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Any Del McCoury fans or Doyle Lawson?

Elly May Duke

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They were both new names to me, but I've enjoyed looking them up on YouTube. I think I prefer Del McCoury out of the two. The first track I tried was Rain And Snow by The Del McCoury Band & The Chieftains. As one of the comments says, bluegrass isn't that far removed from the reels of traditional Irish music, so the two worked well together. Maybe a few more bluegrass bands could try adding a bodhrán :). The backing reminded me of

by the Soggy Bottom Boys from 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?'. I probably shouldn't be surpised as the lead vocalist, Dan Tyminski, lists Del McCoury among his influences.

You asked if anyone likes any other bluegrass groups. The only one I listen to regularly is Hayseed Dixie. Don't be put off by their gimmicky name: they're great musicians with a sense of humor. They're probably best known for doing very good bluegrass covers of rock songs (they call it rockgrass) such as Motörhead's

. Their albums also include some of their own compositions and even a
- who'd have thought that would work so well? :)
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I saw Del MCoury play near Pittsburgh several years ago and I loved it. Any time I hear bluegrass music I always ask myself why I don't listen to it more often but I'm not really a big music fan except for country music from the 70s and early 80s, like Waylon, Hank Jr, Loretta Lynn and my favorite, Charlie Daniels. I bet when I get older and retire I'll start listening to bluegrass.

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Del McCoury is great. Speaking of the English influence they do a great cover of Richard Thompson's Vincent Black Lightning 1952, and an old English ballad about sailors in the Royal Navy, The King's Shilling.

Remember Doyle Lawson when he played with one of the great ensembles of the Country Gentlemen, when they had Bill Emerson on banjo, Bill Yates on Bass and original Gentleman the late Charlie Waller on guitar back in the 70s.

They did a great album on the Vanguard label with solid bluegrass covers by people like Paul Simon, John Prine, Gordon Lightfoot and Kris Kristofferson.Ricky Skaggs joined them on fiddle and Mike Auldridge(later a founding member of the Seldom Scene) on dobro for this album.

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OOO. Yeah, Charlie really does some great stuff. There's one song (or maybe two) specifically I get a little worked up every time I hear it when he says things about our government because I kinda agree with them. (especially one line he has in one song that says something about John Wayne being president. You ask me him, Jesse and Charlie would be the three perfect ones)

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