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John Schneider 1/29 & 1/30 - Canton Hot Rod & Custom Bike Show 2011


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Howdy Y'all!!

I was just wandering once you get to Canton...is the Canton Memorial Civic Center easy to find?? There is a chance I might get to go...depending on the weather...I really do hope I get to go...But I was just wandering if it was easy to get to or if it was confusing? Is it a big building and do a lot of people show up for it? Sorry if my questions are dumb but I'm curious...

And at the Comic Con in Pittsburgh last year Johns Autograph was $25 I think...A polaroid picture and autograph was $35...I don't know if that is the same one DaisyMae is talking about or not...

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It is a few blocks off the interstate so you'll definitely need that map (thanks Hoss).

Yes, the building is pretty big. You can google Canton Ohio Civic Center to see pictures.

If you like football, Canton is home of the NFL Hall of Fame. I'm not sure what its hours are but if you know someone who is a football fan, you might want to take them and do two exciting things in one day.

Let me know if you're going Sunday. We'll be there at noon. (Me and the beautiful MrsRogerDuke that is)

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Thanks HossC and Roger...I will have to print that map off tomorrow when I got somewhere it will load the whole way...I will have to go google it...if my internet will bring them up...

I LOVE football... (GO STEELERS!!) :D hmm anyways...is the Hall of Fame thing close to The Civic Center??

We usually go to these kind of things on Saturday but it really depends this time...Its not set in stone yet that we are goin...but I sure hope so!! So it might be Sunday...it would be great to meet some of the Hazzardnet members!!

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Thanks Daney...I was just wanderin if I do end up goin...if I should go extremly early or just normal...but if your thinkin there might be more people there it would probably be good to get there early

Ok so with dial up it is hard for the whole page to load...least mine is....So how much is admission to get into the car show thingy??

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If the roads are good I'll be there Sunday at noon.

I'll look for you Daney. It would be nice to see Tim again. I wonder if he's coming.

It doesn't look like DaisyMae and Steve will be there Sunday but there's a small chance they'll come Saturday.

Of course Ray Kohn of the Northeast Ohio Dukes will be there too.

Hey Redneck girl, if there's a chance you'll be there Sunday send me a PM. I'll give you a description of me and my wife. It would be nice to meet you.

(By the way, I don't look like Uncle Jesse....but I hope I will someday!)

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Here is an update on John's appearances. A couple of the dates were changed so those are on here. Hope this info my friend asked me to post helps.

Here are the latest updates for John. I have posted a few of these dates before but a couple of them have changed so please go with what is in this message.

Personal Appearances:

January 29-30 Canton Hot Rod and Custom Bike Show in Canton, OH


February 11-13 O'Reilly World of Wheels in Birmingham, AL


March 26-27 Mega Con in Orlando, FL


April 29, 30, May 1 Anaheim Comic Con in Anaheim, CA


May 21-22 Big Apple Comic Con Spring Edition in New York, NY


June 17-19 Philadelphia Comic Con in Philadelphia, PA


Upcoming TV appearances:

February 4 "Working Class" 8 Eastern/7 Central on CMT

"Smallville" date to be announced

Please note that the appearance announced earlier March 18-20 at the Toronto Wizard World has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict.

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:( Due to some things that came up...I won't be able to go to Canton...talk about dampening a persons great mood.... :( I was really lookin forward to goin but unless somethig changes I wont be going... It would have been nice to meet some of the fellow hazzardites...and of course John....well maybe by chance he will show up for the Hazzard Homecoming in Virginia!! I can hope....lol....

Well to everyone going to Canton...have fun and take lots of pictures to share!! :D

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Sorry you can't make it redneck_girl & Roger!

Local newspaper article- http://www.cantonrep.com/carousel/x1868083142/-Dukes-of-Hazzard-star-draws-crowd-at-Canton-car-show

"waited in line for the TV star for about three hours. About 10 minutes before Schneider was scheduled to arrive Saturday, the line totaled about 200 people and snaked through the building and across a hallway before ending in the main exhibition area."

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