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HazzardNet New Year's Eve Party


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I'm going to be in the Chat Room (Flash Chat-Boar's Nest) starting at 11:30 pm EST if anybody wants to join me on New Year's Eve. My wife has to get up at 5 and I'll be awake alone so if anybody isn't partying with family and friends come join lonely Roger Duke. If I'm feeling up to it I might stay around to party with others who are celebrating in a later time zone if they're around.

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I just got done watching the New Year's jump in San Diego with the motorcycle and snowmobile side by side on ESPN. It's amazing what those guys can do. The snowmobile went 412 feet and the motorcycle went 380. To put that in perspective, Evil Knieval's longest jump was 133 feet. Thankfully they both had safe landings. Seeing someone get hurt wouldn't have been a good way to start out the new year.

Before that I logged into the chat room at 11:38 and texasdaisy09 was logging out at that exact moment so I missed her....so, if you're reading this texasdaisy09 we'd love to see you more often here on the HazzardNet and I'm sorry I missed you. Now I'm mad at myself for being 8 minutes late.

Happy New Year everybody!

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