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Bo, Daisy and the General Lee appearance!


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  • 3 weeks later...
John, Cathy and the General Lee are scheduled to be at the Chiller Theatre Expo in New Jersey, October 24-26 along with a TON of other stars (including Burt Reynolds, Robert Culp, Angie Dickinson, Linda Evans, holy bleep just waaaay too many to list here).

Check it out!



plans are for me & some of my collection to be there to get signed. I am going on Sunday expect pictures after this weekend for all to enjoy...

(only a 2hr drive 4 me)

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Um yea & I took lotsa pix

They had a General Le out back & the guy was charging to sit in it & get yer picture taken.

I went through & saw & talked to lotsa Stars. Top of my head in addition to the pix above:

Eric Estrada

Morgan Fairchild

Washington, Epstien, & horseshack

Barry Williams (Greg Brady)

Linda Hamilton

George Kennedy

btw that is Ralph Machio in the pic above

also saw Kevin Nash

kid that got his tongue stuck to teh pole in Christmas story

The bully from 3 oclock high

Leslie Neilson

etc etc etc

Was VERY & I MEAN VERY easy to get the autographs. Prob MUCH less stressful than trying to get them to come to you at an event. John Schneider stood there & talked to us & we spent time talkin to Catherine & Elly Johns wife. Very cool event I must say!

I would do it again & in fact they are talking about one in April so will see who is gonna be there & go from there!

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