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  1. I would love to see pics from any fans who attended this weekend. Thanks.
  2. Brian, What can you tell me about Livingston, Louisiana? I read on the Hazzard net about it, but I haven't seen anything else about this appearance. Are they really going to be there, because I am trying to make plans to attend. Thanks very much.
  3. Has anyone obtained any pictures of movies of John and Tom in Ontario? I've looked at You Tube, but haven't seen anything yet. Does anyone know how I can buy John Schneider's Favorite Hits #1, 2, & 3? I have Number 4, but I cannot find the first three. Thanks. Mary Lou Tringali Edited: Mary Lou, probably not a good idea to give our personal contact information on a public forum. I have removed it. Members can contact you through private messages if they have information for you regarding your question. - Meadowmufn
  4. Brian, Thanks for keeping us up to date. I wish CMT would continue showing Dukes as schedules. I have it programmed in my DVR and was disappointed that it's been off lately. At least I can still get Smallville on TNT and HDNet. I believe TNT is going to start reairing from the beginning, so we'll have more JOHN SCHNEIDER again soon.
  5. Wakiki23, I am sorry, I thought you were referring to Tom Welling, when I think you were referring to Tom Wopat. I hope it wasn't too confusing.
  6. I've seen so much hype about Doonby, and I can't wait to see it. I hope it goes to theaters, but if not, DVD is better than nothing. John seems to play in many "message" movies, I think because he is so conscientious as a person. He has a high sense of morality and decency.
  7. I saw Whiskey Business on CMT, but I was disappointed that John played the typical bad-guy sheriff (Boss Hogg character.) His talents are so varied, but producers don't give him the roles that bring out his characterizations. Between acting and singing and directing, producers should see what incredible talent John possesses.
  8. I wanted to find that episode of Glee. Which one was it? What was the name and when did it air? I watched other shows like Leverage and CSI on other sites just for John's appearances. I'm usually disappointed because the producers like to make guest stars the bad guy. John's warm and sweet personality just shines through and it doesn't seem right to cast him in those roles.
  9. John has been physically fit all his life and especially now he is a trainer for PX90! He was never "fat."
  10. The Fog was a good movie with Tom Welling. He was also in Cheaper by the Dozen I and II, but it did not showcase his talents.
  11. I've been trying a long time for find "You've Got a Friend" - TV movie from Hallmark. First, I don't get the channel because I am on ATT Uverse. Second, I went to the Hallmark Store, and they don't carry it! If anyone can find it, I'd love to buy it. Thanks. Mary Lou Mtringali@email.phoenix.edu 561-688-3978
  12. Thanks so much for all the pics of you and John. I would love to have seen your expression while he was hugging you. You don't need to hide your pretty face. I appreciate seeing these pics of John and fans. He is such a great guy, nice person, always smiling and making people happy.
  13. The only reason I watched Secret Life was to see John. I bought the series, but I never saw the part where John left. I thought I heard they had him die in an airplane crash. Is this true?
  14. I'm sorry you view it that way. John has spent a lot of money on his charities and gives away time, talent, and cash more than you know. I think producing Collier and Co. was a financial difficulty, but he never let that get him down. He continues to market whatever he feels he can because he never feels sorry for himself. I wish I could find "Favorite Hits" Vol. 1, 2, & 3. I bought No. 4, and I play it all the time. I wasn't into country music in the 80s, and I missed out of so many songs that can only be found on vinyl. Even "Worth the Wait" which is on cassette is now all stretched out. I wish someone would make it on CD. I hope he puts out more of his music.
  15. John has always been involved with the human condition. He has spent much time and money in charitable causes and worthwhile events. I wish Hollywood producers would promote his talents more. He needs more mainstream movies, a TV show, new recording contracts, and something that his fans can buy. I'm so looking forward to 10,000 Days and Doonby movies.
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