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Boss Hogg's Cadillac


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This is Boss Hogg's Triple White 1970 Cadillac DeVille Convertible. I was tempted to cheat and do it with the roof up like it was in 'Daisy's Song', which would have saved me having to do the interior ;), but this is how we remember it. Aside from the horns on the hood changing slightly during the show's run, it stayed pretty much the same. One notable exception to this is the door mirrors which are usually the stock, rectangular Cadillac ones in long shots (and as I've used here), but change to circlular, non-Cadillac ones in close-up studio shots. I'm guessing this is because the word 'Cadillac' appears prominently on them. I've included all the stock badges/emblems in my version.



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As we know, Boss's twin brother, Abraham Lincoln Hogg, was the opposite of Boss in just about every way. Boss has a white Cadillac, so Abe has a black one. Here is Abe's Cadillac from 'Baa, Baa White Sheep'. Unlike Boss's Cadillac this one is a '69, so the lights, rear bumper, grille, emblems and hub caps are different. I imagine the top view would be very similar, so I only did the side, back and front. As is common practice on Dukes, the 'Cadillac' script on the trunk was taped over, but the emblems are visible.


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I never noticed that "Cadillac" was covered up. I'm going to be looking for the tape now.

Here is one of my reference screengrabs that shows the tape. It's when Rosco runs over the Finchburg fire hydrant.


I got another screengrab the other day that clearly shows the front of a patrol car with a strip of silver tape over every letter of Plymouth on the grille. It's funny because they left all Cadillac logos on Boss and Abe's cars, they just removed or covered the Cadillac name. As I said above, on Boss's car they even changed the door mirrors for close-ups.

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