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Ben Jones, James Best @ Lightning Fest

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Well I got home a couple of hours from being at Lightning Fest where Ben Jones and James Best was at. Had a great time! They both were very personable and great. Was surprised that Jones had a lot more people in his line than ol' Rosco had in his, but he did have a few in a line at most times. Got a hug from both James and Ben. Saw several General Lees and patrol cars. Plus, there was lot of matchbox type cars in the store plus sellers in another room. I finally got Uncle Jesse's truck, Daisy's roadrunner, and the 00 car! Now all I need is Cooter's tow truck and I'll be all set...and Enos' patrol car. LOL

Anyway, didn't know where to put this so I thought here would do. If anyone else was able to go yesterday or today would love to hear about it. I had a great time being there and talking to both Ben and James! It is great to see them out making appareances like this and keeping the show alive!

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Roger - thanks for the comments you made! I had a blast yesterday and yes I am missing the race today, but it was better to be able to see James and Ben, so I am not complaining too badly. LOL. Rosco didn't chase me around...he just had surgery on his eyes so he don't need glasses so I don't think he was chasing anyone around. Though he missed his chance, he could have had a chance to catch me yesterday as I was just too excited to meet him and Ben to do much running away. LOL. I wished him an early birthday and his face lit up which made me glad that I remembered to do so.

And I did need Cooter a couple of weeks ago...sure he wouldn't have charged me over thirteen hundred dollars to fix it...LOL (though can't complain they were nice about it and did a good job with it. Just wasn't Cooter...) but my mom had joked with him asking him when she can bring her ailing car to him. HA HA. He joked back and said to bring it on Monday and that not to worry about the cost because the boys never paid him and they're way over owing three thousand dollars. HA HA!!!! They were very personable. I met them both at Dukefest several years ago and they were too busy to get to personable with anyone, so it was nice to be at a lesser scale of events with them so they could talk more and be more relaxed. Even got to hear a story or two from Ben of his mom. It was a very nice day all in all.

Though I do have one complaint...I got a Johnny Lightning Uncle Jesse truck from one of the sellers there. Got home to see that the truck was a Chevrolet. Am I wrong thinking Jesse's truck was a Ford? Guess I am too picky. Oh well...can't complain too much. All I am missing in cars now is Cooter's tow truck.

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I'm not sure how many trucks Jesse had. For some reason I think there were two different ones but one thing I do know is that it was always a white Ford.

Cooter had several different trucks through the series so that's something that's a little tougher to judge for accuracy.

Well, if that's the worse thing that went wrong, I guess you can't complain. I'm pretty excited about going to the General Lee jump on Friday and meeting Dukes fans (see "northern Dukes fest"). I always promote our website and I hope I can draw in some new HazzardNet members. I just love being around other fans of the show. As soon as I meet them I feel like I know them. The Dukes bond is most definitely a strong one.

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Yeah I wouldn't know about Cooter's truck, just was surprised to see Jesse's truck a Chevy. But yeah, that's not much to complain about. LOL. Had a great time and am glad I got to go. My mom bought me an early x-mas gift by buying one of Jimmie's General lee paintings. :)

I am excited for you Roger! I bet you are excited...I am glad you are able to go. You'll have a blast. You get to see The General jump?! I saw that the Dukefests I went to and it was great! :D You'll have to tell me all about it! Hope you get to meet a lot new fans there, Roger. There was Duke fans there yesterday, but never really talked to them.

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