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Hazzard County Police Bike


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Hey y'all.

As some of you may know u built a General Lee bike over the summer. Last week I left a post about building a push bar for my bike. It was during this that Brian Coltrane suggested I build a Hazzard County Police bike. I've been toying with that idea since christmas,and so I've finally decided to build one.

Normally I paint the graphics on,but for this project I might look at getting decals made up instead. Does anyone have any suggestions about how Id go about this? Or maybe someone who does decal work could make them for me?

Thanks y'all :)

P.S. Pictures will be added as i go along

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I think you need to find your local sign-maker - I'm sure there's one not far from you. If you're just going for lettering then, cut vinyl graphics would work. If you want the sheriff's badge then you'll probably have to find someone who prints onto vinyl due to the amount of detail vs. size. The shiny gold vinyl used on Dukes doesn't last quite as well as plain colors outdoors, but should be ok for your purposes.

Once you've decided what you want, and at what size, I can email some artwork suitable for the sign-maker to work from. I spent 10 years in the sign business, but that was a while ago now - I don't think anything particularly revolutionary has happened since.

Good luck with the project - I look forward to seeing the pictures :).

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I haven't come across a decent bike yet,but I've been looking into getting lights and sirens.I came across a 2 in one on amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004UBTJHU/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&m=A2VZWWR2D56IE6 .As far as I know its legal,but if i do get stopped I can always just speed away and jump a creek :rofl:;)

I also came across this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003CUDX4A/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER which i thought I could mount on my General Lee

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Hey y'all :)

I picked up a 13 year old raleigh mountain bike yesterday for €10 (a bargain or what!!) and worked into the small hours taking it apart. I discovered a mini blow torch in my garage and used it to strip the red paint off the bike.

Hoss emailed me the sheriff decals so I'm going to try and get them printed this week.

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Heres a couple of pictures of the bike as i got it and as I began working on it





I'm not sure what GTi means in bike terms but it sounds cool

Ill upload pictures as I go along,my goal is to have it running in 3 weeks,hopefully with lights,sirens and decals as well.Unlike my General,I'm getting decals printed because the detail is to hard and time consuming.

Thanks a million to HossC for sending me a decal template!!

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Hey y'all I just got off the phone with my local police station and the irish police headquarters. I was worried that the bike might cause trouble with the local police bicycles and result in me getting the bike confiscated or into some legal issue.

But good news good news!! It turns out that the police superintendent of my local station doesn't mind in the slightest (he even asked if I'd built a General Lee and planned on reinacting Dukes chases!!hahaha)

So its full steam ahead for the Rosco bike!! I painted a couple of coats of paint stripper on it this evening,and can hopefully start painting it next weekend.(Schools really busy at the moment with exams coming up so I can only work on weekends)

I found a siren and light kit on amazon,and also found a trunk bag to mount on the rear rack (I'm also toying with the idea of getting a few Hazzard County patches and stitching them into the bag)

I'm also considering wiring an ignition system to the lights and siren kit,because if i don't I'm worried if i leave it unattended for any lenght of time some passerby will set everything off.

Ill post pictures when i get more progress done.

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Hey y'all. Progress has been pretty slow at the moment,but I've found a few accessories for the Rosco bike

A rear bag rack


A rear rack bag


A siren and loudspeaker combo


A lights and siren combo


And a 3 pack of locks


I was also considering getting the Hazzard County Police patches and stitching them onto the rear rack bag. Does anyone make them?Or know where I could get them?

Thanks y'all

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Thanks for the name suggestions guys and gals!!But none of them seemed quite right for this ancient racer.

Don't ask me where I got it from (I'm still trying to figure that out myself) but I'm gonna call it Ivan. The guy I got it from wasn't called Ivan,and he didnt tell me that the bike was called Ivan. But Ivan just seems to suit this bike. There's just something about its styling,its small sleek front wheel and chunky off road back wheel,its old gear shift and brakes system or maybe it's racing handlebars with duct tape grips. Whatever the reason, he's called Ivan. Even I amaze myself sometimes with the stuff I come up with,and this is no different.

Unlike every other bike I own, I'm going to leave Ivan the way he is. Its not that I'm afraid I might damage him or anything,its just that he's survived for 40 years unmodified,so why should I be the straw that breaks the camels back? Ill only work on him when I have to.

Ill try and get pictures posted,hopefully by Friday but definately by Saturday :)

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