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Yeehaw! from across the pond!

UK Duke

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Hey everyone,

I am Sean from little ole' England.

I have been a massive fan of the Dukes since 1st watching the show as a 9 year old. So that's 33 years!! That just really upset me :-(


One day, when I have won the lottery or finally plucked up the courage to pull off that long planned bank robbery, I will have my very own General Lee... I don't care that our roads over here aren't wide enough or that due to our gas prices even a lottery winner would be flat broke trying to keep the Charger moving...

Anyway, that's just a little introduction...

I am sure i will spill more as we get to know each other...


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Welcome Sean / UK Duke!

You're in good company, we have some international fans hanging out here. Hazzard County spans the globe!

Enjoy, and make yourself at home.

yeah like Hazzard County already jump into globe any countries who been seen this show was #1 for sure to be. lol.


well hello welcome to forum and enjoy stay here this site. :)

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Why thank ya'll good people of Hazzard for the gracious welcome :p

Welcome to HNet Sean. It sounds like your Dukes experiences are similar to mine (there's only a year between our ages). Although I am currently living in Ireland, I was born and raised in the UK - I'm originally from the south-west myself.

Very similar i would imagine...

I am not from the South West originally, I am from leicestershire...


Hey, how did you make all those stars at the end of your post????

I have a silly downloaded keyboard on my Android that has loads of symbols included. ;)

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