a bigger miracle than the Cubs winning the World Series......Garrett's the only person I know who thinks the Lottery can be won without a ticket....ya gotta admire that kind optimism.

Where have you been Roger? My Cubs did WIN the World Series this past season...and it was no fluke! They had 102 wins...they earned that World Series trophy! Ironically, this past weekend I bought a WS Cubs sweatshirt that was on sale for $18. When I bought it, with tax...I kid you not, it was $19.08. The last time the Cubs had won the WS. :D 

But OK back to the topic on hand...I do believe that the screen and the news had gotten it all wrong. No way the Patriots won when they weren't playing...it was the Bears in disguise! LOL. (I will admit, I was torn on what team I wanted to win. I wanted the Falcons to win since they haven't won it before and they are in GA, but was also wanting the Patriots to win it for Donnie Wahlberg. LOL) Despite the Falcons being in Georgia...we all know the Dukes are die hard Chicago Bears fans. Yep...they love their Bears and Cubs. :D

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