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Real Life Spooky Stories


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About 15 years ago, the school district where I have lived my whole life added on to their high school. Since the high school and middle school were only about 100 feet from each other they decided to connect the two together.

After the addition was completed, the night time janitors began reporting strange noises and dramatic temperature drops that would only last a few seconds. As time went on, odd things continued to happen and then some of the janitors started seeing the ghosts of a little boy and young woman dressed in old fashioned clothes. The sightings and oddities occcured at an ever increasing rate.

I wouldn't have thought too much of it because I'm not really a believer of such things but since I knew (and trusted) all of the people who were witnessing these things, it made me do some serious thinking.

After awhile all of the janitors got together and hired some sort of lady who specialized in that sort of thing and she went in and determined that the heavy equipment that was sent in to dig up the sight for the addition had disturbed some bones that were laying in the area. In fact, the suspected sight of the bones was the area of the addition where the most bizzare things had occured.

Of course the school superintendent did everything he could do to keep things quiet but he was unsuccessful and soon the whole community knew about it.

I wish this story had a more dramatic ending but it doesn't. Since I worked at the school at the time, I spent some time at night sitting in the halls hoping to see or hear something but never did. In a few months time, the sightings and sounds occured less frequently until they stopped completely.

The thing that struck me the most was hearing the detailed descriptions of the numerous incidents from several people who I knew and trusted. Since I never witnesed anything myself, I still have my doubts. Still, considering the ammount of incidents and trustworthy witnesses involved, I'll always wonder about the haunted school.

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Yay! Just my kind of thread, lol. Like I've said before, some of my friends and I are amature ghost hunters, so we've had some pretty odd experiences. (Wish we could have had the chance to check out that school, Roger - sounds like just our kind of place. :lol:)

Our most recent encounters have been at the tunnel not too far from my house. A little old lady was killed there in the late 1950s. She was stabbed to death by three guys in their late teens/early 20s.

The temperature inside the tunnel will drop by about 10 degrees from one step to the next when you're walking around in there. Plus, for some reason, she seems to like to pat one of our members on the head every time we take him in. (I think it has something to do with the fact that he jumps pretty well lol.)

When we parked our car on the approximate spot where she was killed, there were knocks on the car and the sounds of someone trying to open the doors. We got several good pictures there - including one very clear one of an angry old woman glaring at us in the car mirror. She even stole one member's cigarrette and threw it halfway down the tunnel - pulled it straight out of his mouth.

Just this afternoon, we were listening to the recording we made on our last visit. I was the only female there with four guys. You can hear me talking to my boyfriend at one point, but there is also a very clearly feminine or young child's giggle in the background. There is no way that it is any of the guys, as their voices are much deeper - the only way they could achieve that effect is with helium.

Not sure when we're going out again, but I am sure that it will be fairly soon. We have a couple of new leads to check out! (We have had other, more interesting encounters, but this is the one that sticks out the most for me right now.)

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Okay lol ya'll will think I'm so strange but heres my spooky story...it is pretty strange.

A few months ago my dad was telling me some stuff I wished I knew sooner but he decided not to..any way a year before I was born which I was born in 1995, my mom was supposed to have a baby boy but she lost him and then I came a year later, well one night a few nights after that story I was pretty much just asleep when out of no where I felt someone else in the room with me and I knew everything was locked up tight...well I looked up and there was this 15 year old brown haird blueish green eyed boy and I knew it had to be the brother that I never had but was supposed to and he indentified his self as Justin...I've seen him since then but its rare and now im wishing I did have the brother I was supposed to have.

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My first paranormal encounter happened when I was only a child. When I was 8, my family moved into a house that had previously been used as a place of worship. To worship Satan that is. Complete with an alter up in the attic crawl space. Of course, we didn't know that when we moved it.

My parents had just seperated so when the four of us kids started to notice things going on in the house, my mother assumed that we were all just wanting attention. I will go into more detail later about the things that had happened while we lived there.

Finally, after we had been in the house for about six months, my older siblings decided to move out summer clothes up into the attic since it was getting cooler and we needed more room in our closets for our winter clothes. Once they got up into the attic, my older sister(age 15 at the time) saw an odd board and things covered in dust around it. Reaching for the board, she handed it down to my brother(age 13 at the time) and the two left the attic to look at the board which was about 4 feet by 3 feet in the light. It had odd symbols and appeared to be stained with blood. A piece in the lower corner was missing from it but the images left little to the imagination. When they returned to the attice, they saw that the dust covered objects were actually animal skulls.

