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Dukesfest 2009....


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there is however still going to be smaller Dukes events to take part in...like the Canadian one up my way...

Hopefully the economy will pick back up and John will be able to make it profitable enough to have it the year after next ... you can tell by the surplus in merchandise that they anticipated many more people than attended...so unless they sell it, that's all a loss....plus a lot of the things they added to make it better, didnt (I doubt Adam West came for free)

Besides he's so busy doing his movies, and Elly has a lot of stuff too with Karis's games and Chasen's performances and just the stuff of being mom on top of being John's wife which, God love him, has got to be challenging when he is away...

so all that to say, I guess maybe they didn't know what they were getting into when they took it over....guess we can look at the bright side-all that money we were saving for Dukesfest can now be put into our General Lee funds;)

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