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Hazzard County Police Bike


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Congratulations CD, your Hazzard Sheriff's bike turned out really well (although the rack does make it look like a Garda (Irish police) bike from a distance ;)).

It's a shame that bikes have such a small area for decals. I thought I'd modify my General Lee bike picture to check the options, and ended up cheating to have a reasonable-sized shield (see below). With the absence of a lightbar I was planning a saddle that's blue one side and red the other. What do you think if the Mopar police style wheels?. PS. You were right about my main reference being the DK General Lee bike.


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I've just ordered a couple of accessories off eBay,so hopefully they'll arrive within the next couple of days :)

I think it was BrianColtrane who suggested making a video of Rosco chasing the General,and one of my friends (also a Dukes fan) suggested we film Rosco chasing the General.In Ireland we get a week off school in early febuary,so hopefully everything I ordered will have arrived,and I can make a small chase video,with the General winning obviously :)

I haven't decided how the chase should start,but maybe have moonshine involved somehow...

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