My siblings waited for my mother to come home from work and showed her the board and that they had found. They had already thrown out the skulls by then. That was enough to convince my mother that what we had been telling her for six months was true.

She and my brother took off down the dirt road and came to a group of trees and they tossed the board on an empty lot. Then, all five of us got our bibles out and began to pray for God to help us and to put a hedge of protection around us. We prayed for deliverance for hours until we all fell asleep from exhaustion.

That night, at about 3 am, my mother was awakened by a knocking at the back door. She went to the door and looked out but saw nothing. She headed back to bed and again she heard a knocking so she returned to the door. Looking out, she saw that the trees were at a dead calm outside but the door was knocking away when she had walked up. Finally, my mother decided to open the door to look out a little bit better. When she put her hand on the door knob, she heard a voice call to her by name and told her NOT to open the door. Once again, she looked out the window and this time, saw an eerie glow. She backed away from the door and called our minister right then and there.

He asked her if she had opened the door. If she had opened the door, it would have been inviting the demonic spirits back into the house.

This is a BRIEF run down of my FIRST paranormal experience. But by far not my last.

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Here's something that scared the pants off of me and Kelsey. One night we was both in our living room, just sleeping our heads away, then the next minute, we where awakened by my dog jumping up and off of the couch, running into the kitchen quickly. The next moment, me and Kelsey looked at each other and that was when we saw IT. The thing was large, like a six or five foot dude, it was a big black shadowy figure that had red gleaming eyes, the thing stared at use both...then me and Kelsey started shouting, "In the name of Jesus Christ leave us alone." We only had to say it once, before the thing just disappeared. Then the next night, I was alone and I had to go downstairs for something and I saw it again, perked up in the corner of a room, staring at me with it's gleaming bloody red eyes....totally scared me once again and instead of standing around shouting at it, I ran right back up the stairs.

To this day, when ever I go downstairs, I have that feeling that the thing still stares at me. But the story of the house that I currently live in...When the house was being built up by a dude, he fell off the roof and died, idk if it is him, but it really scares me half to death to know that somebody died on our property. Yeesh...

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On this sunday it will be 2 years since my best friend and the love of my life passed away. It was about 2 months after he passed away there was 5 of us home 2 where sound sleep one in their room and the other was asleep on the floor. This was around 11:30 at night and 3 of us where up, one was getting something to drink in the kitchen and the other was in the garage and I was sitting on the couch in the living room watching tv. In my living room there is a shelf above the love seat and it had trophies on it. The next I know is one of the trophies fly off and land on the floor not far from the one that was sleeping on the floor. I was like "holy crap" the one in the kitchen comes running and asked me what was wrong. I told him to look at the floor. He asked my why put the trophy there. I told him i didn't it flew off. At first he thought i was joking until we put the trophy back you could see on the shelf where it had been pushed off. That's not the only thing that has happen either. I have heard voices calling my name and I have be touched. The trophy flying off scared me, but my name being called didn't. It sound like my love calling for me. The only thing it did was make me miss him even more.

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The trophy flying off scared me, but my name being called didn't. It sound like my love calling for me. The only thing it did was make me miss him even more.

Be wary of believing that a lost love is calling for you. Demonic spirits have the full ability to mimic those that you care about to lull you into a belief that you are safe. After all, Lucifer was called the Father of all Lies. For an evil spirit to sound like one that you know/knew is very easy for them.

I've had my name called out, I've had knives thrown at me, my brother's gun went off, been levitated and seen my brother thrown around like a rag doll, witnessed eery glows without a natural light source, choked, you name it.

Always approach any haunting as if it is not from God, first. Because frankly, supernatural experiences ordained by him are extremely few and far between. This is one area that so many do not know how to handle since most organized religions ignore it. That doesn't help folks considering if they don't get answers from their religious leaders then they will go looking for them elsewhere and some places are downright dangerous. That is one reason why I'm doing my best to write a Sunday School lesson type plan for "God's Truths in the Paranormal".

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