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Not everywhere is Hazzard


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I really found this funny: Bo and Luke went to Atlanta to get something for Jesse I think.. Anyways Bo and Luke come out of some city building and hop in the General and Bo starts to take off like he always does, FAST. Luke: "Bo!!!" Bo stops and says "What?!?!" Luke: "This ain't Hazzard!!!"

I cant remember much about that episode but I remember having a good laugh. If anyone knows the episodes name please let me know I'd love to watch it again. Thanks

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This was bugging me because I remembered the scene, but it took nearly 24 hours to remember where from. You threw me by saying Atlanta because they only actually went to Atlanta in 'Daisy's Song' (season 1), although they re-used the footage of the General on the freeway heading to Atlanta in 'Along Came a Duke' (season 3), and said they were going there a couple of other times.

The scene you're talking about is in 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' (season 7). Bo and Luke return to the department store in Capitol City that gave Daisy the millionth customer prize, only to find out they know nothing about it.


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... do you watch the episodes on your computer and take a screen shot? I was wondering how you get the exact picture.

If I'm watching a whole episode I sit back and watch it on the TV, but if I want a screengrab I skip through it on the computer until I find the right frame (mostly with subtitles off, but I thought I'd include them for this one).

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