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The patrol cars and what they would look like today


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In case y'all have missed them, JRW has been busy imagining what some of the patrol cars from Dukes would look like today. The link above wasn't initially showing up in the post, so when I figured out that it was hidden in there somewhere, I asked Mufn to fix it.

It seemed like a fun idea, so I had a go myself. I started with a Chevy Caprice, and just put the standard decals on it:


Then I tried a bit of updating:


Finally, I couldn't resist doing a couple of Dodge Chargers:



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I don't know...they look good but just don't look like Hazzard to me! If you did it to the cop cars, what about to the General? ....see?....It just wouldn't look right! Hazzard is a place frozen in time, and somehow, could be 30 yrs. ago or could be right now! It's all due to the magic of the concept of the show itself! But the look of it all would be the same, yesteryear or today! See?

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