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How many organised races in DoH

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Sorry it's taken me so long to answer this question, but here's some to get you started:

Luke’s Love Story

General Lee takes on Amy Creavy's Lucifer and two other cars in the 'Annual Hazzard County Obstacle Derby'.

Days of Shine and Roses

Uncle Jesse in 'Black Tillie II' takes on Boss Hogg in 'Grey Ghost, Jr.' in a race through Hatchapee County to decide who's the best driver.

Carnival of Thrills

The General Lee is involved in a short race while Bo is auditioning for the stunt show.

Duke vs. Duke

Bo and Luke enter the General in the 'First Annual J. D. Hogg Hazzard Derby'. When Cooter injures his foot, Luke voluteers to take his place and race against Bo.

Goodbye, General Lee

OK, so the 'First Annual Drag ‘N’ Fly Contest' isn't a race, but it is a car based competition. As Waylon says, all you have to do "is sprint like a jackrabbit in your car...fly like an eagle in your car".

Boss Behind Bars

Uncle Jesse's in the driving seat again for the 'Ridgerunner Old-Timers' Race'.

Undercover Dukes

Bo returns to NASCAR to drive for J.J. Carver.

Happy Birthday, General Lee

The Dukes reminisce about how eight years earlier they acquired the car that became the General Lee. They needed a car so that they could enter a race against Boss's entry, the Hogg Hellcat.

The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion!

The General takes on Buzz Kilroy in the 'Double Zero' Mustang.

I doubt that this is a complete list - it's what I can remember without going through the DVDs.

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You're right, Roth. The 'Carnival of Thrills' race was advertised on posters with a $100 prize. I'm not sure if 'Hazzard County Cross Country Car Race' was the name or just a description.


Also, thanks for noticing my 4,000th post - the last few seem to have taken ages :).

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