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NASCAR and the Dukes unite - well sorta

Garrett Duke

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Well being as addicted to NASCAR that I am, I subscribe to NASCAR Illustrated and look forward to each and every magazine. (TRPColtrane you may be interested in this month's magazine - for January. Has Tony Stewart on the cover and has pictures and an article in it about Stewart.)

Anyway, I got January's edition in the mail today and have thumbed through it. Toward the front of the magazine every month it has a top ten count down to something NASCAR. This month's countdown is " TOP 10 ways to increase your popularity in NASCAR:" (always find these interesting...) but number six in the count down is "Paint your car to look like the General Lee".

Don't know if it is worth creating a thread about, but had to share it somewhere and didn't know where to put it. Would love to see The General Lee out on the track, but that would give a HUGE dilema since I am just as HUGE of a fan of JEFF GORDON as I am for the DUKES OF HAZZARD.

For more NASCAR newsworthy news...only 56 more days until the Daytona 500 on Feb. 26th!!!!!!!!!!! 56 toooooo looonnnnggggg daysss!!!

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Yeah would be nice to see the General Lee paint scheme on the track but NASCRAP would never allow it. Too many "corporate" sponsors to appease that would would not like to associate themselves with sim ple things like the Dukes Of Hazzard. That is where the sport is today and because of thinking like that , NASCRAP has lost way too many of it's older fanbase.

Back in 2004 a company Redneck Junk wanted to sponsor a car but NASCRAP wouldn't allow it because of image problems. http://www.scenedaily.com/news/articles/sprintcupseries/nascar_hurts_small_teams_ignores_heritage.html

Ever since Sprint/Nextel and Brian France took over NASCRAP it has forgotten about the past that heritage that built it.

Enough of me being on the soapbox..

I'm gone


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Well we all have our opinion and I am sorry that NASCAR has offended or has seemed to offend you. Especially since you were at one time a fan of the sport or at least a couple of drivers.

I don't neccesarily agree with all that NASCAR has done or said. There is lots that they can improve on and I think you pointed one out.

But the article I was speaking about I think is only wrote out in fun and even though it would be great to see The General out there...don't see it happening.

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Once again...very nice Hoss! Love the artwork - though do think I like the one you posted a couple months back a bit better. Still very nice and would love it on the track - but that would give me a HUGE dilema. I can't go against the General and y'all know I can't go against Jeff Gordon...dang that would be horrible.

It would be a dream come true to see Jeff Gordon drive The General Lee! :) That would just be awesome and amazing and everything great! Though sadly, that won't happen. Not on the track - even if The General Lee was able to race. Jeff Gordon has a life time contract with Hendrick - meaning he will race there until he retires and Hendrick is all Chevy. Meaning The General would either have to change to Chevy Impala or no deal.

Ah if only we could live in Hazzard County where The General Lee roams the streets, is on the race track, and the good guys always win!

Didn't you make a car for Jamie McMurray's 1 car for The General? Or am I just dreaming t hat up, Hoss?

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lol, yeah I been use NASCAR Illustrated before but not have now no time to renew one because due money $$ before oh well I will might start over again this time I will order this time again. I love Nascar since 1989 to be wow.. my favorite driver Dale Earnhart Sr, Dale Earnhart Jr, Tony Stewart so well..

HossC, nice picture to find that... lol :rofl: nice...

I like Dukes of Hazzard too same time watching Nascar in 1989 to now.. for sure.. and thanks for that, Garrett about magazine of Tony's nice. I will get that today if they have in my local food store as Price Chopper, Hen House, Hy-Vee as well.. thanks :)

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find cool site you would love this one check out:


does you guys visit this site before? where they had nascar Illustrated magazine was that I order right now..I can't find in Hyvee store but not know for Price Chopper or Hen House yet. I order Jan magazine and subscribe for 1 year that I need reread again so I think for sure since I stop in few years I keep forget to reread magazine again oh well.. I like magazine more like lot inform from nascar as sprint cup, nationwide, like that... than other magazines had. :)

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