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RIP Possum

Garrett Duke

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Well the world of Country music lost a great and talented artist...as well as a great legend in George Jones who passed away yesterday at the age of 81. What the world loses, heaven gains. RIP George Jones...you will always be missed.


(The remark made beneath the video part on Youtube is worth the read...background on Alan Jackson and George Jones on that night. Would write it, but they wrote it better than I could remember it.)

I remember watching that award show and being so proud to be a Alan Jackson fan and of AJ for standing up for what he believed in. George Jones was invited to sing his current song at the time "Choices" but was told he could only play part of it...Jones got mad and refused to go. So Alan Jackson cut his "Pop a Top" song short during his performance and went into "Choices" to honor George Jones.

This video almost made me start to cry watching it today...very touching.

RIP George Jones (AKA Possum) you will be forever missed. :cry:

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It's always tough for me to see the country and western singers that I grew up listening to pass on.

He sang the saddest song in history (He Stopped Loving Her Today) and now the world just got even sadder.

Thanks for this nice tribute Garrett.

You are very welcome. We have lost a true Country legend...while heaven is gaining a talented angel. ;) Or I would like to think. It is incredibly sad to see the possum leave as he did...but when it is time, it's time. He was 81 years old.

That is a very sad song and probably one of his biggest songs...

RIP George Jones.

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