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The Mean Green Machine


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Here's the Mean Green Machine from season 5. For those of you that don't watch the Coy and Vance episodes, it first appeared in 'The New Dukes', and returned in 'The Return of the Mean Green Machine'. This was one of the easiest projects so far due to the body being mainly straight lines, although I only had screengrabs to go by.

Like the camo patrol car I did recently, the paint job is not indended to be an exact copy, I was just going for the general look and feel. I based this version on its second appearance in 'The Return of the Mean Green Machine'. The only differences (that I spotted) are the wider flap on the front to allow for the magnet, and the scoop and spiked wheels are rustier.



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Well done Hoss!

I always wondered if the Machine was something that was built special. In other words they (the studio) fabricated the body and put it on the chasis of something else - a truck more n' likely. Because it doesn't look like any kind of other vehicle, like a military vehicle, that I've ever seen.

It always reminded me of something the A-Team would've put together. ROFL

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After watching these episodes again here is what I'm thinking and I'm going to do some digging and see if I can find anything to verify it. 
I think the Mean Green Machine was built on the chassis of a Dodge M-37.  Probably the same truck that was used in the episode Jude Emery (which was supposed to hopefully turn into it's own spin-off series).
I'm just thinking on how I would have done it, looks to be about the right size/tires etc, already an open top (canvas) , and easy to frame off of and remount or mount something over it all,  and heck the "turret" on the mean green machine is just a really brig piece of culvert pipe. 

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