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Niagara Falls Concert


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Roger suggested that those of you who weren't able to attend the concerts in Niagara Falls by Tom and john might like to know a bit about them. I am not a review writer, but I'll try to give you an idea.

First of all though I have to say I originally was only going to the Saturday Show. Then John's mom, wonderful lady that she is, heard I didn't have a ticket for Friday and lo and behold I find my self in the third row both nights, close enough to see Tom's beautiful eyes and john's gorgeous smile...but I digress...

The show lasted about one and a half hours each night. The songs were all great. Of course they did the Dukes theme both nights....and in tribute to Waylon they sung "Luchenbach, Texas". Friday night John assumed kids were allowed in so he tried to think of something he could replace the "firm feeling women" lyrics with. Tom didnt seem to care so much and sung it for him. Tom did some show tunes and ones off his latest album including "When youre a jet," "That's Life", "They're writing songs of love but not for me"....and more. John did more country including "whats a memory like you," "Ive been around enough to know" and the first night he did a request of "who cares" for a couple as it was their wedding song. My personal two favorites were ""Youve Lost that Loving Feeling"- tom really got into this one the first night- and "Baby its cold outside" which as most of you know is supposed to be male/female duet. Tom rewrote the lyrics, although watching them sing to each other, as well as the facial gestures they made during some parts was so hilarious I dont think there was a dry eye in the room. I will see if I can remember the lyrics and post them...

Add to all this the banter (John about Tom's age, Tom about John's women, etc etc etc.) you better believe it was a night I will never ever forget.

I should also add that the second night Tom was not feeling well...his words were "I've only got half a voice but you'll get that half tonight." He ended up leaving the after-party early because he did just that....hopefully he is much better now but kudos to Mr. Wopat and his "show must go on" attitude. Professionalism at its best.

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Well Daisy I have to say you are one lucky person to go not only one night, but two nights...and in the third row! Sounds like you had a great time and I am glad to hear it. . .sounds like a couple of nights to remember. It is great to hear that after all these years that Tom and John still perform with each other and all. Glad you were able to go and had a great time, Daisy!

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Thanks for the great review Daisy.

I've never seen any of the stars of the show together. I've met Cooter, Luke, Rosco and Enos, all seperately, but it would be a great thrill to see more than one of the stars together.....and Bo and Luke would be the best combination of all (although the combo of Rosco and Enos would be pretty cool too).

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. I attended a Tom Wopat concert once and it was awesome. He's such a great performer.

Did they sing Up On Cripple Creek? That's such a great song. Tom sang it on the 1981 soundtrack. Also, Cripple Creek was mentioned in "Deputy Dukes."

Thanks again for the review. I'm glad you had such a fun time.

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